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The Indian economy- A giant that will shape the future of the world

One of the financial districts of Gurugram in the National Capitol Region of India

Note:- This article was written before the demonetization took place in November 2016 in India

The economy of India is something that many people in the world have no clue about. The development of India after independence from the British is undervalued by the international media. They are more busy showing poverty, rapes and all “the problems of India” which are highly exaggerated by them. They are not really showing to the world how India is progressing, how India has already become a global player in terms of its overall size of the economy, the rate at which it is growing and also its influence on the world’s markets.

GDP (Gross Domestic Product)

Let’s first discuss the basics. We can basically have two main ways of measuring a country economy by their GDP (Gross Domestic Product)  – one is the Purchasing Power Parity (PPP) and the other  is nominal. In these two ways of looking at the economy, there are actually even more ways to calculate. In both PPP terms and nominal terms, we can further classify  it by the overall size and also by per capita. Per capita is something which takes the population of the country in consideration.  So most of the countries which are big in population, they will always have small per capita GDP whether it is PPP or nominal. So, in per ca pita terms, even the giant economies and superpowers like USA and China are ranking lower than tiny economies like Qatar, Luxembourg, Norway, Switzerland etc.

GDP in PPP (Purchasing Power Parity) terms or nominal terms

Let’s find out the main difference between GDP which is PPP or nominal. PPP is something which actually compares the economy of a country in a more fair way. If America has 1000 apples and so does India, it doesn’t make Americans richer in their GDP just because their apples are more expensive than Indian apples  because after all, they are all just apples. So if you don’t take the US dollar into account (because now everything is converted into US dollar), if you don’t take into account these kinds of factors than the better way which is agreed by the economists all around the world is to measure the country economy is in PPP. And when we take into account the PPP of the whole economy size of the world countries after the USA and China it is already India which already makes India a super giant economy.

Purchasing power parity (PPP) is one of the factors that has to be discussed when talking about the economy of a country.

On the other hand, India does not come in top 10 or even top 100  when it comes to measuring the economy in PPP terms but also per capita terms (when divided by the population). The USA and China and even all the countries which influence the world market and are superpowers are not coming in the top 5 either when it comes to PPP in per capita because their population is also relatively higher. In this way, only countries like Qatar, Brunei, Singapore and Luxembourg or even Switzerland go on top. But that doesn’t make these little countries superpowers at all. With due regards to countries like Brunei, Qatar, Norway etc, the fact of the matter is that USA or China are having many many Bruneis, Norways inside them. There are many rich districts with a respectable population even in India where the per ca pita terms can humble the best per ca pita statistics countries and this is where the ”wealth-distribution among the people of a given country” becomes important which I will cover later in this post.

Before comparing two countries’ economies, one should understand that not all the ratings are relevant when two countries have different size of  population and if one of the countries have a hidden  black economy too.


 per ca pita should only be discussed when we compare countries in a similar population bracket. Using this data is pointless when talking about countries with a different population.

So having a small country with just a handful of rich people or good per capita statistics in a small population does not make you a global player. What makes you a global player is the overall size of your economy and your share in the global GDP. If the economy of Brunei crashes no major economy will have any impact. But on the other hand, if even a country like Brazil has problems even the top players like the USA can feel affected. But Brazil is not even close to what India is in terms of PPP, so India is now already a top 3 global player. Of course, around the world the economists and the students who are studying the economy are aware that India is the future superpower of the world. But on the other hand, the common man in the West has no clue about it and the Westerners still think that India is some kind of a backward country from the third world which is already a very unfair way to refer the current India and also to the ancient India who in the entire history of mankind had been the only country that had maintained its numero uno position for thousands of years in terms of economy and knowledge.

India is not only developing but what is more important – India is reclaiming its position that rightfully belonged to it through out the human history!

Coming back to nominal GDP – it is always calculated in a way in which apples are not compared with apples. Everything is converted into US dollars. So if US dollar is taken into account GDP rate of India goes to number 7 which is already respectable and with such an economic growth of India, this country is supposed to beat no 5 and 4 in a few years already even in the nominal GDP terms as well.


One can not judge the country economy only on the basis of GDP. There are plenty of other factors that has to be taken into account when we discuss the position of the country in the world in terms of economy.

The economy of a country is not only about GDP

On the other hand, one should remember that GDP is not the only way to see nation’s wealth. Many more things should be considered like national debt, Gini coefficient (which shows the income distribution among the citizens), FOREX (the foreign exchange market), financial institution health in both public and private sectors, human development index, fiscal deficit, current account deficit, gold reserves of the government, gold reserves in the households and others institutions like temples etc, black money parallel economy, invisible black money GDP, share markets health, proportion of  foreign investment in the domestic markets and also in government and private entities and many other factors. And the good news is that India does have very strong fundamentals in its economy.

But here comes a dilemma- In a country, where there is a big black economy functioning, it is impossible for the world bank and other financial institutions to come up with the accurate figures of poverty line, Gini coefficient, gold reserves in the households etc. and that is the main reason why India is shown poorer than it really is. And we must remember, the giant GDP of India is only its white GDP, if you combine that with its black GDP, India may already be a few times bigger right away.

World bank may never be able to calculate the real percentage of Indian population that lives below the poverty line because the majority of Indians just deal in black money when they buy vegetables, get a hair cut, buy a burger or take a taxi. These trades never add to the GDP of the country as well. So, basically one could have a fancy meal, wear branded clothes, ride in private taxis and pay for everything in cash and all this will never be added to the GDP of India and more importantly, the world bank will still consider you below poverty line if you do not reveal your true income to the government regardless of how much cash you spend in your life. It is a fact that 90% of Indians who are in the middle and higher income category never reveal their true income to the government. The Indians who are in the low income group do not even have a tax number and they deal with everything in cash. So, the world bank considers them below poverty line. What a joke that is! But it does not mean that each and every person in India who comes below poverty line is not poor. One must also remember, that India has lots of illegal immigrants living from the neighbor countries who now have taken permanent shelter and even claimed an Indian citizenship and they add to the poverty list of India as well. But one thing is sure that the world bank report of poor people in India is highly exaggerated by at least 20 times if not more.  Do not believe me? Go to a slum in India where mostly everybody has a below poverty line card and see their weddings. You may be surprised that the below poverty line card holders may be having a 15 thousands dollars weddings. And according to the world bank, it never happened because all transactions were in cash. And one must remember that the cost of living in India is extremely low in comparison to the west. In Europe, you buy water for 3 Euros and in India one could have 10 full meals (Thali) in the same amount. The poor people in the west just survive on bread but in India even poor have complete infrastructure of food, shopping and entertainment of their own kind.  India fully supports people with all kinds of budgets providing them complete life solutions unlike the west. No matter how rich, poor or a middle income person you are, India has complete life solutions for you.

And one more thing that I want the west to learn- India is not just about rich and poor people, as your media is showing you. Its middle class is exploding at a rate which is second to none. And this makes India unimaginably powerful with its massive middle class with a big purchasing power.

Gini coefficient

How can you know the correct Gini coefficient figures which shows the difference between the riches and the poor if the World Bank can’t provide us the right data when there is black money everywhere in India. It is a wide known fact that we all should know that the countries with so much of black money are also running a parallel economy of their own which is invisible to the world bank, so this kind of data should not be considered and be taken with a pinch of salt. But these terms are meaningful only if the national governments of the countries are able to provide authentic statistics to these organizations which are preparing these statistics. Also, these kind of statistics are good when you are dealing with a country with very little or no parallel economy powered by black money. But this is very important because in India’s case these statistics are far from the reality because of the following two reasons.

  1. The size of huge black money GDP (a giant parallel economy)- The black economy of India which runs in parallel could easily be a few times of its white economy.
  2. Indian rupee is undervalued- INR is one of the most undervalued currency in the world.


India  was once a superpower and lost this position because of the invaders who destroyed this country, but now India is showing to the world what its citizens are capable of.

What must be noted is that this  development of India after the independence from the British (who left India paralyzed by making the country which once had 30% share of the world GDP to a mere 2%) has happened in just a few decades.  On the other hand, real India’s economy could easily be three to four times more if the black money GDP is also taken into account. We must remember that India is a democracy which is unlikely to be as fast as a communist country because the decision and policy making can consume more time because it involves the people at every stage. If India was a communist country, with its huge potential it would even grow at 20% but nevertheless, India is already ahead of China as the fastest growing major economy of the world today.

”Its time for the world to stand up and take notice of how India has sensationally emerged as a top economy in the world and what is even more surprising is that for India, it is still the beginning.”

About Karolina Goswami

Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog! I hope you enjoy reading the stuff that you will not easily find on the mainstream media. I am a girl from Poland who is living in India. I am a seeker and I share my thoughts through this medium with the world citizens. For more details, check 'about me' section in the top menu bar. To contact me, write to me on indiaindetails@gmail.com or simply write on the comment section below every post.


  1. India is a serious contender to be the global superpower. I am a Swiss national who has been living in India for sometime. I can truly sense the immense potential of this nation. Meanwhile, good work Karolina! There are not many websites out there who put the views so clearly and straight.

    • Esther,
      Thank you for your kind words. I am in complete agreement with you. As a person who lives in India, you are aware of what is happening in this country and you can see it with your own eyes. But many foreigners who never had a chance to live here, have no idea about this fastest growing economy of the world. That is why more and more people should have the chance to get to know the truth about India!
      Best regards,
      Karolina Goswami

      • karolina.. gr8 website… Look I was born here in this great land but at the age if 22, I got the USA bug and left it for higher studies … I travelled and lived in the USA as well as Australia b4 I opened my eyes in 2009 to the IMMENSE INFINITE potential of my land and its culture and people and the amazing opportunities. AND NOW I WILL NEVER GO BACK OVERSEAS.. maybe only for a visit.. but never to live there. My son is being brought up as a true native of this ancient land..and I have never looked back after 2009.. its been 7 yrs now. I’m a professor at a college in the south and I always tell my students that if they ever had doubts that their country is poor, just visit Mumbai for 3 to 4 days and watch all the commercial transactions around them. Then they will never say that we are a poor country NEVER..

        • MUMBAI will have to be replicated all over India. Good luck. Manage the GINI index well and undertake reforms if you may.

      • Binay kumar samal

        Miss karolina,
        Today I saw the blog .India the future super power in reclaiming, is really amazing.I as a Indian really humbled .as a polish national u learned lots of things related to ancient India. I appreciate u r effort for keeping detail knowledge about a country which u not belongs.best of wishes for u r work.
        Personally i invite u to see the puri konark temole of odisha and the ancient sculptures of khandagiri

      • Hi Karolina, While we would like
        India to reclaim her natural position of a Leading Economic Super Power, this should not be on the lines of Current Capitalistc Model. when India pursues a Model Of Economy based on Sanatan Dharma then there will be abundance wealth but an equal significant sharing of wealth. india needs to teach a model of wealth generation That is not concentrated in fewer and fewer people. Let every business leader big and small seek to imbibe India’s rich spiritual wisdom
        And look to earn with Integrity and Spend with Compassion. this principle is followed by Tata Group in which 65 percent of the ownership was dedicated to charity at the inception and parent level. These principles have helped the Tata Group to be an over 100B business empire that is doing well in business and so much good for humanity. india needs to show to the world the right model of Capitalism based on Spiritual Principals

      • Hi Karolina,
        I am indian born but few of the things that you mentioned are NEW to.me.

        Looks.like you have deep love to this country.

        Did you notice the india the geographical map of India ,it looks like as if a mother wearing a saree is.standing


        • Namaste Ram!

          Thank you for your comment.
          I feel privileged to have a chance to live in this great country. India is surprising me every day and its great people show me so much love whenever I am here that the least I could do is to try to correct the image of this country around the world.
          Thank you for sharing your observation 🙂

          Best regards,
          Karolina Goswami

  2. santosh bharadwaj

    Excellent article. Black money is every where including in the slums. The author is so right when she points out that the low income groups of India mostly do their daily transactions in black money actually, so how the heck will the world bank get to know the real figures? There is so much black gdp in this country. Besides, most of us are not far behind in all income groups, we all do our transactions in cash which never goes on record. How many of you actually pay an auto rickshaw by card? All the money that goes to the auto rickshaw drivers for eg is not adding to the GDP and they must be revealing may be 5% of their incomes to the government and many of them would not even have a PAN card(income tax card).
    I happened to have friends in a slum in Mumbai and they had lots of wealth and mind you they had no political link. The real economy of India is as big as china or USA already if you take into account the black gdp too. A great job by the author!!

    • Santosh,
      Thank you for your comment.
      You are totally right. Indian black economy is not noticed by most of the international organizations – and that is the reason why so many people around the world believe that a huge number of Indians live in extreme poverty. They base their opinion only on some statistics instead of checking the reality. But this is common to all the countries with parallel black economy.
      Foreigners visiting Indian slums believe that people living there are living in poverty but they don’t know how much money, gold and savings they have.

      More on slums and its huge economic potential you can find here http://www.indiaindetails.com/index.php/2016/08/06/dharavi-slum-by-karolina-goswami/
      Best regards,
      Karolina Goswami

      • It is by chance I read your article on India’ s place and status, in the world, in comparison to the so called super powers, rich countries etc, etc.
        The true facts are never highlighted about our country and the foreign media have made it a point to slight India at every forum they get.
        In this context reading your articles and watching your videos, I must say ” It was an eye opener”. Thank you & God bless you.

  3. Santosh Bharadwaj, i absolutely agree with you.
    i with my family lived in slums for 10 years.

  4. It is yet another balanced article on Indian economy this time. Your approach to GDP and PPP is quite reasonable. In last one decade, I have seen UK, USA, France and Russia appeasing India to pull their financial melt down chestnut out of fire. We could not be silenced when Bush regime refused to give us cooperation in nuclear science. Today all major countries are getting their satellites launched by India. Yet the designer journalists of these countries enjoy projecting our lapsed here and there. About China , Napoleon had warned not to disturb this sleeping giant. Another sleeping giant viz. india is today well awake to prove them wrong.
    Thanx for the article.

    • Thanks sir, I wholeheartedly appreciate that you took time to read the article. Opinions of seniors like you matter a lot to me. It is a pleasure to have you on board. Meanwhile, we have also released the video on toilets if that has not caught your attention already.
      Best regards,
      Karolina Goswami

  5. Hi karolina,
    I really dont understand how economically great countries like usa or Europeans work. How could a person becomes homeless. I have seen people who were working and goes jobless and became homless after some time, and the same time his close relatives are Living better life. it doesn’t happen s in asian countries. i think definition of poor is different in west. Actually ss per theirs defination you will not see a single poor person in india. in india beggers think it is their job. We can leave this point but i haven’t seen a educated working person goes homless in india, he or she always find solution. i will give you reasons why, 1) job opportunity or self employment. 2)savings (its in blood of indians). 3)family native place where they have ancestral home and farm. Most of the time. Only rich people sell ancestral property because they dont have someone to look after.. middle class buys it 4) gold.
    Western country can learn few thing from Asians. There are lot of things but few can help them to survive socially and economically as well. 1) never leave your parents in any circumstances. Start paying their bills. 2) start savings for themselves and for children and for grand children. 3) buy gold… just because Indian does.4) do not depend upon government. 5) dont use credit cards. Take loan for home first. These are some basic for them.
    I haven’t seen recession in india. I belongs lower middle class but i never had to cut or compromise on my life style. Even i was jobless for 6 months due to injury.

    Regards vivek

    • Vivek,

      thank you for sharing your thoughts.
      You are right, if you go to Europe or the USA, many people become homeless because of losing job – people in the West have a tendency to give up easily in many cases and they have no family bond like you mentioned in your comment. Indians on the other hand, even though they have problems they have always a family that they can rely on and as you also mentioned – savings. Mostly, people in India don’t spend money in such an extravagant way like Westerners do – they would rather save for children or for a rainy day. There are many things that Western world should learn from India but the problem is that Westerners have no idea about it.
      Best regards,
      Karolina Goswami

  6. thanks to you, i see india as a totally different countrynow.
    greetings from holland,

  7. Great work Karolina Goswami. I really wonder a foriegner did a lot of research on India. Thanks a lot for sharing a valuable information on my mother country. I strongly feel India has a potential to gain it’s original position ( before british came to India) and it is not very far. Thank you !!!!

    • In my humble opinion, I don’t think anyone can classify Karolina as a “foreigner” in India anymore. India is for everyone, and people born in other countries who embrace her and choose to live within her shores as Karolina has done are just as Indian as the native born population. Besides, Karolina is a passionate advocate for India and has done a tremendous job immersing herself in the country’s culture, heritage, and traditions. We should be all be proud of Karolyn’s; she is a wonderful addition to our national family.

      Love and respects, Udayan

  8. Thanks for the lovely documentary and it covered lots of information and statistics which every Indian should be proud of. And it shows our capabilities in the Global market. Your style of anchoring this video was commendable.

    • Thank you Mitali for your comment.
      Indians should be proud of what their country has already achieved. And the best is yet to come 🙂
      Best regards,
      Karolina Goswami

  9. Hello Karolina

    Much appreciated for this good work. Keep going.


  10. I followed the leads to your web page and could read what you talked about. I was wondering if in future broadcasts you would consider close captioning to include people who do not hear.

    • Thank you for mentioning this. We will definitely add subtitles in our future economy and also we will them to the one about economy.

      Best regards,
      Karolina Goswami

  11. Bharat ek aisa desh jise Britain ne 200 sal tak loota khasota…
    aaj wahi Bharat m Britain m, wo koi revenge ya badla lene nahi aya wo aya Britishers ko Britain m hi Job dene..
    ek vakt tha jab British yahaN se gaye to Bharat ko bheeshan Gruh-yuddh ki aag m jhoNk k chale gaye aay wahi Bharat vapas aya h World ki 3rd Biggest Economy ban kar .. must watch
    112 inch ka seena ho jayega.. Guaranty
    Bharat ek aisa desh jise Britain ne 200 sal tak loota khasota…
    aaj wahi Bharat m Britain m, wo koi revenge ya badla lene nahi aya wo aya Britishers ko Britain m hi Job dene..
    ek vakt tha jab British yahaN se gaye to Bharat ko bheeshan Gruh-yuddh ki aag m jhoNk k chale gaye aay wahi Bharat vapas aya h World ki 3rd Biggest Economy ban kar ..
    KerolinaGoswami (Thanks)

  12. Hello Karolina,

    Got your video on India from a FaceBook Post. Very well made and informative video. I am of Indian origin living in Canada. There are so many aspects of India that makes us so proud, but at the same time I can not help thinking that instead of spending money on Space research India could have done more to eradicate poverty, prevent corruption and rape.

    • I strongly insist that you see the video and the article on ISRO that I have posted on this website. http://www.indiaindetails.com/index.php/2016/07/25/india-space-mission-mars-by-karolina-goswammi/
      They will tell you why India needs space mission before eliminating poverty. In short- the income generated by space mission will be eliminating poverty.
      As far as rapes are concerned, check my rape post and I will not be surprised if your views change dramatically after that.

      • Dzien dobray
        Zienkuye ci bardzo
        (Well.. my kids went to a polish school and all their friends are Polish and picked up some general greetings in Polish)
        I have even done a power point presentation about India to the kids at the school upon the request of their “Pani”
        I recently came across your video on India reclaiming its rightful place in Facebook . To be honest, I saw it, thought it is pretty good and left it at that. However, some link drew me to your blog/website today and I thought wow I got to say, a thank you. went through a few of your musings. Really appreciate your efforts. Once again thank you.

    • I understand where you are coming from. However, I disagree. In fact, India should work more in the field of engineering and technology, Manufacturing and research. The more India does that, the more Indians would be able to stay in India and decrease the brain drain. Yes, it will be a slow process but will be fruitful in the end. As the saying goes teach a man to fish, not feed him a couple of meals.. All the research and space technology we invest in will also find innumerable use in medical equipments, defence, development of new products, and materials. India is already a major (if not one of the top two) destination for most countries to get their satellites deployed. It is not done free. We make more money than we spend in that field with a lot more to come. Just to give an idea, India has contracts already in place to deploy as many as 56 satellites next year, not to mention a decent number of them already this year. Please do not fall into the trap of Western media ploy. They are doing it for a purpose. It is pretty much same as showing slums and dirty places while ignoring the advancement we are going through.

  13. Hi Karolina,
    Thank you for your nice documentaries. I really appreciate your hard work behind it.
    I got more information and understanding about my own country.
    I have better understanding of Economy now.


    • I am also learning even today will do so all my life. Keen minds like you will always stay humble and keep learning. All the best

      • Hi Karolina,

        Thanks a lot for your effort and love towards the mother land Bharat. I do request you to go through the articles on Chanakyas arthashastra which reveals a lot more about Indian economy growth.

        Chanakyas arthashastra is not just meant for the people involved with economy or a political science
        but also can be applied/ adopted by every individual who is in leader position,

        A doctor , An engineer, a teacher ,a socialist , a business man, a tourist , an defense person, a politician, an student ….the list of professions or an individual who can adopt The chanakya principles is endless….

        What i do request is to elevate the greatness of “Chanakya’s Arthashastra” through your blog.

        Thanks and Regards
        Vasudeva Ayodhya

  14. Wonderful, your deep interest and knowledge about India is really stunning, As Indian I am really stunned.

  15. The Constitution of the Republic of India which is a modular document derived from Arthasashthra and Chanakya the foremost political scientist of ancient India and the chief architect of the Mauryan empire whose reach spanned from modern day Afghanistan to Myanmar and from Kashmir to the plains of the Krishna Godavari basin. Their trade ties reached the Greek and Roman empire in the West to the lands adjoining South China Sea in the east. Soon the Indian Navy will reclaim that lost glory

  16. India is completely different
    In kolkkata, a doctors official monthly salary is somewhat 80k rupees or 2000 us dollars.
    But reality is more than that. Actually this official salary is lower than 4% of his total earnings. Lets me explain:
    He charges 1300 indian rupees for each patient.
    He somehow manage to serve 50 patients a day.
    So tatal is 50×1300=65000 /day.
    Now monthly 65000×30=1950000 /month.
    His net income=1950000+80000=2030000 /month. (30400 us dollars)
    That is only 3.94%.
    Its only from his patients load. Others income sources like commissions from medicine, pathological lab etc are not included.
    All this money is black.

    If he works for only 20 years his total earnings will be
    =2030000x12x20=487200000 rupees or 7.3 millions dollars. And 95% money is BLACK.

    This is the case of only a doctor, now imagine there are many famous doctors, teachers, lawyers, and many more. There are many imerging fields in india.

    So dont underestimate the power of an INDIAN common man.

    I agree this will help in parallel economy which is dangerous for us. But we can get relief from this. If we somehow manage the govt. to recall all its high denominations i.e. 500 and 1000 rupee notes. Then everyone will automatically switch to bank transactions and the govt. will be able to trace the all money. And therefore old black money will become either white money or just piece of papers. It will increase indias gdp to many folds.
    I am a student from a small city in Berhampore, India.
    Hope India will regain its possition and become worlds leader.

  17. If he works for only 20 years his total earnings will be
    =2030000x12x20=487200000 rupees or 7.3 millions dollars. And 95% money is BLACK.

    I wonder where my 7.3 million dollars are.

    • Sorry, but all the estimates is made by me is for a famous doctor with minimum pg degree…..
      But if you doesn’t believe me, go to kolkata and ask any person who engaged with medicine sector.. I sure their estimate will surpass mine.

      And the estimations are not important for us…. Its more important to stop parallel economy….

      Hope we together found a solution.

      • wow!!!! Im vry gld…. Our PM made a very good decision by demonetizing 500 & 1000 rupees note. but just wondering why we need 2000 rupee notes?????

  18. Thanks to u sister to spread positive things abt our country thanks a lot to u

    • Thank you, Manoj!
      Our goal (mine and my husband’s) is to tell the truth about India and finally show the world the real side of India.
      Best regards,
      Karolina Goswami

  19. Rajesh Kumar Sahu

    Great work Karolina. While we Indians forgot our culture and our great history you again reminded and awake every Indian. Most of foreigners see the only the negative sites of India because always they want to dominent Indians. But the upcoming years will be for India… World will see what the real India and Indians are.

    Again thanks for your documentary ‘India in details’.
    Your work is really praiseworthy. Salute you and your love to India and Indians.

  20. Really am glad read your whole article and even I watched your videos, good work Please keep it up

    Jai Hind
    Satish B

  21. Pranshul Vashishth

    Really appreciate your incentive to educate us Indians about our own rich culture, glorious past and heritage. Before the Muslim invasions, and more so before the onset of kalyuga, India was a prosperous and an advanced civilization. The distribution of essential worldly duties and then dividing a humans life into various stages through Varna system, free education at Gurukuls from realised saints, Ayurveda, etc. were highly stable and efficient means to lead a healthy, fulfilling life with immense social harmony.
    But, after the onset of Kalyuga and then continuous foreign invasions, most of this knowledge has been forgotten. Most of its natural resources and material wealth looted and depleted.
    But even then, what remained constant, what even these invaders could not affect was Yoga, more prominently Bhakti Yoga. Because this knowledge regarding Yoga was regularly replenished by God Realized saints like Kabir, Nanak, Tukaram, Mirabai, Tulsidas, Surdas, Eknath, Ramakrishna, Chaitanya, Haridas, Vallabhacharya, Shankaracharya, Madhvacharya, Nimbarkacharya, Ramanujacharya and most recently Kripaluji Maharaj, to name a few. Even during the Mughal era and then the Colonization period, these saints regularly reminded us of the highest possible ideal for any soul i.e. God Realisation and then laid out the path which we could follow to achieve that ideal. This is what I truly believe is unique about India, that it has always been endowed with the presence of such realised personalities. And I believe this to be the single most important reason why India was, is and will always be the Greatest Nation. Material wealth may come and go, customs and rituals may come and go, but India will always be Great. And I think, if all the Indians can atleast know about this spiritual knowledge, which these saints had to offer, then they will not have to remember their past glory days to feel good about India. They will then have a path to directly witness what our mother India truly has to offer to us i.e. to witness God himself. They will then never look at the West as they do now, and will always be grateful to God for giving them the opportunity to live in India.

    An American once asked a visiting Hindu Saint, that, what is so great about India?
    To which he replied,” There are a few people in India, who cannot be bought with Money.”

  22. You made me cry …you r so loyal and your voice tooo…thanks and..
    I love my India and Indian…

    • Your tears will not go wasted as India is reclaiming its rightful position in the world!
      Hats off to the great people of India!
      Best regards,
      Karolina Goswami

  23. Hi karolina, It’s wonderful and amazing presentation, I hope and I pray India can reclaim its position and guide this world towards humanity… I have one humble request can you please provide me details of background music which is played in India superpower part 2 video

    • My humble thanks.
      India is reclaiming – there is no doubt about it 🙂

      A team responsible for making the video knows all the details. However, I don’t think they will be keen to disclose all the details.

      Best regards,
      Karolina Goswami

  24. I was not aware of this wonderful work you are doing of presenting actual picture of our nation, after watching this videos and articles I really feel proud and at one moment I felt like crying, but still you are doing amazing work … I hope and I pray that u continue do this wonderful job of showing world what India is all about. I am thankful to one of my friend through who I was able to see this video. God bless us all Hare Krishna


    Well thanks Carolina.it was through a forward on watspp that I got to know about ur blog. Really inspiring and interesting blog on my country. Simple living high thinking that applies to India’s growth I suppose. Keep moving ahead with ur work and my best wishes are with both of you.

    • Hi! Karolina,
      Many thanks to you for this painstaking issue of portraying India as a forthcoming world superpower not to invade others but to spread the issue of tranquility, harmony & peace. Hats off to Indianness which is there for from time immemorial. As you say rightly that, we Indians do not blow big trumpet & campaign of our achievements & this never was in Indian history. We believe in subtle work & generosity to spread to world world peace and harmony. In reality, we are the real Global citizens of modern world & that will be accepted by and all in the years to come.
      Hearty Thanks once again to you.

      • Namaste Pranay!

        India is a great country and I feel privileged to have the chance to live here. I will always be grateful to my husband that he brought me and I can live here and every day learn something more about this great land.

        Bets regards,
        Karolina Goswami

  26. Thanks for reminding the great culture and immense potential in India. You neither belong to India nor born hear but still trying to discover glory of a strong nation who has been misinterpreted by international media…thanks from all my Indian peoples…people like you are amazing…good job…keep it up…

    • India is a great country and I feel blessed to have a chance to live here and explore this place every day!
      Stay tuned for more 🙂

      Best regards,
      Karolina Goswami

  27. Surykant Bharatiya

    Karolina My sister

    I saw video on demonetization. I am really speechless.
    I love you very much sister. God bless you.

    • My humble thanks for your kind words!
      God bless the great people of India who co-operate with the government for their country’s betterment.

      Best regards,
      Karolina Goswami

  28. you are talking about ancient and current Indian economy. to do so first of all you should know about chera chola pandiyas ( the three kings of tamilnadu) who traded with ancient Greece and all of europe. the exports were mainly spices which Europe can’t cultivate on their land. chola kings used even barter system with European countries. for some reasons they stopped trades with European countries. that’s when the Europeans started invading India. do note that they were searching for the Tamil kingdom as the trade was with them only. and the first invaded part of India is Kozhikode a place in Kerala. and keep in mind that India was never a single country before the invaders came. it was divided into many countries and was united after indepence. if you have time do research on this also

  29. kindly do research on south India especially chola kingdom. they were the ones who introduced election system. it was called kudavolai system and used to elect panchayat (a division of country) chiefs. and cholas are good architects too. the brihadeeswara temple and the kallannai( a dam which was built thousands of years ago still stands strong without even a single scratch). and cholas ruled many countries Sri Lanka, Myanmar,Thailand, and many nations. in Thailand even now also when the king is crowned or coronated they will sing a Tamil song ( pathigam). if you need to know I am happy to help. my mail ID is gshivganesh@gmail.com. and the previous comment is also made by me.

    • Thank you for sharing this information and leaving your contact details.

      Wish you all the best!

      Best regards,
      Karolina Goswami

  30. Really Superb article and also your videos are amazing and truthful if India becomes blackmoney free country then India will become no.1 country in the world and also if India bring all our history back and bring our ancient methods back and if we use our Indian technology then we can even solve the questions we have till now about the space and also about aliens i really support you god bless you and make more amazing and good videos .

    • My humble thanks for your kind words.
      Stay tuned for more documentaries and articles!

      Best regards,
      Karolina Goswami

  31. Dear Mam,
    I have enjoyed your videos. Very nice. As a management student I really charmed. 33% CEO of the world made
    from India. If you make a video about this I would be thankful to you. Your videos are heart touching. I have seen your 4 videos I am waiting for your next videos. Mother Teresa, Sister Nivedita shown their great love for India. You are also like that. Thanks a lot for your love to our country.

    • Many thanks for your kind words.
      I also appreciate your suggestion. However, it may take some time as I already have many topics in the pipeline.
      Stay tuned for new documentaries and articles!

      Best regards,
      Karolina Goswami

  32. You should take part in a contest for one of the best blogs on the web. I will recommend this site!

  33. Hi Carolina,

    Appreciate your tremendous hard work in mining vast data and history.. Most of it even we are not aware of and have not attempted to figure out the reality to it.. Great peace of work .. How do you manage to find so much information..

    • Thank you a lot for your kind words. I would like to say that it is due to the fact that I am really motivated by the idea of knowing the truth and the hidden history of the world. And India has just has so much to explore.
      Best regards

  34. Please help me understand why “demonitization” and what is ot become of the economy from this action? Not among big bucks Indians but with the poor?? … with the loss of access to cash – my friends in deep rural areas are suffering!

  35. I did not understand what was meant by black money! Do you mean the barter system? I am not sure it should be thought of as illegal – does the world bank need to have its fingers on everyone’s business and take its bite?

    • Dear katharine Grace; you know what, India is completely different.Let me make you understand what is black money.
      In Kolkata(a metro city in eastern India), a doctors official monthly salary is somewhat 80k rupees or 2000 us dollars.
      But reality is more than that. Actually this official salary is lower than 4% of his total earnings. Lets me explain:
      He charges 1300 indian rupees for each patient.
      He somehow manage to serve 50 patients a day.
      So tatal is 50×1300=65000 /day.
      Now monthly 65000×30=1950000 /month.
      His net income=1950000+80000=2030000 /month. (30400 us dollars)
      That is only 3.94%.
      Its only from his patients load. Others income sources like commissions from medicine, pathological lab etc are not included.
      All this money is black.

      If he works for only 20 years his total earnings will be
      =2030000x12x20=487200000 rupees or 7.3 millions dollars. And 95% money is BLACK.

      This is the case of only a doctor, now imagine there are many famous doctors, teachers, lawyers, and many more. There are many imerging fields in india.

      So dont underestimate the power of an INDIAN common man.

    • Jitendra Govind Joshi

      Vast majority of people evade income taxes. Or under pay income taxes. This evaded tax is Black money.
      Any in accounted income on which due taxes are not paid is black inco e.

      Almost Two in every Three apartments or housing units sold in India are paid for through a combination of Cheque (accounted income) and balance
      Through CASH (unaccounted income). In the government registration office only accounted income part of the paid price is registered as purchasing price.

      This way, property registration charge which is generally about TEN percent of TOTAL sale consideration is NEVER paid.

      This evaded portion of property registration tax is BLACK MONEY!!

      Each year billions of U.S. dollars worth of property registration charge is evaded by Indian people.

      There is such a massive corruption in most government departments that significant of the effort of small business people goes to manage corrupt officials.
      Because India’s judiciary is extremely slow.

  36. Excuse me, now I have listened to your video on demonetization…. though there is some sound of propaganda in your talks, I find them thorough and quite lovely in content and presentation. I understand somewhat better – I love and believe in this Mother and the Indian people and hope in the rush to get so big and competitive that truth does triumph and that true values flourish amongst her people and this blessed land.

  37. Miss Katherine did you ever hear about the fact that India was known to be the golden bird once in the past some 500-700 years back.It was only after the invasion of british and the result of their colonization in the name of trade that India turned out to be a poor country.Everything has been looted and taken away to central Europe.As for example the Kohinoor Diamond on the crown of queen of Britain.Just go through the history over internet.

  38. Namaste Madam.
    I really impressed by your thinking about our Mahan Bharat. You give the young indians a real view about India Thanks so respect to us

  39. Ms Karolina Goswami
    I have no words of gratitude to express my warmest regards to you for presenting the real India before the world and making us all proud of this. Indeed to me, you appear to be more Indian than many who are the citizens of India. Unfortunately or ironically, fortunately, many of our countrymen remain ignorant of western and even national media due to lack of education and ex[posure to biassed regional news channels presenting a very narrow window to them to look at their country with right perception. You have been trying to fill in this gap for quite some time now and deserve appreciation for your sincerity and untiring work that you have been doing. Thank you, Ms Goswami

  40. Raghunandan Jagdish

    Excellent article. Good analysis and research the fact that the gdp has grown is vindication of the fact that except the black money hoarders this did not hit anyone else. In fact even the black money hoarders were only impacted to the level of 20 to 40 percent only which is about the tax those idiots would have paid.
    Keep up the good work og writing about India.
    I have come back from the USA and been here since the last 15 years. We can make India greater than what she is right now…. It’s the handiwork of the common people who grew inspite of the system and not because of it.
    If only the system changes imagine…. It will be exponential…. A 10% change in system and our mentality will lead to 20% change in out GDP
    That’s for sure. .
    I in fact predict that next year we will have a growth of 11% in our gdp for sure.

  41. you really speak nice……thanx by heart
    but I have a question, why speak only positiveness about India? yes it is good…

    as an Indian, i love the positivity about India
    but we are always ready for criticism…

  42. Ashutosh Diwanji

    You touched our hearts with your informative videos and your emotion. One of the biggest legacies that the colonizers left behind is an inferiority complex due to an impact of western based and anglicized education system. As we now start learning about our ancient wisdom and science it fills us with immense pride and gives us a new confidence. Things are already changing. Wishing you and your husband all the very best and loads of happiness and success!

  43. Mallagouda Patil

    Hi mam, your articles and documentaries are very impressive. Being a Indian I always thought of our rich culture and spirituality besides science and technology. You are doing great help to our nation by showing many positive things about our culture and history. You look beautiful in Indian attire. Please continue to do so.Thank you.

  44. hi karolina sister.hi have few questions.i think you are the best who could answer.why indias index rates, transparency level and literacy &illiteracy rate is not so good. and i also have few suggestions for.
    its hidden science in indian temples.it shocked me.

    1.i was told 15 century in south india a sage name san yak calulated almost exact value for speed of light in rig veda.but when Western found it .
    2.a temple in tamilnadu, chidambaram shiva natarajar temple.the temple itself constructed based on ancient acience and ayurveda.i was amazed by its fact.i think it helps for your documentation for facts of india.
    3.meaning for dancing idol of shiva was my best part.

    your a person who has blood from Europe but heart that beats for india.

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