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Ayurveda – the ancient science from India

Most of us are looking for one common thing and that is– pursuit of happiness. And to achieve that good health is an absolute must . In order to be healthy, we go to the doctors, take some supplements, get antibiotics when we are sick. But what if there is the way that lets us avoid (or at least reduce the frequency) of visiting hospitals? And this way is friendlier to our body and also psychological state? What if this way is based on things that we can simply grow in the fields without using any chemicals? But this thing will not be as easy as going to the doctor and taking some pills – it will need full commitment and dedication but it will give you such benefits that no pill can give.

People of today depend so much on chemically processed medicines that they forgot about thousands of possibilities to cure themselves with natural treatments.

What is Ayurvedic medicine

The way of healthy life that I am talking about is Ayurveda. First, let’s talk about the meaning of the word Ayurveda which is a combination of two words – Ayusah which means life and Veda which means science. Hence, Ayurveda means “The Science of Life”. Ayurveda was known to people from the beginning of the mankind and before the Kali-yuga started, all the people were following its rules and habits. But with the Mahabharata war (I am going to talk more about different yugas and Mahabharata in my future posts) slow degradation of the world has started. Ayurveda helps us to live in coexistence with nature and follow a healthy lifestyle which can boost our abilities if understood and followed properly. Ayurveda helps to cure but on the other hand, it also teaches us how to prevent any kinds of diseases.

Western ghats of India :Following Ayurvedic principles, we stay closer to nature and we benefit from what was given to us without harming the environment.

Ayurvedic body type

I will give now a small example – you just got some fever, rash and very bad headache, in order to fight with sickness you went to the doctor and he prescribed you a few pills. A few days later your friend started to have to same symptoms, he also visited the doctor and came back with the same set of pills. And this is a common mistake in today’s world – forgetting that every human is different and because of this one requires a personalized treatment according to the body type. Every person has a unique combination of body nature – prakrti. To fix human’s ailments, a proper Ayurvedic doctor will first have to examine your body to understand which of your doshas (which means – capable of vitiation) has increased. Even though we believe that to conceive a child we just need sperm and ovum, the reality is that without doshas the formation of the body is not possible. After we are born, maintenance of good health, nourishment of the body and prevention of the sicknesses and cure when ailment happens has a base on doshas. Every human has a different combination of doshas which can result in specific body, skin and hair types, eyes, sleep, digestive fire, character, memory, brain abilities and sex desires.  There are three types of doshas:

  1. Vata – responsible mostly for breath, vibration, activity of the body. Our overall energy relies on Vata and it also controls our nervous system, controls the mind and stimulates the digestion process. Apart from these, it is also responsible for many other actions happening in our body. Vata dosha is also capable of moving other types of doshas within our body; hence, we can say that all the ailments in our body happen because of the imbalance of Vata.
  2. Pitta – responsible for heat, light and color in the body and also our whole thermal energy relies on the balance of Pitta. Hence, Pitta influences the condition of our hearts, digestion abilities and also our intellect, perception, courage, confidence and much more.
  3. Kapha – provides nourishment to every part of the body and also regulates Pitta and Vata doshas. It is responsible for the oiliness and smoothness of the body. Apart from this, our immunity, strength, energy for both physical and mental effort and many more relies on Kapha.
Modern doctors should realize that even though patients suffer from the same sickness, the treatment should be adjusted to a particular body type.

Psychosomatic disease

Apart from this, one more thing should be remembered – every disease has psychosomatic nature. Physical sickness has an impact on mental health and opposite. To cure any sickness we should take care of the roots of it and only then we can succeed. Today’s medicine focuses only on treating the symptoms neglecting the root cause of the disease, while Ayurveda goes deep and first understands the cause and then only cures the ailments.

When someone gets sick, Ayurveda has a whole plan of how to examine a human in order to understand the root cause of the sickness and then provides a whole classification of different types of diseases. After the Ayurvedic doctor is sure about the type of the sickness, Ayurveda gives a proper explanation of how to treat the problem.

Ayurveda in the kitchen

Ayurveda shows how to improve one’s health just with the use of herbs, spices and other ingredients that you have in the kitchen. It divides the food into hot and cold in nature, oily and dry, heavy and light, solid and liquid, smooth and rough, soft and hard, and accordingly, has a specific use. It also describes the effect that every food has on the body. Ayurveda gives you ready answer how to cure the sickness and how to live to improve your health and also life. Ayurvedic herbal remedies are a healthier equivalent of modern medicines and they are very easy to find. For example, did you know that if you have problems with digestion one of the ways to cure is to simply drink buttermilk with a pinch of cumin powder and ginger? Or if you suffer from mouth ulcers, prepare a mix of cardamom powder and honey and apply it inside the oral cavity. Chewing cloves can be a good solution for coughing. These are just a few small hints for you about Ayurveda medicines that you can just find in your kitchen, there are thousands of different options depending on the ayurvedic body type that one have.

Ayurveda shows us how to use herbs, spices and other natural ingredients to cure different types of ailments and to follow a healthy lifestyle.

But Ayurveda is not only about curing – it is about something more. It teaches you how to follow a healthy lifestyle, giving you the exact path how to do it. It tells you that the best way to start a day is to get up around two hours before the dawn as then you have enough time to exercise, do yoga and perform other routine activities. Even such simple procedure like teeth cleaning has its own description with a detailed explanation of the teeth cleaners, their length and then the movement. It reminds you that we have to take care of every single part of our body including head, feet, nails or nose. Of course, Ayurveda focuses also on our diet including the times for eating. All the daily activities that one should take up are explained in a very detailed way.

Getting up before the dawn gives us not only remarkable views of sunrise but also is the best way to start the day according to Ayurveda.

Yoga and Ayurveda

We must also remember that yoga and Ayurveda are connected with each other. Thanks to doing yoga and hence becoming aware of your own body, one can get to know how to treat the own body and what kind of ayurvedic remedies has to be taken once sick. Of course, enlightened yogis can reach such level of awareness that they will be able to help others in treatment not only themselves. The ancient sages were clearly saying that both yoga and Ayurveda are means to a good and healthy lifestyle. More on yoga you can find here 

We should remember that by doing yoga we can improve our health and also understand our own body.

Vedic medicine

And now it is time for shocking information for you! Most of the people believe that ancient civilizations had no idea about sophisticated surgeries and other methods of treatment. But surprisingly, current’s excavations provided proofs that in ancient India surgeries like cesareans, transplantations, brain and open heart surgeries were common. The ancient Ayurveda doctors were well aware of anatomy, embryology, genetics, immunity systems and other medicine branches. In the ancient texts, you can find a detailed explanation of how to perform different kinds of surgeries.

The perfect harmony with nature can only be achieved when we start following Ayurvedic way of life.

Isn’t it beautiful that there is “a science of life” that can help everyone to improve one’s health (both physical and mental) and cure many diseases only by using natural remedies? Isn’t it amazing that from the beginning of the mankind we were equipped with knowledge how to follow a healthy lifestyle? Now, it is time to go back to our roots and appreciate our nature which is giving us everything that required when it comes to health. It is time to realize that we don’t have to rely only on modern medicine but we have a great alternative that is just out there – available for everyone.

About Karolina Goswami

Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog! I hope you enjoy reading the stuff that you will not easily find on the mainstream media. I am a girl from Poland who is living in India. I am a seeker and I share my thoughts through this medium with the world citizens. For more details, check 'about me' section in the top menu bar. To contact me, write to me on indiaindetails@gmail.com or simply write on the comment section below every post.


  1. Hi karolina,
    well written article….thanks for spreading awareness about india and its knowledge.
    Vivek kamble

    • hi Karolina

      i recently saw your videos on you tube and i find them very inspirational. since my childhood itself i always wonder, we Indians never tried to invade anywhere and showed tolerance everywhere landscapes ,rivers and many more places even and what we get in return but i realized it early that ….its my pride and world should know that. i am thankful for your kind behavior towards humanity and understanding it on different level.

    • Karolina would you make a documentory on demonitisation , shivaji statue issue and such other latest issues of the nation.
      Your videos are very good and informative. Keep it up. Make more such vidios pls

  2. Hi Karolina,

    I came across your youtube video on’ India in details ‘ very recently. It was a moment of pride for me to share with all groups which I am part of. As a proud Indian living in Europe, I must say that a lot of your words have been a source of inspiration for multi-millions of Indians to work for realising this dream even sooner.

    Be sure that from hereon I would be following your blog. Thank you ever so much for all the efforts. Jai Hind !
    Best Regards,
    Raj Nair

  3. Hello,

    I came across this blog while searching for Ayurvedic medicines and found it to be very useful. I have stayed in Delhi for a while where I learnt Hindi. Would love to see a similar post on the Hindi language in future .

    Have a nice weekend,

    • Mary,

      thank you for your message.
      I am also learning Hindi and I find it very interesting!
      Of course, there will be many posts and documentaries on different subjects.
      Stay tuned!
      Best regards,
      Karolina Goswami

      • Miss Goswami

        It”s Opposite with me you want learn Hindi & I want to learn English. I think we must assist to each other . hope we will get a good feedback.

  4. Your are amazingly articulate and your writing skills are fantastic. I have read many of your articles and found them to be very informative. Especially what you said about Sati practice was an eye opener for me. I always believed in the British version of the story although I had the thought somewhere in the back of my mind that how can a country which worships so many goddesses can follow such a practice.

  5. Kudos to you Ms.Goswami !!!!

    I congragulate your efforts in discovering Real India from the bottom of my heart.
    It is indeed very true that many people overlook India without researching about it.Whatever had been discovered in India by the Sages are meant for whole of humanity and not exclusive to anyone because they saw humans only as humans and not as one defined by narrow mindsets.
    You described about Ayurvedha system of medicine beautifully in this article.I want to add one more point here.
    India,has some other prominent sysyems of medicine apart from Ayurvedha.
    Most important of them is Siddha system of medicine which is still practised today in southern india especially in Tamilnadu.
    Although both overlaps eachother in many aspects,there are some differences too.

    For more info…


    Apart from these two,India has country medicine for each state which are developed and practised by the forefarthers of that particular states.
    Thank you.

    • Namaste Shanjev ji,
      Thank you for your kind words and sharing your knowledge with me 🙂
      Best regards,
      Karolina Goswami

  6. Karolina ji plz post a vlog or blog about how you met your husband and came to india. And how was your journey being here till now. Would like to know what your parents thinks about india. Thanx for your amazing work and nicely wrtten blogs. I came here from youtube 🙂

  7. I am proud to be Indians and u show the real image of India

  8. Hi Karolina Goswami,

    How do you you Do ? I hope you will do good . Actually i have question from you that all these posts whom you posted on your blog it is created by you . i mean how do you know the nuance of Indian History morever you didn’t born in India ? How

    • Mrs. Goswami,

      You delighted to me from your research about “India” . o last day i searched about you afrom Google . i watched your video that your shared with us about “How is India ” . we are thankful of your that you shared te truth about India hope we will also assit to you to find amazing fcts about India and afterthat you will share it with around the world.
      well Mrs.Goswami i followed you everywhere either it is on facebook or insatgram and wehever i could have to do.

      Himanshu Bisht

  9. Hi!
    Its very useful your document. People like you can stand our old traditional treatments among people. You have done a very good job for this world

  10. If you really want to know more about India so travel in India or you must be in touch with we Indians . You must reply or contact us same like that , we Indian has a generous heart you will get something by us.

    • So why dont’t u join me ma,am . It will be my goodness if i will be meet with you. Btw i saw your images on instagram you are looking as like an incarnation of “Rani Laxmi Bai” . who wants to get some changes in India.

      Thanks & Regards
      Himanshu Bisht

  11. Hey Karolina,
    Actually i really liked the decency of explanation that you have given in all your posts about india and indian history. Its the best and most well explained post that i can find on world wide web untill now. So here is a request. Why dont you tweet regarding your blogs and tag most of the big ministers and celebrities , even Prime minister Narendra modi , so that this knowledge can be spread throughout the nation via media and people. You can just continue your honest and hardworking research, and leave the rest on the nation to understand and learn from it. I think the work that you are doing can become a big movement of change that india needs at the moment. Just start tagging big people who can raise a voice in favor of it and it can go big. Correct me if i m wrong.
    Best regards.

  12. Hello karolina,
    You are doing awesome job by showcasing the real true picture of india.You already mentioned in your blog that some Western media always do silly stories about india and it’s 100 % true. Here let me add one things that some of local influencer, social activists, local leaders and some paid media houses, so called big social foundations who get funded by Western nations also spoiled real image of india only because of some money. I think you will be agreed with it on that. Anyway good research and some good narrations is clearly visible in your posts.well as a viewer want to give one quick feedback which you should implement as early.To reach out maximum viewer specially in India redesign your blog with hindi language . Switch option English or hindi. As an outsider you are putting real example to every indian. Well I have really some good topic will email you with subject wise. It will be came good works in your blog. concluding myself by this beautiful true inspirational quotes
    ” Every things begin with a simple thought ” and
    “A journey of thousands miles begin with a single step.”
    So it’s just beginning. Looking forwards your next blog documentary Till wish you great time ahead with joy and Happiness.


    Mihir Gandhi

  13. I have seen all your videos about india in youtube
    They are really awesome. Thank you sister

  14. I have been following your posts in facebook and blog for few months…Its really an eye opener for those who feel that being indian and buying indian is inferior…In my life I have heard of people of talking about inspirational personalities and how they inspired.According to me you are an epitome of inspiration and good will….Born in the land of Poland and exploring another nation and bringing its buried essence and history is something unheard and infact unprecedented according to me..It really gives me immense enjoyment and satisfication after seeing your videos,posts….There are thousands of monument in this nation commemorating its history,freedom fight,pride,skills,human ability etc. In that context my comments wont get contented if I don’t call your blog as a “Web Monument”…..I expect more videos,posts,blogs on a frequent basis….Jai Hind

  15. Namaskaragalu kerolin,
    Nammanna bharatiyanagiddakke hemme paduvante maadiddakke nimage tumbha dhanyavadagalu.

  16. http://www.rajivdixitmp3.com/


    please go above link you will find more detail & history of Ancient India. “Shri Rajiv Dixit” gave the best speech about truth of India but there is only one problem he spoke in Hindi.
    one my request please listen it..

    -Robin Singh

  17. Thank you Karolina. You have done such service to us all. Beautiful, inspirational videos. Thank you. You have become a Whatsapp phenomena !

  18. Hello Karolina
    My family and I are simply blown away by your style and depth of understanding you possess as evidenced by your writing and videos.
    We have our roots in that country you now call home. We love it with a passion. We find ourselves helpless when we see how maligned this beautiful country gets by western media anything they could so easily sensationalize.
    Sometimes even local Indians get influenced by western media and and criticize Mother India negatively in spite of the fact that She has never gone around hurting other countries or people.
    Like no other country in the world she was tolerant of all those who sought refuge in her bosom.
    Now you have come like a goddess to project the truth about Her.
    My family loves you Karolina. You definitely were in India in your past life. Welcome back! You and Anurag are going to help in contributing hugely toward the next Yuga.
    God Bless. …and may you grow in strength every day! Jai Hind!

  19. Hello madam, its nice and inspiring to hear about the unknown and hidden facts of my nation… Feeling proud and pride to be an Indian .
    Thank you.

    • India is a great country and I feel privileged to have a chance to live here!
      Stay tuned!

      Best regards,
      Karolina Goswami



    • India has thousands of women and men who are much smarter and knowledgeable than me. I am just a learner and as a guest of India, I am sharing my observations with the world.

  21. Hello Karolina,
    Thank you for the optimistic view and details about India.
    I respect and appreciate the understanding of the ancient culture.
    Can I have a request about to do documentary about current scientific contribution?
    Like in the link below http://www.thebetterindia.com/62283/global-scientific-projects-indian-scientists/
    You can discuss some science graduates and collect more information to make a video.
    I am happy to be your fan.

  22. Hi Karolina,

    We are very thankful to you for your research on India.
    I request you to post about ancient technology of India in fields like aviation, astrology, and medicine.

    And I also suggest you to watch this movie https://youtu.be/h-Ge_Ds7krg
    This might help you in further research.

    • Samhith,

      Thank you for sharing the movie and suggesting the topics.
      However, since I already have many topics in the pipeline, it can take some time.

      Best regards,
      Karolina Goswami

  23. Hi karolina,
    I am grateful to you by showing good side India and it’s culture. I share your videos through my Facebook and WhatsApp accounts.

  24. Shaibul Hoque Mazumder


    Karolina Goswami Madam
    I have read your beautiful article which teaches me a lot , the ancient facts of india,
    the knowledge , your spreading , very nice job.
    Awaiting for your new articles.



  25. नमस्कार, कैरोलीना जी
    आप भारत की एक मेहमान थीं, पर अब तो आप भारत की एक अतुल्य बेटी हो गयी हैं, आपके द्वारा उल्लेखित तथ्य अकाट्य हैं तथा भारत के अंतररास्ट्रीय के साथ ही रास्ट्रीय बदलाव में भी सहायक हो रहे हैं, इसके लिए मैं आपका सहृदय आभार व्यक्त करता हूँ।
    अपनी खोज अग्रसर रखिये अभी तो आपने भारत को जानना प्रारम्भ ही किया है, और लोगों को जागरूक करते रहिए।

    • I also wants to thank your husband mr. Anurag goswami who not only inspired you about India in a foreign country but also encourage you to write these real facts & i also suggest him to write a book on these facts that can clear myths about india in foreign countries & make a visible picture of ancient indian science & culture in their mind that it really deserves.
      you will go long, so
      Best of luck for your real India journey.

  26. Umesh Chandra Dash

    Namaskar Karolina,

    Its our Indian culture that we always use Namaskar instead of saying “Hello and Hi”. But now we are practicing British culture rather than our own culture. You have explained very well about India. As you said always people attracted towards the negative side more, that’s a very good point because its difficult to find positive points.

    I notices many time in India in my childhood lots of our elders were focusing the negative side of India and highlighting the western country and their goods. No one ever done such explanations that you did about India. Another thing is that we always comparing our things with others, it creates hate-redness rather than competitiveness. For an example : If someone went to USA from India, all gives example of him going abroad rather than to be good person in life. Its proud to be an INDIAN and nothing is perfect we have to make it perfect.

    Please, keep your posting. Its really helpful for all of us.

    Jai Hind

  27. Hi karolina , thanks for nice blog posts…

    I am your fan…

    I wanted to share my experience with Ayurveda…
    I live in southern part of India… My grandfather was Ayurveda doctor… He didn’t went for formal schools to learn Ayurveda… He used to say : The food what you are eating can act as either poison or medicine depends on how you use it… He lived more than 85 years without taking a single modern tablet or pill…. When I was at the age of around 14 , he used to refer so many old books to cure people’s disease… Now I am 27… I use the same old books to see how deep Ayurveda is… There is explanation of almost all modern diseases and natural remedies for them in these old Kannada books… There is remedies for cancer , neurological diseases, BP, sugar, asthma, infection diseases, genetic diseases too… Small fever, caught and cold also can be cured within short period without any modern antibiotics… Now, I wonder, how deep our culture established in health … My guru also say : “Being in India you suppose not to worry about health and survival… You should explore higher dimensions of life once you born in India… ” I always feel gratitude towards my ancestor rishis and sages of India for establishing such a deep wisdom in this land called : BHARATA.

    I feel gratitude towards you for exposing the ancient wisdom in front of the world.

    Thank you

  28. Can you please make a documentary on enlightened masters of India?

  29. Rajendra Makhecha

    Thank you Krishna for making Karolina your beautiful flute through which you are playing your sweet divine melody in the form of her works. May she always remain your perfect instrument with humility and devotion to truth, so people all over the world can be inspired and benefit from the universal values of India which are therefore the heritage of all mankind.

  30. Thanks for your such a good blog on Ayurveda.. being a Ayurveda student i felt really very good.
    We have very precious ancient knowledge but are not much aware about it. Think people reading your blog will surely try India’s ancient Ayurved tratment.

  31. I think Karolina Europeans & other westerners are hopelessly brainwashed as just now I have meet with a Polish guy, he was barking anything without knowing, he says that Vedic civilization is Europe made civilization, I don’t how you are secular among them. He think that World’s oldest civilization whose origin is unknown it is made by Europe, totally illogical statements with paragraphs he barked in front of me.
    You are really very lucky that you are not in Poland now or else they were brainwashed you also.
    Seriously? Hinduism made by Europe? Big joke of the year. LOL.
    I only can say, May their Jesus save their Europeans because now I am not sure that I will pay respect to them, because all my passions are over now, they wake the beast inside me. I am not sure that I will be good with foreigners especially the Europeans, they even don’t have shame they are killing Indians in their land & talking anything non sense. I am done with them.

  32. Thanks for another excellent blog Carolina!

    On the TV channel SONY BBC EARTH there is a program ‘Trust me I am a Doctor’ The findings from this program which are based on actual clinical trials, is what has been established by Ayurveda centuries ago.

    As you have said the west is re-inventing many aspects of human health. It is now clear that by accepting Market Economy, we are exposed to misleading advts that are looting our pockets by misinformation. But the real problem is poor health. Let us all wake up & save the next generation.

  33. Mr Bhaskar Birajdar

    Namaste Madam,

    I am literally overwhelmed by your videos and posts. I don’t have words to express my happiness about the fact that I am born in India and that too in Hinduism. We believe that even God doesn’t know that he / she is God. Only, we know that he / she is God. That is why we believe that God is residing in each and every object of universe. Not only that the entire universe is God. In single family, all the family members will be having their own versions of god and some even have no gods. One more important aspect of God in India is Mother. We have given godly status to Mother our first God.

    Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam.

    God bless you.

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