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Why cows in India are holy?

Note: The animal being discussed is Vedic Indian breed cow, not a Jersey or a western breed cow as they do not have the same benefits in their products at all which is a well established fact today. For all the world citizens, who are interested in India and its cows, this article is a must read.

Cows on the streets and cows on the highways, cows in the bank and cows next to some touristic places… Basically, cows everywhere. This is what most of the tourists associate with India. For them, India is like a land of holy cows! In some way, they are right – cows are obviously a part of Indian landscape. But, most of them apart from criticizing India for that, have no idea why Vedic (Indian breed)cows are actually very important animals.

Animals have this great ability to find a harmony in their own world.

Religious reasons

Around 6000 years ago,  born in the city of Mathura in central India, Shri Krishna  spent a lot of time of his life with cows. According to the Indian ancient history and Hidnu religion, Shri Krishna was a manifestation of the Supereme God in a human form. He was brought up in a family of a cowherd and he himself loved cows very much.  Many times he is depicted among cows playing his flute. So I think even if holy cows hold no other value for Hindus, just this reason is good enough even for the rest of the world to understand that cows are holy and Hindus have their sentiments attached to this animal and we all should understand and respect their sentiments. Because we are no different and we all have our sentiments attached to our own religious beliefs in different ways to even things which are having no life as well.

Cow is the animal the heard the mesmerizing music from Krishna – the God who manifested himself on Earth as a cowherd.

But Hindus do not base their love and attachment to cows only on this explanation. According to Vedic texts, cows can provide cow milk (Godugdha) , ghee (Goghruta), urine (Gomutra), dung (Gomaya) and during yajna (celebration),it is also said that it improves the air’s oxygen level apart from providing excellent manure.(I am particularly very keen to research on this in the future). For me, it sounds difficult to believe about Yajna improving oxygen level, but at some stage, I would like to verify this myself and I will share the results with all of you.

Why Indian cows’ milk is so special?

Let’s start with cow milk. Ayurveda talks very positively about qualities of milk and its advantage on a human body. And out of all types of milk, the Vedic cow’s milk is considered to be the healthiest. Vedic Cow milk has Vitamin B, fat and carbohydrates and can help in regenerating brain cells.

Milk from Indian cows is full of different minerals and Vitamins

According to the latest reports, science tells you that A2 milk(with the best combination of Omega fats) is the best for body and the Indian breed cows are giving the best quality A2 milk for human consumption. Gir cow breed from India is highly reputed. Other dairy products like yogurt, buttermilk or paneer (cheese) are also very important in every human’s life. And one more thing, a mother can give milk to her child for just a few months or first two years in most of the cases, and then we start to depend on cow’s milk – so should we not respect the animal which is the chance for our children to drink healthy milk? But then, what about other animals like goat, sheep and buffalo who also give milk? The answer to that is in my movie which you can later watch by clicking here.

Ghee – the source of good cholesterol

Ghee or as it is called “clarified butter” is another gift from cows. I will not talk how the scientists fooled us by claiming that the cholesterol is bad… More on this you can find here. However, the truth is that ghee is the best out of all the oily substances. And I can tell you from my experience that once I started to use only ghee, my health problems became much less frequent and the food that I eat is not as heavy as while using other types of oils or butter. And by the way, ghee is considered to be a good rejuvenator. Apart from this, ghee is also used in many kinds of treatments like nasal inhalation, massage and as a medicine. It helps in coughing and fever.

Finally, scientists realized that cholesterol is not only bad and ghee is the great example of the good cholesterol which can positively impact human’s health.

Urine as a medicine

Indian cow urine is something that even now is considered by some scientists and doctors as a way to treat many diseases. It has anti-cancer, anti-fungal and anti-cancer properties. It is also a natural source of antioxidants and it contains copper which turns into gold in the human body and it is widely known that gold is very healthy for humans. It may sound gross for some, but around the world people eat meaty dishes that for many are equally or in some cases even more gross. There is a town in China where people eat boiled eggs in human urine. There are also people who eat tiger’s penis. Around the world, people are taking all sort of modern(allopathic) pills which are also made from different parts of animal bodies but most of us do not realise it. Even in many western societies, people continue to eat things which are unacceptable to many people in the east. Thus, the idea should be not to look down upon any society .

What a pity that only now people started to take seriously what was known even in ancient times – Vedic texts many time mentioned the beneficial medicinal properties of cow urine. But as they say – better late than never. So, just to mention a few diseases that cow urine is capable of curing – AIDS, prostate, heart attack, blood pressure, diabetes, migraine, constipation and many more. There are already many documented cases of terminally sick people who are now enjoying a healthy life. In future, I will be keen to meet such people to discover and verify this for myself and I will share the results with all of you.

GVAK Nagpur

Dung as a mosquito repellent

It is not so commonly known that cow dung can actually be a source of renewable energy. Surprised? I bet you are as this is not something that they teach you at schools. Apart from this, cow dung is a great mosquito repellent and has anti-bacterial properties. When used as a part of the walls and the floors in the house, it insulates from hot and cold temperatures. And of course, cow excreta are also a natural fertilizer used by farmers all around the world. And no it does not stink at all once dries.

Is meat the only source of protein?

Why do we not talk about the harmful consequences for the world due to the water wastage in the process of meat production?Red meat is anyway not recommended by diet experts. Further, If the whole world starts to eat meat, we will destroy Earth with our own hands. Why scientists today believe that vegetarian diet is over all healthier and more practical for our planet?

According to the scientists one of the biggest dangers our planet is facing is the pollution being caused due to  animal agriculture. Animal agriculture is the type of agriculture that is done to feed the animals which are later used for their meat. Still, even today many people falsely believe that meat is the only source of protein. These people may want to learn that animal agriculture has horrible side-effects on our planet. According to a report published by the Worldwatch Institute, a staggering 51 percent or more of global greenhouse-gas emissions are caused by animal agriculture.For eg, Of all agricultural land in the U.S., 87 percent is used to raise animals for food.  And here is the question, why make our planet suffer so much by the animal agriculture to produce meat when we have the best quality of protein together with many other nurtrients in vedic cows of India who can be the key role for our planet survival?

Apart from this,  one must also remember that both the leather industry and slaughter industry are hugely polluting industries as well.

What A2 milk from Indian cows contains

Life expectancy

Opponents of vegetarian diet argue that if you look at the list of life expectancy in different countries, India with its 68,3 years is rather closer to the bottom of the list than to the top. On the other hand, we have Japanese who eat meat and they top the list with its 83,7 years. So, how come vegetarian country is so low? The answer is simple. This is the aftermath of the colonization and invasions, the science of Ayurveda is lost but slowly it is improving and so is the life expectancy rate. And those who follow a healthy lifestyle, live a long life with a good health!

The fact that non-vegetarian Japan has the longest life expectancy in the world does not mean that this is the only way to live to have a healthy and long life.

Why should the world decide for India?

Many people complain that at least sick and old cows should be killed because the world does not need them. For them, it is ridiculous to spend money on cattle which can be easily sold. On the contrary, in India, there are plenty of animal hospitals who take care of all kinds of animals – sick or old. And those who cry the loudest in America or Europe, spend thousands of dollars on their sweet pets and take them to an animal spa, buy designer clothes so the dog looks “so sweet” and take them for a hair cut to a fancy place. And do not forget about manicure! Isn’t it hypocrisy? It is like” you must like the pets of my choice”.

Every human has the right to choose his favorite pet but we all are responsible to take care of all animals and cause as less harm as possible to our planet.

To know why Indian breed cows have advantages over the western cows, why there are slaughterhouses in India and why India is a big exporter of buffalo meat( which in the international markets is called beef) ,why sometimes cows in India are found on the streets eating plastic and  to know if Hinduism promotes vegetarianism, I suggest you to see this documentary on cows which will answer all these questions:

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Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog! I hope you enjoy reading the stuff that you will not easily find on the mainstream media. I am a girl from Poland who is living in India. I am a seeker and I share my thoughts through this medium with the world citizens. For more details, check 'about me' section in the top menu bar. To contact me, write to me on indiaindetails@gmail.com or simply write on the comment section below every post.


  1. Dear Karolina Goswami G,

    You have raise an excellence topic in your blog , you delighted to me from your this blog.
    Cow is called the mother .
    Cow’s Urine is beneficial for a cancer patients .
    Dung is used in Worships or celebrations that provide a fresh environment after burn Its dry dung.
    Drinking a Cow’s milk gives a strength to our body, build bones strong & sharp our Brain.
    One interesting fact In India Every child write down an essay on cow either in English language or in Hindi language, Even i had also written an essay on cow.(It’s Hilarious)
    It seems that i have wrote an essay on “COW”


    • We must be careful that we do not adopt a western European agenda of the Aryan vs Drivadian. India is fused with Unity in Diversity. I am a Gujarati and I really appreciate that the Tamils have preserved a lot of the best things about Vedic thinking.
      Another aspect that has impressed me about Karolina is that she has used the word ‘seeker’abot herself, this truly describes the honesty that is expected in vedic thinking. Knowers as opposed to thinkers can become dangerous, if they claim a monopoly on truth, heaven, hell, sin etc.
      I think in Karolina we see the trinity of Saraswati(wisdom), Parvati (courage) and Laxmi(prosperity). Watching her videos has opened my eyes about my own culture and I feel more comfortable with it now. If more people see her viewpoint the whole world will become closer.
      On the aspect of the pastoral care of cows in India, I think the cow is a representative symbol of helplessness/gentleness and high emotional awareness (In India cows are known to literally cry when a human member in its midst passes away). In the same vein as the worship of Ganesh before other gods, for it is easy for humans to marginalise those that appear different. Is there not a saying about a society can be judged by the way it treats it’s most helpless members…..

  2. Hello Karolina Sister

    Good to see you taking all the interest and pain in bringing out actual truth about India. I really thank you for the documentary about the cow. Got lot of information. I would also suggest you to highlight on the Agnihotra homa which is performed using only cow based items like ghee, cow dung and rice. This is performed in many parts of World like Germany, Australia, and Some of European countries if I am not wrong. I really love Desi cows. It is the mother for whole of man kind. Please forgive if I have made any wrong points. Once again thank you so much.

  3. Very informative video
    Hats off for the presentation
    Karolina goswami great job for a very good change in india

  4. Thank u carolina sister

  5. Only Thanks is not enough to appreciate you Sister.

  6. I am Proud of you sister.

  7. You should make a documentary about Tamil peoples and their culture because everything in Tamil culture Is different from northern culture

    • Thank you for your suggestion.
      Slowly, more and more topics will be covered.
      Stay tuned.
      Best regards,
      Karolina Goswami

    • We must be careful that we do not adopt a western Eurorean agenda of the Aryan vs Drivadian. India is fused with Unity in Diversity. I am a Gujarati and I really appreciate that the Tamils have preserved a lot of the best things about Vedic thinking

  8. Hi Karolina
    Please, can you look in to the Jallikattu issue going on in TamilNadu and write about it. I’m from TamilNadu. Though I’m working abroad as a Software engineer, my family back home is a farming family. So, I know that protest is more than just saving the sport (sport itself is a misnomer in this case). It is a battle against multi national organisations which are trying to eradicate indigenous cattle in India. The mainstream media is providing coverage but they are not bringing out the real issue. Aprreciate if you could do something on this issue.

    There are some people who are fully informed on this issue. One of them is Mr. Kathikeya Senapathy of “Senapathy Kangayam Cattle Research Foundation (P) Ltd


  9. You can make video on Indian contribution in world wars..

  10. Holy Cow! Karolina, excellent article and you have written without bias. Excellent summary and the list of patents on the treatment options using Vedic cow’s urine. I wish Indians in all sections realize and relish their heritage and what they have.

  11. Hi karolina,
    Great work. You definetly need many applauses. I have seen a few videos of yours, its truly interesting and proud of you. The way you disseminate the information is so appropriate for simple people to understand.
    For more about ancient Indians. You may try Tamil and Aseevaham.
    Also for a different perspective, you can venture into orissa balu’s research on lost cities and turtle guided sea ways and trade which Indians mastered.
    Please dont take it otherwise, for my suggestion. I thought it will reveal interesting things and especially with your style. I would love to watch.
    Please keep up the good work.

  12. Hi,

    May GOD help you in your incredible pursuit.

    Yours sincerely,

  13. Hi , Thank you for making such a beautiful article , I consider cows as my mother and infact they are everything to me. Being in Ireland far away from them , it feels pretty void . Really your blog is inspiring . Keep up your good work . I would like to help if you need anything related to cows

  14. Hi karolina this is really a great documentary about our indian cows. I feel very happy to know many things of our ancient history . Hearty thanks to u may god be with u. Wish u all sucess.

  15. Siddharth Shanker Tripathi

    Proud of you.

    • Karolina,
      Really admire you. I am learning from each of your postings. At such young age to be covering these topics all within 3 years of asking and learning shows only one ting “you are a blessed soul”. Continue your good work and your fan club will be increasing as they keep learning from your efficient mode of teaching.
      Best regards.

      Vir Gopalan

  16. Hi karolina, it was great article and full of information,i want to add some more information why cow is considered as mother ,human being is the very recent creature among all creatures on earth ,in hinduism it is belived that every human being is the composition of two things (body+soul) eastern world was totly unware about soul so they was only curious to know this body came from where and darwin given theory of evolution and said that monkey is our ancestor but indian vedic sages and yogis was not bothered about body but was trying to know this soul came from where and after lot of meditation and sadhans when they found the art of entering in to their past life and after seeing lots of their past lifes they realised that soul is coming from cow
    it means every cow that is alive today after death his soul will get costume of human body,thats why cow is considered as mother in hinduism

  17. hello Karolina,
    I love your post, respect you a lot. I like your sincere and honest narration of facts based on ground reality.
    I have greatly accumulated a lot of knowledge on our indigenous cattle. Their numbers are dwindling.
    I would like you to contact Mr Madhav M S Hebbar(An IITan, who is actively working on natural indian methods to enhance the indigenous cow eco system) and help him in streamlining efforts to save our cattle.

    He’s on facebook and is a part of Gaukrushee organization. He’s sort of waging a lone battle against cow mafia and redtape.

    Our cattle breeds have only 33 breeds left out of 56. 23 have become extinct. According to the vedas, India is the only country in the world where all types of climate and weather patterns found anywhere else in the world exist. Only country to have 56 bi-climatic zones(and hence 56 types of cows)

  18. Thank you for this amazing article. Since birth, I’ve been allergic to Milk and Milk products,
    A Relative of Mine introduced me to A2 Milk, which I faced no side effects as A2 milk does not have lactose.


  19. I don’t think this documentary can be made better than this. Thank you sister for your valuable contribution.

  20. Rimjhim Borthakur

    Hi, Karolina, I liked your page recently and started reading one by one. Very good and informative blogs. Just loved it

  21. The cow is a mysterious and intelligent being. The cow is an intelligent being and the karmic implications of causing it hurt are severe

    1. Indian (Desi) cows is the only species of cow on the planet which has a hump along its backbone.

    2. The hump has a specific vein called Surya Ketu Nadi (yogis know the nadis are channels in the etheric body), which absorbs the energy from the sun and moon.  The solar rays produce golden salts in her blood and are present in the products produced (e.g. milk, ghee, curd, butter), thus giving its golden colour.  The other cow by-products (e.g. dung, urine) have medicinal benefits as well acting as naturally producing manure, pesticide and insecticide.

    3. Indian (Desi) Cow Urine contains moderate levels of nitrogen (N2) — effect on chemical diseases, calcium (Ca) – blood purifier and germicidal, potassium (K) – cures hereditary rheumatism and removes muscular weakness, magnesium, phosphate (P) – helps in removing stones urinary track, fluoride (F), urea (H2NCONH2) – removes blood abnormalities and toxins, natural stimulant of urinary track and is diuretic, ammonia (NH3), Copper (Cu) – controls build up of unwanted fats, Hydroxide (AuOH) – germicidal and increases immunity power, it highly antibiotic and anti-toxic, etc.

    4. Indian (Desi) Cow Dung has a natural disinfecting effect and reduces pathogenic bacteria. It is a natural anti-septic, anti-radioactive and anti-thermal properties.  In Bhopal, India, 20,000 people were killed in the worlds worst industrial disaster from a lethal gas leak, except those villagers who houses were coated in cow dung.

    5. Indian (Desi) Cow Milk has amino acids which makes its proteins easier to digest. Is a rich source of B2, B3, A vitamins which helps immunity.  It helps in reducing serum cholesterol.  It is one of the best natural anti-oxidants. The highly rich calcium helps protect cells.  contains Riboflavin (vitamin B12) and Vitamin B2 which are functional in the production of energy and cardiovascular protection. Also contains iodine in rich quantity which is an integral component  of thyroid hormones.   
    6. Indian (Desi) Cow milk naturally produces the a2 Protein only, whereas the Jersey cow produces a1 protein which gets broken down into peptides but also creates a new peptide called BCM7 (Beta Caso – Morphine 7).  

    7. The BCM7 peptide from a1 Jersey cows cannot be broken down by the body and is the cause of many diseases, as it is an exogenous opioid which does not occur naturally within the human body and interacts with human digestive system, internal organs and brain system.

  22. Hello Karolina Goswami,
    Thank you for your blog.
    I’ve one question. Although cow is a very useful Animal but is it good that cows roam here and there in India?
    If foreigners criticize India for cows roaming on the streets what’s wrong? Many times people are injured because of the roaming cows. Isn’t it a good idea to keep them in cowsheds?

    • It’s a matter of attitude. It is said that cows, being calm and placid animals, help reduce stress in humans and being in the company of cows can reduce hypertension. If you feel the cow is a nuisance, obviously, it won’t work for you! 🙂

  23. Hi Karolina,
    There are two other aspect about this. One being historical and cultural and other is spiritual.
    1. Just like dog is a best friend of a man because it helped us when we were hunters, cow is a motherly figure who provided us with costant source of food in the early phase of agriculture based civilization. In that era, it could have been dificult for human race to sustain without food at one place till the crops grow because hunting decreases animals in surroundings and man need to be on a constant move. In fact, that is the reason why Indians (Hindus) worship all rivers also as mother. All these nurtured human race and helped us to become civilised. Thus, considering them mothers, you don’t kill them.
    2. We don’t eat human. Right? Not even dead ones. Why? Probably bacause that animal (man) has similar level of emotions. Similarly, cows have the emotions very similar to humans. And it’s a very docile animal too. In hindu belief, it is believed that when one eat, wear or carry something, its emotions add to your emotions as well. It’s like integration of a small machine in a bigger machine. Well, emotionally humans are quite complex machine and plants are least complex. So that integration is easier but cow is equally complex. Further to that, cow being a docile animal, killing a cow will produce emotions of intense hatred and negativity and the same is transferred to the one who eats beef.In hindu religious text, all type of meat are banned especially beef.

  24. Bharat Chandiramani

    Hi Karolina,
    Very interesting keep up good work

  25. Lovely! Like you, I too am a seeker and have no qualms from learning about “my” culture through the eyes (and mind) of an objective “outsider”! Comparisons of new knowledge with what one grew up with often provides insights that one doesn’t gain by having access to such knowledge from birth!

    About vegetarianism : Born in an Indian vegetarian family, and growing up in a world that is increasingly non-vegetarian, I have given much thought to it. First of all, though I have consciously chosen to be vegetarian, I don’t feel superior to the meat-eaters because I realize I too “kill” for my survival. That being the case – total ahimsa being impossible – as you rightly say, we try to minimize the intentional or knowing violence we commit. My ancient ancestors – even the rishis – ate meat according to scriptures. I don’t think we believe this due to tampering of the scriptures by invaders. They actually did eat whatever was available in their environment, including meat. But the meat came from animals who lived in freedom and had a chance to escape the hunter’s arrow when people wanted to kill them for food, unlike today’s animals who are born and fattened in meat factories just for food and have no freedom while they live nor chance to escape. This is where the intent is important. Secondly, they ate meat once in a while and not as a regular daily diet, thus minimizing violence. Thirdly, animals were sacrificed in homa fire and eaten as holy food, with due respect to the creature that had been killed – not with the arrogance of a superior being killing a captive weakling. Before eating (whether vegetarian or non-vegetarian fare), a thanksgiving prayer was said, which was also to absolve one of the sin of killing for survival. Many Hindus eat sea food but not meat. This too is justified by the fact that (before pisciculture became the norm) the fish generally lived free in the rivers/ sea and had a chance to escape the net. Moreover, the immense nutritive value of fish and its benefit to human health was justification enough to use it as food. Finally, I believe vegetarianism became widespread in India due to the influences of Mahavira and Gautam Buddha – Jainism and Buddhism. Just another example of the openness of Hinduism to new ideas and willingness for self-correction. Animal sacrifices reduced and many communities gave up meat-eating. But there was no coercion. The colonial effect in modern times was that meat-eating by erstwhile vegetarian families became a status symbol, a matter of pride that they had thrown off cultural shackles and were “like” their colonial masters. When these people see westerners turning vegetarian, they will hopefully, imitate that too!

  26. Namaste Karolina,

    In one of the Whatsapp groups, they posted an article on why people, brahmins and hermits should eat meat. The same was full of spurious references, including the Vedas, of all the things. No one in the group had the knowledge to counter it.

    I felt that there is something grossly wrong, but my half decade plus 10% of experience failed me in giving a fitting reply. Godsend, I saw your video the next day and quoted the relevant part (duly citing your name and website).

    Gave them a bellyful!

    Your insight into India and Hinduism are truly astonishing! I am blown away by the observations, views and conclusions drawn by you. Thanks for enriching us with your knowledge. I would love to share my meagre knowledge with you if it will be of any service.

    You have made us proud. God sent you to a country of millions, to open the inner eyes of the people, to make them proud, aware and confident. You are the “Pudhumaipenn” (Ideal Woman) of Mahakavi Subramania Bharathi!

    Probably, a holistic view of India would include its flip side also, but you have been generously concentrating on the bright side.

    Pranaams to you!

  27. Hi,

    This article is so fascinating. I would like to add something here. During the Jallikattu protest, many tamil scholars and youngsters found the list of native bred cows that are now extinct. The list consisted of 88 breeds. Each breed’s milk can cure wide range of disease. For example, while one breed’s milk is capable of curing Jaundice, another can cure indigestion, and so on.

    This article further proves that theory, and practice in olden days, and also our ignorance.

    Thanks again.

  28. very well written. Impressed.

    I have some material to read about Desi cows or Bos Indicus. If you want please let me know.

    Jay gau mata.

  29. Mam I wish God to keep you always happy. It’s very amazing that you know about India more than Indians. Thank you very much.

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