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Why I decided to write this blog?

There is an important role of television,internet and all other forms of digital and print media in our society. But, who is controlling or owning them?

Do you believe in science? Do you believe in everything that you read in books or newspapers? Do you base your knowledge on the information that you got in the school? Do you think that you can blindly trust the syllabuses that you were given by teachers? What would you do if you found out that all the basic knowledge that you believed in is just a manipulated historygiven to you by the tycoons and powerful people who lived in different centuries? Do you want to know the secret history of the world?

Do we choose what we read?

The mass media is bombarding you with so much information every single day. Millions of news channels, newspapers in every corner of the streets, every second person is a self-proclaimed guru or a blogger… But how do you know that everything that you read is true? Political powers, tycoons… They all are responsible for the information that we are exposed to. They choose what we should know and what should become unknown to us. The fact that my blog is reaching to you is also not entirely decided by me as it has to pass some tests of “search engine ranking systems” which are owned by individuals. No matter how much we like to believe that we have the freedom to read, the fact is that we read what we are provided to read by the search engines, newspapers and other forms of mass media. The question is – will they make my content available to the majority or not? Will my content be a worthy material for big publishers or not? Will I receive awards for my blog? Or will a famous news channel come to interview me? Will they replace the false history being taught in the school textbooks worldwide? No, absolutely not! The truth is that if they were to do it, it could topple some of the governments and political systems around the world because truths may not suit their interests. Let’s face the truth – if the reality is so easily manipulated by mass media, how easy it was to change the history of the world and stick to this till now? The secret history of the world is still buried somewhere and most of the libraries can’t even provide you the real knowledge of the mankind. The secret history of the world is so inconvenient for many governments and universities that they will never let the truth be revealed. The secret history of the world is something that you will have the privilege to be a part of it. But my target is not to call it a privilege – the real truth should be available to every person that is born on this planet.

The vicious cycle of a lie

Let’s start from the explanation of the vicious cycle that we are put in. Centuries ago, there were British people who were the biggest power of the world. They were colonizing country by country, they were grabbing people from the wealth that they had. They were using the agricultural land of their colonies to produce opium, which was destroying the fertility of the soil for decades. They also gave us the history that we were given to be taught at school. This lasted for centuries and now we and all these small children are taught that we came from Africa,that the oldest civilization in the world is Mesopotamian origin. After a few years, these small children decide to go universities and get the more advanced knowledge of the world. They study books, they read about Aryan theory and all the discoveries of today’s world. They are taught that SI system was invented in France. They read about all the facts about history. They think that if the teacher and the books are saying the same thing that has to be true. But they are not aware that the real history of the mankind is still hidden from them. They think they are doing some independent research in the library, but they don’t realize that they are just a small part of a system which was created by some group of powerful people. They don’t know that also books were either tempered or written all together by the same group of people. And even though you will find some bright spots in this contaminated system, the moment they will start arguing with the professor, they will get bad exam results and their whole teenage curiosity will be destroyed. When these children graduate and they will become historians, they will write the false truth that they were exposed to. And the circle begins again. Future generation will read the newer version of the same repeated lie.

A few decades ago, they came up with an idea that cholesterol is a heart killer. Industries started to produce cholesterol free oils which became the base of our diet. After a few years of research they realized that there were more heart attacks than before. So they studied it more and they already got to know that they made a huge blunder – there is good and bad cholesterol. But there were already big industries built for removing cholesterol from the oil, banks have financed those institutions, they had the share market on stock markets in their countries and people were investing in them. That was a huge trend. Universities taught about the bad influence of cholesterol, a new generation of doctors was produced. They were convincing people that they should spend money on cholesterol free oil because that will make them healthier. But they don’t know who wrote all the books that they were being taught from, who researched it. The person who did it was controlling the government decisions and the government decision was controlled by a company who gave them money to win elections. Now the company wants people to think that only cholesterol free oil is good, so now the government lets the companies to change the syllabus. Hopefully more and more people will slowly change their habits and start using ghee which is the best available product with good cholesterol, but it will take years to change the whole world’s attitude. And the easy way was just to listen to an ordinary Indian for whom ghee is the base of healthy everyday diet.

Changing the history

In Kaliyuga there are always people who are hungry for money or power. They influence political systems, kings, governments. They further influence scientific discoveries and researches in order to make more and more money. They choose what should be written in the syllabuses and they rewrite the history. This is exactly what happened when the British conquered India. They knew that the only way to break the spine of that old civilization is to make them believe that they are inferior to European tradition, literature, religion and history. That’s how the Aryan invasion theory was developed. (More about the Aryan invasion theory and British invasion you will find in this post). They changed the textbooks and they made Indian believe that they are all descendants of the Britons. The invader was all of a sudden believed to be the savior. The original Indian realized that to get the job at that time the only way was to learn what the British people were teaching them. Even we don’t realize that the best universities are teaching us what dominant forces want us to know. People got brainwashed they don’t have their own opinion anymore and are simply being opinionated. This is what can be done when you want to rule the world and you have sources to do it. The results of this invasion are all the false information about the history of humanity that we find in 99% of the available books covering this topic.

Even though in the 21st century the power is distributed to many people, the complete access to the correct information and the truth is still denied. There are developed countries in Europe and the west which really like to highlight the problems that the developing countries like India are facing. Why? There are many reasons for it. Please read here where I have explained this in details.

Buried truth

The mass media is biased. And I am not talking only about present times. It started when Kaliyuga began – thousands of years ago. The information that we find is mostly filtered by many different channels. The mass media is in favor of the “chosen” history. When I think about it one question comes to my mind. Why is it like this that when you support the Indian theory of Vedic world, people will call you an Indian nationalist, but if you support Aryan theory, no one calls you a European nationalist? The current world is extremely unfair if it comes to dealing with the truth. The secret history of the world is known only to people who are not afraid of being considered as crazy and who are not afraid of being expelled from the luxurious scientific world. This blog will give the access to a deeply buried knowledge which will change your perception of the world.

Some extras

Please note that this is a blog where my intention is to share the information and knowledge for the curious minds which also can potentially heal and help mankind by attempting to honestly understand the past events which we also call history. At no stage, I am to be judged by my writing skills in English. But I make sure that the message that I am trying to give is clear enough. I am a Polish native and I use English as a medium to talk to the international community of our generation. I am not a writer and neither I wish to be one. But, my blog can be the source which will talk about things that the mainstream media will never do, I know google search engine algorithms will come in my way here as well, but my blog will anyway attempt to reach out to the people.