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 Who am I?

My name is Karolina Goswami. I am not an Indian. I am a typical European girl who never even tried Indian food a few years ago. Earlier in my life, I had never even dreamt of visiting India, but life is full of surprises.  I fell in love with an Indian man who never wanted to live outside his country. So I visited India for the first time in 2014. It was not love at the first sight but every day I was discovering Indian reality that I have never been aware of and slowly I started to enjoy life in this country which is full-of-contrast. India has changed me and exposed me to a totally out of the ordinary world.
I needed months to understand this country and feel here like I am at home. But I was not alone there. My husband was always there for me when I needed more information and I was curious about so many unusual (for me) things. After spending a few months there I realized that people in Europe are not aware of the beauty of this country and most of them were biased because of media. All the time I was facing one question: “Do you feel safe in India? Men are rapists there and for sure you, as a white skin blond hair girl, are much more in danger.” People fail to understand that in a country which is like a continent itself  any kind of event can happen. What was more shocking to me is that so many people were criticizing this country even though they have never visited it. The streets were dirty and unsafe, people unfriendly… information that they were giving were trumped up and were not based on facts and proper research. That is why I decided to dig really deep and get to know the real truth about this country and this is exactly what my blog is all about.
A few pictures from my trips around India 🙂
 I want to share my perspective about the place that I live in, about the place that my future children will call their motherland. I will not just praise India. This is not a paradise. I will give the information that you need to understand this country, this society, these people. I will tell you why we all should thank India for what they gave us. I will explain to you why we have so many things in common with today’s India. There are many things that I don’t like about India and trust me I will share this with you.
 In my life I have never been just a believer. I am a seeker and this attribute of mine remained the same even when I left my home country to discover the world. In my quest for truth-seeking, I learned and gained knowledge during my amazing experiences. And all I can say is, a person who is interested in only the truth or in other words a real truth-seeker will always find ways to access it. And I have always been able to find my ways.
-Karolina Goswami

Some frequently asked questions  about my documentary on the economy of India –

About me and my background-

I am a Polish girl who comes from the Southeast part of Poland. I have traveled a lot around Europe in my life. India was the first country that I visited in Asia. I came to India around 2 years ago with my fiancée who later became my husband. He is an Indian national who is a furniture designer and his name is Anurag Goswami.


Why do you write about history and urban development?

The academic world is pretty strange in our times. What is taught as a history in one country is different to what is taught in the other. What characters are portrayed as heroes in the history chapters of one country are portrayed as villains in the other. The common incidents that took place in the world’s history are explained differently by different countries in their state owned academic institutions. It already proves that all of them cannot be authentic because the truth cannot have two versions. The truth stands on its own and it is permanent whether one hides it or twists it to their interest. On one hand, we are globalizing the world but at the same time we are not globalizing what we are teaching to the young students in our countries and giving them different versions of history that suits our interest in different countries of the world. This is leading to the confusion among the globe citizens and creates unrest in the world society. Academics today are influenced by the commercial industries which are run by the private individuals and what is taught as a history in the countries is influenced by the political system of the country and many other factors. That is why, the moment I realized it, I started my own journey where I gathered facts, knowledge by human interaction and travelling in India and in Europe. But, at the same time all of it can be useless if one does not have the ability to logically understand things by oneself and not get over influenced by anyone. That is why I started to learn yoga to strengthen my mind which in my opinion gave me the power to filter the right and wrong.  I have had a chance to randomly meet a lot of scholars during my travels in India and outside with whom I always interacted about the history or the current affairs. I must mention the role of my husband Anurag Goswami who apart from being a furniture designer is a great visionary, yogi and is a great intellectual.  Internet is a tricky thing today, it can make one a teacher and also a criminal.  That is why one has to have an organically evolved brain before one opens oneself to the internet world so that one can filter the correct and the incorrect information by one’s own brain and intellect. If one does not have an organically evolved brain, one can study, browse the internet or travel the whole life and still be unaware and confused.


Idea behind setting up Indiaindetails.com

Indiaindetails.com was always a dream project of my husband. During his time in Europe, as an Indian national, he faced many awkward questions, situations and comments which were full of arrogance and unawareness about the present India and its history. However, he always answered the people diligently but he knew that he had to do something more to reach out to the people faster.  Initially, he wanted to write a book on India himself but I wanted to write a blog on India.  Meanwhile, I had a chance to come to India. He had said to me to visit India and experience things myself to come to my own conclusions. I wanted to be the face of “India in details” because I am an outsider and the world deserves to know the opinion from an outsider’s perspective. I speak only what I personally feel is right and I agree with. I have nothing to do with the internal matters of India and I will only be a learner, seeker and an observer. As said by my husband and also agreed by me, India is first for the people who belong to this land, not for me. I will always be a guest and I am fine with that. I love this country but at no stage I should be admired by the people of India as their star or role model and I do not deserve to be one. The stars of India are the people who belong to this land and they are a lot wiser and smarter than me. With all humility, I want to tell the people of India- realize your strengths, unite and take care of your country. As an outsider, I will only be reporting about it fairly. As an outsider, I know exactly how your country is perceived incorrectly in the world and I will tell the world from my perspective. My husband who is my biggest strength and motivator says: ‘’We can correct the image of India in the world just by speaking the truth’’.

And “India in Details” is only about that. When I first arrived here, I did not know almost anything about India, so mostly I had no prejudices but whatever I had heard about India in my country’s media was not so great. I had only seen poverty videos, colorful pictures and news related to rapes. For instance, in my country there was no mention at all about the ISRO mission to Mars or the country’s emergence in IT but there was always a mention of rapes. Even in other western countries, media coverage was given more to the rapes in India than ISRO accomplishments. It was only when I came to India and experienced it myself, I changed my perspective. I know that India has lots of problems left but what is more important is that its people are trying to eliminate the problems and the changes are there to see. India should not and will not be a two –three decades growth story like others because they are the only democracy of this size and in democracy you involve the people in every step. India will have a long and steady growth cycle. India is still recovering from the invasions by outsiders and it is visible in many of its existing problems. And we must remember that India is taking care of nearly one fifth of the entire humanity and there will always be something that can still be improved when you have such a vast scale. India is the only democracy of such a big size unlike China and media has a lot of freedom here and that is why we will still be hearing a lot of negatives about India even when it reaches the level of China in development. However, as I have understood, India is not looking at any country as its role model. At “India in details”, my role will be to continue giving unbiased information about India to the world from my perspective.



Why do I write about rapes , toilets and other problems of India too?


We had noticed that due to many reasons like biased international media and the sheer size of this country, India is difficult to be understood even in the whole lifetime by the locals, let alone by the outsiders.  Most of the people who travel in India do not properly learn about India when they finish their travels. Even though they travel all around the country, they don’t always learn about the country and its stereotypes correctly. So, we decided not just to show the touristic India but also educate the travelers about the correct India.  The idea is that of course India is a great place to travel but to understand this land you should know more. Otherwise, tourists will come and quickly make their opinion after seeing few places and facing few situations and only on the basis of them, they will form their opinion and spread this to the world. Our goal is to make people realize it and be fair to this country. We want to make sure that the tourists visit this country, have a good time and get properly educated about India before they leave.


My inspiration-

My husband (Anurag) is my biggest inspiration without whom nothing will be possible.  He invested in India in Details from his personal savings and I thank him for that. As an outsider or a guest, I am happy to speak about India to the world from my perspective. As a country, India thrilled me, loved me, sometimes hurt me only to make me stronger, grew me, evolved me, taught me humanity, taught me that the world is one family, made me a better daughter, wife and a sister. India can truly inspire the world and the nations which are still developing as their role model.