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Guidelines for my blog visitors

  • Do not spam or advertise in the comment section.
  • Do not get involved in abusive language of any type.
  • Do not judge anyone on the basis of their language skills.
  • Every single sentence written on this blog/social media pages of this website (and my comments in the comment section) are my property and my own thoughts. If any of this content is published and used anywhere, it must have my name or my permission to do so. It will not be tolerated at all if anyone tampers and changes the text of my articles(content) at a few places and use the manipulated version of my content in the online media, print media or any other platform. This content and all the articles written in this website are my property and they belong to me. Violators will be taken an action against through judiciary.
  • If you share other opinion or want to add some more information , please go ahead and share it .
  • Do not download or save the pictures from this blog. The images which have ” image copyright” mentioned are strictly belonging to me.
  • NoDerivatives —   you are not allowed to remix, transform or build upon the material on this website.
  • I do not endorse or promote any type of religion , neither do I condemn or criticize any religion.
  • This blog does not want to hurt anybody’s religious sentiments, if it happens unintentionally , kindly write to me the detail.
  • If there is any content which hurt anyone’s feelings and if it is reasonable, kindly write to me the detail why you find my content objectionable.
  • 99% of the pictures on my blog belong to me. 1% are not mine and on those I always write the source name. But, if there is any picture which you want me to remove, kindly let me know.
  • more to come…