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Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog! I hope you enjoy reading the stuff that you will not easily find on the mainstream media. I am a girl from Poland who is living in India. I am a seeker and I share my thoughts through this medium with the world citizens. For more details, check 'about me' section in the top menu bar. To contact me, write to me on indiaindetails@gmail.com or simply write on the comment section below every post.

Is India only about Hindi and Hindus?

In the European Parliament, on the occasion of the Golden Jubilee year of the European Union, the former president of India Dr. A.P.J Abdul Kalam said- ” I am reminder of the dream of Indian poet ”Kaniyan Poongkundranaar” who articulated 3000 years back in Tamil Classic Purananuru- ”Yaadhum Oorae Yaavarum …

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India, USA and Indian Americans


Around the world, there are more than 30 million (3 crores) overseas Indians. Overseas Indians includes non-resident Indians (NRI) and Persons of Indian Origin (PIO). Just in the US, the population of overseas Indians is around 4.5 million out of which around 3.2 million are PIOs and 1. 3 million …

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GSLV Mk III Launch by ISRO


In the multimillion dollar global satellite launch market, Indian space research organization has made itself more competitive and this time it is about heavy satellite launching rockets. On 5th June 2017, ISRO achieved another milestone as it successfully launched its most powerful rocket – GSLV Mark III.   GSLV Mark …

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Baahubali 2 and the Indian cinema


For many people around the world, Indian cinema is only about Bollywood. Bollywood is a term that is used for the Hindi film industry. But the cinema of India is not only about Bollywood. India is a diversified land with many languages and that is why there are so many …

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Amritsar massacre and the Golden Temple


Amritsar is the name of a historical city in the north-western India in a state called Punjab. The city is a home for one of the most important temples (Gurudwaras) for Sikh people. However, the city is not only known for the incredible Golden Temple but also for the Jallianwala …

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The future of Indian economy


India has recently overtaken China as the world’s fastest growing major economy but can India continue this growth for the next few decades and can it also become the largest economy of the world? What are the challenges that India will be facing and what are India’s strengths?  Let’s discover …

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Indian festivals – Holi


All around the world, India is known as a country which is full of colors and this reflects so well in the kind of clothes that Indians wear or in the kind of unique bazaars that India has. And just when one starts to think that India may actually be …

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