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Problem of toilets in India

The current India is definitely not a paradise. It has its own problems that have to be fixed as soon as possible. And one of them is the lack of toilets in India. Both cities and villages face the problem of poor sanitation but what can be really challenging is trying to find a toilet in some rural area. The solution seems to be very easy – just build them! But the reality is not as simple as you think it is.

The great history of toilets in India

The first question that pops up in my mind is why toilets in India are not such a common thing. Before I answer, you should be aware of one fact or rather I should call it a “shock” 🙂 This first sewerage and drainage systems in the world according to the historians were built in Indus Valley Civilization of ancient India! In the ancient city called Lothal, everyone had a private toilet and what is even more surprising is that the first system of flush toilets was created in ancient India too. In those days, a common convenience was a private or a public bath. Having a private well was also nothing extraordinary.  So, how is it possible that with such a great start, the current India is facing this problem? Excavations in Mohenjo-Daro , Kausambi, Lothal, rakhigarhi, Mehrgarh, Banawali, Taxila and Harappa have proved that people had access to water and even drainage facilities. Sophisticated underground drains were connected to the houses and then spread into much wider public drains. And one must remember that the latest findings suggest that Indus valley civilization is much older than earlier estimated according to the team of experts from IIT Kharagpur, Institute of Archaeology, Deccan College Pune, Physical Research Laboratory and Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) who used carbon dating techniques on animal remains and pottery fragments from the Bhirrana site in India. These experts concluded that the current discoveries already indicate that the civilization is as old as almost 10000 years and this is likely to move backwards as more discoveries and excavations are taking place. As a matter of fact, Vedic history tells us about the human history in a very clear way which is way earlier than all these recent archaeological findings. But regardless of what one likes to trust more (archaeology or Vedas), one thing is clear- Ancient Indians were the pioneers in what we know today as the modern sanitation system. In these pictures below, one can see that the sanitation system had been present in India even in the middle ages and was ever present through out the country which show the continuity of their heritage since the Indus valley civilization.

Ancient drainage system of India
The history of drainage system in Gujarat
The ancient drainage system of Kausambi and Lothal
The ancient well and a bathroom with an attached toilet in Lothal
The great history of Mohenjodaro
The advanced drainage system of ancient India which continued right through its history

The reason of poor sanitation in the current India

To understand it, we should still remain in the past. One of the biggest villains in Indian history – the British – who successfully looted the treasure of India are worth a mention here.  Not only Indian pride and spirituality was destroyed during their take over of India, but they even deprived its inhabitants a basic convenience. The main goal of the invaders was to loot as much money as possible; they didn’t care if Indians would have a place to satisfy their basic needs. Enough public toilets and the public sewage system were not being built (maybe apart from those which were there for the British and their employees) and the old ones if they were still somewhere there, they slowly fell into decay. The infrastructure that was developed during the British times was just the bare minimum to support the British rule and to speed up their loot. So Indians had to find a way and the only way was to create “an open toilet in India”. People through generations got used to it and slowly it became something normal and a new trend. And then British left and India had to deal with thousands of problems that the colonization caused. Of course, one would say that they were more important problems to solve than building new toilets. But the biggest challenge has been to start changing the mindset of people who are already used to going to the open areas to ease themselves and to improve their low self-esteem.

One must remember that the British themselves had a very poor hygiene and sanitation system in their own country which is evident by the Thames river which used to be extremely dirty and the great plague that took place in Europe in the 14th century which killed nearly half of the population of Europe.

The Europeans were clueless about proper sanitation techniques

Recently, government of India has launched a ”Swachh Bharat” campaign. There is also a special tax which Indians are paying separately for this mission. They have an ambitious target of  building 60 million to 120 million new toilets by 2019. The aim is to make Open-Defection Free (ODF) India.  Only time will tell how successful this scheme is going to be as 2019 is not so far.

What is the correct technique of defecation? Indian squatting down technique or the western one?

Western toilet seat vs traditional Indian toilet seat

One must understand the basic difference in the indigenous toilets of India and the western ones. In the traditional Indian toilet seats, one has to squat down completely while in the western toilets one just sits on the toilet seat in a similar position to how one sits on a chair. So, here comes a big dilemma. Which technique is healthier and the recommended one. According to Ayurveda, there is no better way than squatting down. But,  for all the people here for whom research done by the western scientists is what they like to trust more, here comes a news- recent discoveries by the western scientists have proved that the healthiest way to do it is by squatting down. In addition, wiping off to clean without using water is another bad practice of poor hygiene which unfortunately some Indians have adopted due to the British rule along with their unhealthy technique of sitting on the toilet seat instead of squatting down.

Did you know:

”A vast majority of the people in the western world do not defecate regularly in the morning even today. On the other hand, in India one’s day can not even start unless one empties one’s gut and that is done even before the first meal. Further, a vast majority in the west brush their teeth only after eating breakfast which is another bad practice of poor hygiene. And not just that, almost a fraction of the people in the west clean their tongue during teeth brushing which is yet another embarrassing practice of poor hygiene.”

Even though it took a long time for the west to understand what Indians and their Ayurveda was telling the whole time, finally the latest researches in the west by the top doctors and the scientists of our times have agreed to the fact  that our overall health of the body depends on a healthy gut. Be it the serotonin in your brain or a healthy immune system or the better absorption of the nutrition form the food that we eat, with a constipated gut one can never achieve a good health.

So, one thing is clear. The west which is still largely unaware of the techniques of basic hygiene whether its about cleaning one’s tongue everyday or brushing the teeth before the first meal of the day or having a regular morning toilet session at the beginning of the day which is further aggravated by the wrong toilet usage technique of sitting instead of squatting down or even the practice of wiping off to clean their rear without water, they are definitely not the right people to teach Indians the lessons of basic hygiene and neither they were in the past.


The strange situation: a great diversity of all types of toilets in India

One thing is sure. In India, diversity is in big numbers whether its food, languages, skin complexions or even the toilets. From the fanciest of the toilets in the shopping malls that one could ever see to the very basic types and the ones which are not even cleaned well. Have a look at these two pictures of toilets from India:

There is no doubt that India is facing a problem of poor sanitation system. This has to be changed! But before criticizing we should understand the roots of this issue.
The premium toilet facilities in the current India which are very visible in the modern shopping malls.

Is building toilets in India enough?

Clean India campaign should be supported by everyone but there is still one problem that remains. Giving a new facility to the people is one thing but teaching people how to use them is the real deal. Dirty toilets which are not cleaned are even worse than”no toilets at all”. Now toilets in India have became a national topic which is good, but steps have to be taken to improve people’s habits. Even though new toilets are built, they remain empty as many Indians from the villages believe that it is healthier to defecate in the open area. That is why there has to be special improving awareness scheme in which people will get the chance to understand what toilets are for, how to use them, how to clean them. Only then, some Indians will be more likely to change their minds. The same things have to be taught in the schools – it is much easier to learn something new for a child than to an adult change his lifetime habits.

Toilets have to be cleaned – that is another issue in India that has to be raised. Many people still perceive it as the worst job and it is no different in the west too. No one wants to clean it but the thing is that if people know how use toilets and flush, they will not become dirty so fast. Apart from this, for public conveniences, there have to be hired companies who will clean them every day and fix once broken. That will create jobs and toilet users will not have to worry about getting inside a dirty washroom. A good solution for the public conveniences is also installing automatic flush like it is done in many places in Europe  (unfortunately, this wastes a lot of water that is why a good idea is to use them only for places where people have tendency to make it dirtier). In case something gets broken, a phone number of a company responsible for maintaining can be written inside so people can report a problem. In some rural areas before building toilets, a proper waste management system should be implemented otherwise citizens will not use them, arguing that there will be no way to clean them.

Karolina Goswami visiting the museum of toilets in Delhi

As we can see, sanitation in India is really in a poor condition. There are some reasons for it, but India – there is no use crying over split milk. What is done by the British is already done so it is time to build, educate and clean! It has to be our common effort to change India and improve women’s, men’s and children’s lives. The women in the rural areas of India should not wait until the night to defecate in the open field just because they would be seen by others during the day.  And this is a responsibility of all Indians to make the topic “lack of toilets in India” gone forever. But we should not expect changes in 6 months – it will take years to see the progress and probably decades to make the whole India use toilets. To reverse the damage done by the long British rule is not so easy. But, If the Indians want a better future for their country they should put in some effort and change this poor state of toilets in India.

About Karolina Goswami

Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog! I hope you enjoy reading the stuff that you will not easily find on the mainstream media. I am a girl from Poland who is living in India. I am a seeker and I share my thoughts through this medium with the world citizens. For more details, check 'about me' section in the top menu bar. To contact me, write to me on indiaindetails@gmail.com or simply write on the comment section below every post.


  1. Dear Karolina,
    I was always been in question what had happened to sanitation system in India when India has extraordinary architectural history. But thanks to you for explaing the effects of British invasion. How they were not just only looting us but also breaking our culture by these basic things. Thanks……..

    • Thanks. That’s is awesome. As Indian we will always be obliged to you Karolina. This will definitely help to improve thing and grow tourism as India has so much to show to the world. however, the damage of colonization has to be repaired first urgently. A big Thank you. Kindest Regards>Ash

    • Dear karolina you are doing a wonderful work in re discovering the real treasures of India and its ancient abilities and ideas .
      I feel the greatest gift of India to the world. Is Ayurveda , Indian Classical Music and Yog/ Meditation.
      Still a lot of inner science is yet to be discovered by the world which surely India will help to discover.
      Best of luck to you for your future researches

      • Hi Karolina, the reason we were unaware of it is, because everything our Indian Yogis recorded were also systematically destroyed by the invaders and they left us with no clue other than to adapt to whatever they left. Thank you so very much for taking your time exploring these facts and letting us know how great a country and how great a civilization Indians were. And I wish you a great success in your future endeavours.

    • Karolinaji
      Its, ‘The blog’ and ‘you tube’ video on INDIA, been a great find on a day that ends 2016. I am really amazed how much research you had to do just to write this one topic related to sanitary. I wish you great health and long life. Also look forward to many more. I am that Indian who is emotionally connected with the country, and anyone that have respect for my country get my respect by thousand fold.

  2. Hi, being the curator of the Sulabh Toilet Museum, it is my duty to give vent to my feelings. I am happy that the points we discussed have been assimilated in your excellent write up.

    I agree the British apathy on the sanitational front. In 19th century, an Englishman will not be very particular about his son’s career. He would like the son to learn riding and cricket and go to India to rule. They opened schools in India to turn out office clerks. They started Railway in 1853 because of quickly responding to any law and order problem. But they did not go for public toilets as deaths in rural areas did not matter for them.

    In South Korea, I met a famous kite flier, who was very happily recalling his three-month stay in Nashik where he learnt squatting, a healthy posture. In this museum I often face this question. I say, if you are old, diseased or suffering from joint pain, sitting type commode is suitable. Others may squat because you have no fear ff the rim, dirtied by the previous pooper. As a matter of fact, on this count, more and more people are reverting to aquatting which happens to be the oldest posture. Besides the India and some other neighbouring countries, squatting is resorted to in France and Japan as well.

    About your quote on the celebrities suffering from unclean gut, I like to remind you that toilet is closely related not only to hygiene but spirituality in particular and culture in general. Alexander Chase, an eminent American journalist has said, “Psychiatry’s chief contribution to philosophy is the discovery that the toilet is the seat of the soul”. Yoga or other spiritual practices are impossible with unclean bowels. Therefore, to say that cleanliness is next to godliness is quite apt.

    About the teeth and tongue hygiene, I fully endorse your view. It is horrible to be with the meat eaters from different countries being not particular in brushing and tongue cleaning in the museum. From that angle, Indians can teach a lesson to these communities.

    Adi Shankaracharya had said, ‘tadapi na munchatyashapindam’. Hope is something without which we cannot live. I have that hope regarding sanitation in India.

    • Dear Bageshwar sir,
      I am deeply honored to have you going through my article. A few moments with you were a life time experience for me. The points that you raised about this topic are covered in the article as you have already noticed. Our team is also working on the video that we captured with you and it should go live in a week or so.
      It is so right that clean gut is so important for almost everything that happens in this world including our thoughts in our minds. Your beautiful examples are every so right. Perhaps, this is why a yogi must take care of his lifestyle and live a disciplined life.
      Of course, Ayurveda does not force the sick or handicapped to squat down, however that is the recommended posture if one can do it without a problem.
      Once again, I thank you for staying tuned and continuing to be active on the comment section on this website. I am sure that the readers will benefit a lot by the wisdom of great authors like you.
      Best regards,
      Karolina Goswami

      • Thanx for the thank you reply. A drunkard, even in an alien land will locate a wine shop. In Sanskrit it is said, काव्यशास्त्रविनोदेन् कालोगच्छति धीमताम् means wise men pass time studying good books. Be sure , I shall no forget following you.

  3. I was searching something and accidentally come to your page. I must say your blogs are impressive and based on clear facts. May be you are not Indian by birth, but you know more about India than Indians do. Where some writers use complex words, which people have to find their meanings, your blogs are simple and easy to understand. I would like to add about present condition of India after such a prosperous history that mindset of inferiority complex in Indians. We appraise what foreigner are doing and want to do the same and try to involve in our lifestyle whether it is wrong or right. We don’t believe in our ancient sculptures, techniques and science, but when someone from west approves, we accept it immediately. Even commercial TV ads also use the lines to convince the Indian audience by saying that the product is tested and approved by Laboratory of america, Austria, Britain etc. In India knowing of English language is a sign of literate and highly educated and talking in our own language is sign of backwardness. Our ancestors were so much advance and full of knowledge that they include all health benefit practice in our daily living that if we forget what the use, still we used to practice it.

    • Thanks for your kind reply. I will definitely follow your blogs and share the opinion. As you are deeply involved in exploring India, I would like you to please write a blog on importance of Indian breed cows and its medicinal effects of its products to our health, what Ayurveda says about cows, history and today’s condition. I deeply feels that at least cows should not be slaughtered and not to see as meat products. If possible for you…


    • Fantastic work, thank you very much. I battle with fellow Indians here in Sydney and in India on a lot of issues ( British invasion, digestion of our scientific findings, Maths, etc) and i often get labelled as an Hinduvata! . Your articles are breath of fresh air. ( tongue in ch eek but true) Your hubby must have done a lot of punya Karmas in the past lives to have someone like you as wife!!!!

  4. Great Karolina! Excelent article! Congratulations! By the way, I think that present Government must invite people like you that explain very well the Truth. Om Shanti.

  5. Thank you for explaining the issues for India’s basic problems and highlighting the solutions. It might also help us to introspect on our ancient culture and take pride, lost due to colonial imperialism for centuries.

  6. Dr Dinesh Joshi from India is very much happy about your blog & post about my country India.Most impressive think I found is that a 26 year girl from Poland (A foreigner girl from outside India) is caring & helping & making each & everyone proud about India & Indian culture. It will be my pleasure to meet you & really respect & bend a leg on knees for your kindness Majesty. #KarolinaGoswamimyfriend #DrDineshJoshiIndia #ProudlyIndianDoctor

  7. Dear Karolina, I saw your videos, even i cant believe that a European girl is doing such a hardwork for my mother India.

    Thank you so much

  8. Superb. Initially when I saw your name then I thought that it may be fake message or alert. But to my pleasant surprise, it’s true and you are committed to your dreams.

    My best wishes and I would agree that you should be called one day by our PM in swacch India campaign.

    All the best.

    Will be privileged to help you on any possible way.

  9. Hi karolina

    Very nice. I want to say my views. I feel even if toilets are built & charged for a fare amount people try to save that money & use open walls for free of cost. They should know that this is the best place to spend money & also keep the city clean. But no one bothers. If in city this is the case then what abt villagers? How to change them?

    • I will ask you a question. Choose your 10 friends randomly. Ask how many of them pee in the open and how frequently if they do. Then ask them if you can about their respective fathers(previous generation) habit. Most probably you will find that the current generation use toilets more than the previous generation.
      There you have my answer. Wait for the next generation. They will be even better. It is not so easy to change the mindset as I have mentioned in the post. It takes time. Colonization can break down any country and it takes generations to recover completely.
      Best regards,
      Karolina Goswami

  10. Your knowledge is amazing , Britishers twisted our history n made us feel inferior . They written Indian history so that next indian generation feel inferior n start prising or adopting western you might have observed with rise of Narendra Modi Ji our culture is getting back

  11. Great article, another fact is India is the only country where almost every one take bath every day whether poor or rich

  12. population is our biggest problem, but sadly nobody has the guts to address it.
    water scarcity is a major problem facing use of toilets. also, should we be flushing the waste to the rivers ? other than abusing the rivers, the quality of our soil has been continuously degrading because we extract everything from it( crops/ore etc), but all out waste goes to the oceans thru the rivers. instead, we should be composting even human waste and returning it back to the soil as fertilizer. Some use of waterless toilets has already started in india. if we can use the methane produced for heating, even better.

    • Population is not a problem. But what population is doing.

      God has given enough resources for everyone.. but some people try to utilize more resources than they should… this is the problem

  13. Dear karolina, I have gone through your post. Thanks first to knowing us understand our toilet problems. You know I live in a chawl in Mumbai We are squatting daily in morning in the outside toilet provided /built for us by the local politician.But the real problem is cleaning toilets daily. We are paying people to clean then also our lazy people comes once in two weeks for cleaning purpose despite paid their fees for cleaning. Nobody is serious about the condition. Which make us uncomfortable to clean our gut and pee in the outside toilet. I think I should take stand on it and make everybody aware of the real situation.

  14. vatsala sundar rajan

    Dear Carolina
    I am so touched by your commitment towards this Great Country called India…infact I am overwhelmed to go through your blogs which are full of facts and it’s kind of educating the educated….kudos to you ! Not being an Indian you emit so much Indianness which should put so many of us to a guilty situation….
    Women were a subdued gender and were not bold enough and could not muster courage to come out and fight for any thing for that matter…But today’s Women are more courageous and open minded and can challenge anything under the sky..and as you rightly put the damage done has taken its toll and will definitely see a better future and a much more Beautiful India ..Hope you keep the good work going with good support …God Bless..

    • Arpan Kumar Thakur

      Dear Karolina Goswami , don’t say that ” I am outsider” because we Indians (including you ) believe in Vasudhaiv Kutumbakam means world is my family , so you can’t be outsider. Any way you are doing a great work. I want to volunteer in your work. Let me know if you need .

    • Badrinathan Seshadri

      Dear Karolina,
      Thanks for sharing such an initiative. One is recognized by the work she/he does and not by caste/creed/race/place of birth. I sincerely suggest don’t discriminate you by yourself. You are doing great work – of telling the truth. You are creating an opportunity to remind ourselves of what is forgotten and lost.
      Many Thanks to your husband too – for his encouraging you to spearhead such an initiative.
      We need many such ambassadors to carry on. Incidentally, our PM Mr. Narendra Modiji, is also taking many such initiatives at his level.
      Like you had mentioned, it is lengthy process, but setting the right attitude will definitely yield result in future.
      All the best to you and all of us.
      If you need any help, kindly do let me know.
      Thanks & Regards,

  15. Very honest and sincere effort Karolina. India with its unique antiquity is not without its flaws. And, we need toilets, but let us take it a step further and see if we can stop dumping them all into the waterways!!! I remember reading somewhere in a Dharma Shastra book that people were not supposed to defecate near a river or waterway.

    Anyways, we need to carry the wisdom but adapt it to our times. May be we can think of water-less or “less water” toilets. It is already in practice in IIM Bangalore. The urea can be used as a good manure.

    In nature nothing is wasted as you can see – everything follows a cycle – is broken down and re-utilized in some form or the other. If we need to build systems, we need to do so keeping the natural cycles in mind. Build such toilets that leave minimum impact, that use resources efficiently and that will contribute to natural cycles.

  16. falguni harkisandas

    It was nice knowing you karolina. Just wanted to share what I had read in chiangmai, thai yoga massage school’s washroom door. ” Indian toilet is designed by an Ayurveda dr. And western toilet by a carpenter” .
    You will get lot of people’s support. All the best to reestablishing glory of India.

  17. Very good detailed article.Actually tamilian civilization is more older and we had sanitation before mohanjadharo.check thishttp://m.thehindu.com/features/metroplus/society/keezhadi-archaeological-excavation/article7557728.ece

    Appreciate your articles

  18. Hi Karolina,

    It is very nice post, I have watched some 3 videos as of now, and I just started browsing your post today. So nicely you have explained, I will see other post as well, please keep it up and try to cover more aspects of Indian.

  19. Dear Karolina Goswami,

    My heartfel appreciation for what you are doing at this young age.

    Yes this is something that I have wondered about too: how we who had modern sanitation & sewage systems in Mohen-jo-Daro and Harappa came to this pass. You have put the responsibility on the British. I want to add a few lines to substantiate that statement. 

    India has always had a highly decentralised form of government, the Panchayati Raj. What this implied, among other things, was that the major portion (70-75%) of the revenue collected was retained within areas from which it was collected and 25-30% was given to the central authority. Thus local authorities always had enough money to take care of all local needs like upkeep of temples, tanks (talaab), schools and public conveniences. The British reversed this and the central government started appropriating 70-75% of the revenue leaving only a small balance for the local authorities. As a result of this, local administrations were starved and all local institutions like schools and temples suffered neglect.  This I have learnt from the books on Indian history by Dharampal. I am extrapolating to conclude that the sanitation systems may have also fallen into disuse on account of the same factor.

    Warm regards and best wishes for good health and long life.


    P. R. Viswanathan


  20. You are doing an extraordinary job. I am surprised. Your writings are looking very mature (although you are very young). In this country there are many (so called liberals, leftists and secularists) who are prepared to not only let down this country but also ready for a sell out to aliens. But in your case, being a foreigner, I don’t understand what motivates you. My thanks to you on behalf of myself and other Indians, loving India. May God bless you with all good things in life.

  21. you are an amazing researcher, the information you share on every aspect whether its yoga, ayurveda, indian toilets system etc every indian must know the true facts great thanks

  22. Dear Karolina,
    I awe and appreciate the wonderful exploration of India you are unveiling to the best through your blog.

  23. Dear Karolina,

    I stumbled upon your blog site and I am fascinated about what you are doing!! It amazes me to see your love for this country although you are married to an Indian. I have just seen two of your videos and I am so happy for what you are doing. I am proud to be an Indian. Yes, India does have its good side and bad side too. I am glad you are not biased by looking only at one side. You give a fair portrayal of this country. I want this country to be on the top and I am so glad to see where India is moving towards. I want to wish you all the best Karolina for what you are doing and it is my prayer that God will bless your efforts. You can be sure I will be following your posts. All the best.

  24. Dhanyawad Karolina Goswami ji, for sharing about Indian culture and powers of ancient Indian culture to the modern world by ur writing and speaking skills… Lots of love from me to you..

  25. It was really really nice to know ancient India and development

    Keep the flow on…

    Good luck

  26. All peoples are talking about the problems in India but don’t know that India is a facing these problems due invaders and by their exploitation. Thank you karolina for doing a great work in revealing the super power of India in detail..

  27. Dear Carolina..I am highly obliged….Salute you for your unconditional work towards India…

  28. My sinciare thanks….for your positive and real information about India.India is a “mother country ” for all civilisations.

  29. Hi Karolina..loved your balanced view on demonitisation and the way you delivered it.
    About Indian sanitisation….more than 60 years have gone by after the British and we have not done a single thing about it so now it had reached this stage….it is also a caste issue…how do yu change that.. also no water in most places so how do they flush.
    My dentist recommends brushing my teeth after break fast cause your mouth remains fresh throughout the day.

    • It will take some time but looking at the last few years it is definitely heading in the right direction! However, a proper education system is required to educate children who will also have a great impact on the elders.
      Best regards,
      Karolina Goswami

  30. By the way I have posted your video on what’s app and FB cause I think it should be seen and heard. Thank you.

  31. Wow !, Nice article. I used to think about this topic whenever I go to bus stands and railway stations especially in Kerala. My opinion is many people are forced to use open area (Men urinate in open area) due to lack of toilets. Even in school where I completed my studies till 7th standard, toilets were not available for boys.

  32. My heartfelt thanks to you Karolina to present correct picture of bharartvarsh(so called India by British). Westernisation in Bharat is a real big issue which is ruining out youths and I wish all bhartiyas goes through your blogs and feel proud about their nation. Special thanks to our Mr. Prime minister to bring digital revolution in bharat and much more. Jai hind, Jai Bharat.

    • As I once said – “India hast to evolve in its own way rather than copying the West as the West has failed miserably in family relationships and social harmony.”

      Best regards,
      Karolina Goswami

  33. Hi Karolina,

    Thank you so much for the wonderful work. The details in your videos/posts are showing how committed and inspired you are by our India and its values. On the other hand, I personally felt ashamed for not putting any efforts to know some of these before, until I stumbled upon your videos/posts. In that respect, you are already doing a great job by creating awareness among the educated bunch of Indians.

    We are obliged to extend our support and help for your wonderful work.

    I’m not sure if you are already aware of the “Total Sanitation Campaign” introduced by Govt. Of India(check the website I mentioned for more details on the scheme), but thought of sharing this fact. The Cental government of India in partnership with the state government provides the subsidy to each household in order to support them for building toilets in rural parts of India. And their mission to make India Open Defecation Free.

    And, regarding the hygiene in the western world, I fully endorse your statements. I live in Europe, where I meet people in the office who don’t even wash the hands after peeing or even pooping. Could there be anything even worse than doing a handshake with someone else and even eating bread with all the bacteria in their hand??!!!

    And in our culture, we greet people with Namaste(“Vanakkam” in my regional language), where we join the two palms together in front of chest to welcome or greet fellow human being. Touching human parts of others body is prohibited. This is probably, to do with the sanitary aspects in a tropical, agrarian society where contagious diseases are always around.

    Good luck with your future posts. Really looking forward to all the interesting facts that you will come up with.
    Satyameva Jayate.

  34. Hi Goswami,

    Thank you for the optimistic and exposing India really in detail.
    I even impressed your talk about the currency denomination and forwarded the video in the whatsapp.
    You are greatly appreciable person

  35. Hi Karolina,

    I have seen your video on YOGA. It is a very impressive one. You made me realize how lucky I am to be born on this land. It made me proud. The content was the best part of the video. Keep up the good work.

    Looking forward to your information.

    • Dear Anil!

      Thank you for your encouragment!
      India is an amazing place and I am so happy that I have the chance to explore it!

      Best regards,
      Karolina Goswami

  36. Good efforts in right direction.

  37. Dear Karolina,
    I was going to address you by saying ‘Hi’, but I would rather use ‘dear’ as you are really such a dear girl. You really love India. I have gone through your post on sanitation and watched your videos on India. As a product of the infamous Indian Education System I had learnt to disbelieve many good things about my own country which my elders would talk about, which you talk about, and instead allowed my head to be filled with all sorts of non-sense history. I am learning a lot from you. Being a person of foreign origin, not only being able to see through the dense fog of distorted history but also clearing it, bringing into light the priceless legacy of ancient Indian science,culture and practices, you yourself are an embodiment of perfect Indian(to be precise, a perfect Hindu).
    What is missed a lot and not discussed to the root as often is the topic of Hindu-Muslim religious divide in India and I am going to be blunt about it. In accordance with your videos and posts, there used to be a thriving civilisation in the Indian sub-continent even before Islam set its foot here. Acknowledging this simple fact would eliminate all sorts of Hindu-Muslim divide that exists today(Because Muslims believe all of them are descendants of Akbar, and that their history is that of Akbar’s). If every person of this land even just acknowledged the fact that the blood running in their body is same as that of every other, be it a Hindu or a Muslim, which is much more than the blood of some mughal looters; India would have certainly been a paradise on earth. I really hope to see an initiative on opening a discussion on this topic, and I dont think anyone else would be better at this job than you.

    Thanking you and with lots of Love

  38. Dear Karolina,

    I bow to you for your work. I am an Indian by birth and by culture. I admire you not because you are saying good words about India. I admire you because of the efforts you are taking to get into details and bringing out the reality be it good or bad. It should be a humongous task for you to learn about each and every aspect of India and bring it out to light, because your stay in India is only short.

    I am inspired by you. I keep researching about Indian history too and have had many thoughts running in my mind about collapse of Indian culture. My interest mainly is bringing to light the vedic culture of India and its positive effects to human life. With your inspiration, I shall write too. God bless you. And you please bless me!

    Yours Truly,

  39. Nice blog Karolina. Well explained. It’s also worth mentioning that India is the only country where water is used after one relieves himself or herself. Whereas in other countries tissue is used which is unhealthy and causes bacteria build up.

  40. Well explained and insightful…. by the way, now a new product is selling in America, in the US a huge distribution from BB&B is called the Squatty Potty – (We have one because we learned the beauty of the squat while in INdia…) it stays in front of the western toilet and you pull it out to place you feet upon it…. it works real well – that and listening to Deepak Chopra teach that every morning have a glass of warm water has made me happily morning regular for years now!

  41. Stephanie Ellison

    Namaskāra Karolina! Could you expand on proper dental hygiene from the Indic perspective. Something was mentioned about tongue scrapping and brushing teeth, and that there’s a right time to do it. I would like to know more to continue to protect my teeth in the best way possible. Dhanyavād.

    • Namaste Stephanie!
      Slowly, more and more topics will be covered on the website and through documentaries.
      Stay tuned 🙂

      Best regards,
      Karolina Goswami

    • In indian culture(ayurved)neem also called azadirachta indica,salt, charcoal,babul also called acacia,mustard oil are used.
      To use neem or babool we take a small stick of 5-6inch from neem tree or babool tree, itz gud if freshly picked frm tree.its radius shud be such like the thin neck of tooth brush(very thin less than half inch).wash stick thoroughly.on top of stick start chewing slowly thoroughly,so that its juice spread over in mouth.every teeth should chew it so that it can get its juice..but do it slowly….for five minutes atleast 2minutes.
      You cud use salt and mustard oil separately or mixed and rub it on teeth like tooth paste.this therapy is very useful in immediate relief from sensitivity. You cud use sticks(called as datun)
      Or salt n oil or charcoal at a time.otherwise anyone of them will be enough.charcoal can be obtained from burnt wood(not burned by fossil fuel)by grinding it.it is used just like salt
      When colgate came to india that using a datun stick or salt or charcoal is uncivilized way of toothbrushing.but now colgate itself sells toothpaste made out of them in whole world.
      Tounge could be cleaned by datun stick.

    • These therapy cud be done two time a day like before starting day after nature call and before sleep.actually it hv no side effect so do it as u want upto n no of times.but two time wud be enough

  42. God bless you Sister!

  43. Population outburst is another major problem. I agree lack of awareness among people on how to use the toilet, clean them, maintain them for other’s use is something that need to be addressed.

  44. Dear Karolina ji,

    I have been forwarded a video yesterday by one of my friend. After listening and watching I could not stop my self to visit your website/ blog.
    As Indian and on behalf of all Indian I thank you for the initiative what you are taking for Great Country and I expect that even people of India particularly new generation will really get benefit and knowledge .

  45. It was amazing documentary on international media.but how you can find that much information about every topic?and if you live in India then you know India even more closely.Also you can find wide varieties of topics.Best of luck to your next documentaries.

  46. Hi Karolina,

    I was going through few of your videos and honestly it brought tears in my eyes. Whatever you said, whatever you showed was so heartfelt and genuinely truthful .Majority of Indians; so called educated lot believed blindly in lies taught to them without trying to find details for themselves. Modi is a person to be hated, banished for them, only because he want to change people’s perception about India and Indians, remove concerted effort by media, English media(who are controlled by Vatican) to portray Hinduism in bad light and colour, because he want to govern India as, “Pradhan Sevak” as he said in his first address to the nation after taking oath to the office in 2014. Yes, India has numerous problems and every country problem s of their own but are we, Indians spend our time, energy and money highlighting it? Thanks a lot you are true human being, a genuinely pure soul. Wish you all the best for all and everything you would like to achieve.

  47. Thanks for this great details

  48. Thanks Karolina mam for this blog, Recently I subscribed your YouTube channel. All the research and videos are great and knowledge full.

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