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Rapes in India – Finally the real truth is revealed!

The world has to get to know the truth about rapes in India. Let’s stop stereotyping this country just on the basis of biased media!

Rape cases in India are something that we hear about a lot. Rape cases in India are so widely covered by media around the world that India is shown as a place which is unfriendly to women. But, is it really as bad as it is shown? Should women be afraid the moment they land in any Indian city? Or maybe it is even better if they avoid India as their holiday destination? Probably, most of you heard about gang rape in India but is it possible that one such heinous crime can give you the full picture of the situation? Did you hear about a gang rape in Texas when 6 men raped a 15-years old girl? Did you hear about men who are accused of gang rapes in Detroit? In Los Angeles city, a single mom was raped by 8 Koreans. Do you feel unsafe when you go Texas? Probably not, because you have never heard about this. Why? It is simple. Media is corrupt, they show us the news that they want us to see.

But before I give you facts, let’s classify the most common types of rapes:

  • Man to woman rape
  • Woman to man rape
  • Same sex rape
  • Marital rape
  • Child rape/minor rape

Now, apart from these five types of rapes, there are four major parameters that can influence the statistics completely and these four parameters are:

   1) Fake cases of rapes(False filing of rapes)

   2) Unreported rapes

   3) Law of ‘rape’ in the country

   4) Proportions of the rapes committed by the locals or the foreigners (immigrants included)

Further, false filing of rapes(fake cases of rapes) can be classified largely in two categories itself-

  1. False filing of rapes because of business rivalry/ or any other type of rivalry between two parties.
  2. False filing of rape by a girl who wants to teach a lesson to her ex- boyfriend/ex- live in partner-  According to the strange definition of rape in Indian law (especially in this particular scenario), one is legally allowed to enter in a live in relationship and two parties can have sex if they both have consent but for any reason, if the couple breaks up, the girl has the right to call her ”consensual sex with her ex-partner” as a rape just because the boy did not end up marrying her. So every boy in India must enter in a live in relationship with a girl knowing that the girl may cheat on him and do whatever she wants but if he breaks up with her for any reason(including infidelity by any of them as well), he may be called a ‘rapist’ under the Indian law if the girl decides to do so. If such harsh rule existed in the West, the rape cases would go extremely high as there are are lots of live in together relationships there which do not succeed and girls can’t teach a lesson to their ex-boyfriends by misusing a law even though many such girls do exist in the West who would take such an unfair step.
Women in India experience problems of everyday life, but this is what happens in the whole world.

Marital rape

My goal is to give you the real information which can help you to understand this crime that India is, unfortunately, infamous for. To start with, you should know that the law in India is very similar to the developed countries when it comes to the definition of rape and that is why some people’s argument that a bad rape definition, punishments or law let many culprits get away with a crime is obviously not right. The only thing is that marital rape is still not considered as a rape in India – there is a huge debate going on about this. But it has all its reasons – marriage in India for most of the people is sacred and pure. Lots of Indians can’t even imagine such a brutal crime against their own wives in India. In India, the wedding is a divine bond (mostly) and in the west, it is like an experiment (mostly). So, it makes more sense for the Western governments to consider marital rape as a rape due to the trending social behaviors in their countries.  Unfortunately, even in India, there are still some abusive men who do not respect marriage and commit this crime. And there are thousands of domestic abuse every day ( but in India, we should not count numbers as the population is 1.3 billion, we should check proportions). But the marital bond is still widely seen as a connection which lasts until the eternity.

But here is a big recent update in this article- “In Indian law marital rape is actually a rape”

Here is the reference –

Marital Rape is a crime in India and covered under 4 laws: IPC 377 (Unnatural Sex), PWDVA 2005 (Domestic Violence Act of India, covers Sexual Violence), IPC 376 (covers separated Husband’s rape on Wife), IPC 498A (Cruelty by Husband – Covers every kind of Cruelty). However, the marital rape law in India is still not as strong as it is in the west and there is a huge debate on this particular subject.

People in India don’t marry and then divorce after one fight. After the wedding, they become connected forever!

But we should not forget that when it comes to India, the fair comparisons are done in proportions and not in numbers since the population of India is so huge. What I can tell you is that the moment that government will change the marital rape law, I will inform you about it.

Woman to man rape

We all our guilty of taking this term as something that does not exist or can not happen. But here is a shocker for you. World wide male rape is so much unreported that up to 98% cases, we never hear it. At least in female rape, a girl can go to her family or friends and they support her no matter what. But in male rape, it is the other way around, even your best friends may laugh at you if you say that you were raped by a woman. In west, homosexual rapes are happening every second somewhere even right now, as I am typing this. Sweden has some very strict laws for male rape but a lot of it goes unreported there too. In India, nearly 100% of male Rape goes unreported. I personally know an Indian boy horror story who was molested by her sister’s teenage girl friends when he was only 7 and he never mentioned it to anyone. As per the data presented by the Ministry of Women and Child development, in 2007, says that of every 100 children (up to age of 18 Years) sexually abused in India, 53 are boys, 47 are girls. This means that Boys Rape in India is 6% higher to that of Girl’s Rape. And once a boy reaches his 18th birthday, he can be raped by a man or by a woman and no media or human rights organization will have debates on this sensitive matter at all.

Rape is horrible no matter what the gender is. We must not only empower women and make them strong enough to come out and report a rape but also men who are in even worse condition when they are raped.

Different types of rape in India

From my extensive research and my detailed understanding of rapes in India, a vast percentage of rapes in India are actually false charges (actually, India has the largest number and proportion of fake rape cases). Delhi gang rape opened the way for some girls in India to take advantage of some unlucky man who never committed any crime but because of personal revenge, business rivalry or any kind of animosity they want to take revenge on the other party. Now, post the Delhi gang rape incident, there are even more strict rape laws and the accused can already be easily put behind the bars until further investigation are done, so this law will be even more misused than in the past.  On the other hand, there are also unreported rapes when girls are too shy to go to the police station or they are afraid to be rejected by society and cause dishonor to her family. Fortunately, more and more girls are ready to blow the whistle on the villain and put him behind the bars. Last but not the least, there are also rapes in India which are committed by non-Indians. One recent example – a diplomat raped two Nepali maids in India. Also, lots of rapes are committed by the legal or the illegal immigrants.  So if Sweden can blame their immigrants for such a huge number of rapes, you should remember that in India the rapes may also be committed by its legal or the illegal immigrants. All these different scenarios have to be understood before coming up with real figures of rape cases in India. But of course, no matter how one looks at it, rape is condemnable, it is a crime against a victim and it leaves a lot of scars on the abused woman. On the other hand, the most unfortunate victims are the poor and the children around the world including in India who are too weak and vulnerable to fight back. I will discuss this in my future posts when I will write about the ”reason of rapes” and the ”solution for the problem of rapes ”.


Women in India are powerful, beautiful and family oriented. They are devoted to the children and their families.

Count proportions not numbers (when it is about the statistics of rapes in a country)

The most important thing is to count the proportions, not numbers. India is such a huge country that the number of rapes will always be mind-boggling but the moment you look at the proportions, India will be one of the countries with the lowest percentage of rapes. In 2012, there were more than 24 thousand rapes which is still much less than in countries like the USA or South Africa. We know that people are not so interested in talking about rapes in some African country, but why no one is emphasizing numbers of sexual assaults in the USA? Why is no one warning women against traveling to America? From the data, it is clearly visible. Look at two charts that I prepared for you – one is showing only the numbers of rapes in chosen countries – as I said India doesn’t look so bad, but media is pointing out widely all the mistakes without even mentioning the population of this land. The second chart on the right clearly presents that rape rate per 100 000 citizens in India is the smallest one (even if I showed you chart with all the countries, India still would be in the bottom of the table). Have a look at the  small number of rapes in Sweden, but with such a huge rape rate (more than 66 rapes per 100 000 people) things really looks scary. On the other hand, perhaps Sweden is one of those countries where multiple episodes by the same offender are counted as more than one rape. But mostly in other countries it is counted as one. Talking about India, the false accusations are so high that anyway, the rape number is highly inflated and even this exaggerated high number is far lower than other countries. It is also important to have a look at the conviction rate of different countries.



To understand the problem of rapes in India, one should see the whole picture of this phenomenon. Numbers don’t matter so much, what is more important is the proportion. It clearly shows that India is one of the safest countries for women!

Facts clearly show that the number of rape cases in India is huge, and it has increased in the last few years but there are two reasons behind it. One, the girls in India are becoming less shy to lodge the criminal complaint, but on the other hand, many women now use fast track courts to take a revenge against men lodging fake (personal rivalry-oriented). There will always be many unreported rapes, but this is a problem of most of the countries around the world, unfortunately. What we should remember is that numbers are always going to be big because of the size of India but rape rate per 100 000 is really small if we compare it to many so-called “developed” countries. India has its ”reasons of rapes”, but this is something that I am going to talk about in one of the next posts.  On the other hand, ”sexual harassment in India and the west” is what I will be writing  about shortly. Further, ”why the world’s media wants to highlight the rapes in India and what they get from it” will be covered in my future posts too.


About Karolina Goswami

Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog! I hope you enjoy reading the stuff that you will not easily find on the mainstream media. I am a girl from Poland who is living in India. I am a seeker and I share my thoughts through this medium with the world citizens. For more details, check 'about me' section in the top menu bar. To contact me, write to me on indiaindetails@gmail.com or simply write on the comment section below every post.


  1. I wished the data zero rape in 100000000 in India

    • I also wish the same. But still I am happy that a foreigner has done this kind of research ; even though I knew this fact but presenting to the public is more and more important .

    • also i think Indian society is way more conservative when it comes to sex, so therefore many women consider it as a sin or something of bad virtue, hence they dont give consent for sex and are not ready for it, this frustrates some men to the point where they go and commit rapes.
      if this taboo is removed from the society there will be a healthy balance and mutual respect between the opposite sexes.
      that there is a need for sex its natural at the same time women are not sexual objects.

      • lol that is an old chestnut that removing morals will somehow benefit Indian society

      • Very aptly said Karolina! I have lived in the US for almost 2 decades, learnt a lot and admire US, makes me feel at home. However, now living in India, I strongly feel that India needs to resolve its problems to suit its culture and situation, not copy the West, and definitely not blindly follow the US.

      • “Please stay tuned for future posts when I break the myth of caste system , arranged marriage”
        Karolina please do complete research( especially Purushasukta) because u r going to touch the actual nerve of Indian modified civilisation and be ready to face actual so called half literate scholars from India on caste system.
        I m also waiting but just to read and watch.

      • Tushar Kanti Sarkar

        well said Karolina!

      • very true said @kerolina…..due to libralised sex western country dont much bother abt sex…

    • “I wished the data zero rape in 100000000 in India”

      Well rhetoric aside, If you truly wish this then tell women to stop filing false cases of Rape. We can only control true rapes not false cases of Rape. And how can you even wish there be zero rape when there are no laws against false cases of Rape. You are living in a fools paradise

    • Mam,try telling this to the younger ‘ liberated generation of today’s youth & they will be up in arms against you as if they are being denied some basic human right they should be enjoying, without understanding the long term repercussions of these behaviours.

      • I strongly believe that whenever there is a decline in moral values in India, God sends liberated souls as gurus and “real” social reformers such as Shri Ramakrishna Paramhans, Sri Aurobindo, Sri Ramana Maharshi etc who will guide our people back into strong moral disciplines.
        Blogs like this itself is ample proof to know that people in India are really good. May be a small percentage is bad which appears obvious as people only notice anything wrong and accept without appreciating good.

      • This is so scary…It is exactly like the younggenerations of South Korea and Japan. They are suffering already. I initially felt like that but after coming to a foreign land I am proud of my motherland. There is a phrase in BENGALI LANGUAGE…..itgoes like this……
        “Even though the soil seems dirty in my countrybut the warmth and spirituality is nothing compared to…. as if like a mother’s love. Home is slways sweet Home”

      • Wow. Karolina. You really have nice and direct way of putting right words in right places to give right perspective. I wish I had I had that smooth choice of words. In general I struggle with words when I try to explain the same things which you have put in detail here.

    • Carolina, mam ! Great respect for you ! You have written exactly what I in my individual capacity have been writing on my FB posts; with how much success – I cannot say ! Feel very strongly on the subject as it hurts my sense of national pride ! But somehow, the intellectual & liberatti that I talk to are so brainwashed by the media, that they refuse to see the other (read correct) point of view. I have often been called a rape apologist, a misogyninist & have been chided for ‘presenting statistics’ to justify a ‘deep malady’ afflicting our society ! I feel the more the present generation feels they are educated or liberated, the more foolish they are becoming. There is no moderation in their thought process !

    • Would like to be associated with you in the genuine work you are doing !

      • Mam, I’ll be waiting for a response from your side, so that we can do something about what is ailing our youth. Your thoughts will be in valuable in this. In the meantime you may go through my FB posts to assess my ways of thinking, Thanx

    • Another fodder for your cannon of thought, which maybe you may have already studied by now…..In India, having physical intimacy with a woman on the pretext of marriage qualifies as rape, I don’t think this qualifies as rape in the West. If it doesn’t, this would serve as another point that would inflate the rape statistics’ unfavourably against the Western statistics !

      • Hello karolina
        You should seriously consider making documentary on England’s daughter. Even i had considered it once. So many english women and girls r daily raped by the refugees from islamic countries and also by their own men. Still their pathetic british media continues to ignore it and instead focuses on few rapes that take place in India. Unfortunately indian media does not have the guts nor the interest in that. They r busy in destroying their own country and it’s image in the eyes of the outsiders.
        If u make such a documentary we will take care of it’s marketing.

    • Joel shailesh pinto

      Government must banned vulgarity in cinemas and advertisement and also banned porn websites, Government must inspired citizens of Hindustan to work hard on innovations instead of watching tv

    • India is big country .. with very large population .. so if their is only 1% population is wrong than it also means alote of population is wrong…. And at the same time we r lost in between. .. our culture, freedom and westernization…..we really don’t know the the real limit.. of what is wrong.,. So .. the problem of rape is also includes in this .. where….. We make love we make gfs bfs.. like westerns …….we want respect in our society like our culture …. And we also need freedom like which really don’t have any limit …..but in reality all at same time is impossible to get… And in search of this we forget humanity … But Ni reality we only need humanity….

    • You are a great person with wisdom and no prejudice. Sometimes politics play role and make the situation very complex.

  2. I really like your post.
    It gave me some new information about this place.
    I have been to India and I totally agree with you – I felt really safe there.

    • Karolina Goswami

      thanks for your comment.
      I am happy that you had a nice experience travelling around India 🙂

    • Dear Julia,
      I am very happy to know that you regarded India as a safe country. Hope you come here again.
      Well wishes,

  3. Good work. 90 % it is the media which eyes for sensational news project the mole as mountain. Your research will give confidence for foreigners to travel to India without any hesitation. This country treats women with respect unlike many other countries in the world. With the population size the rape cases are negligeble. However with stringent laws being enacted we will have nil rapes in Indis.

  4. Good pointers! Since we teach self-defence to women in small towns and villages too, I noticed factors like community/castes, increased alcoholism, easy availability of porn through mobiles and migrant labour force also impacting violence against women. Of course one prevailing factor will be illiteracy in general and specifically women.
    Keep up the good work. Looking forward to your posts.
    KravMaga Instructor SreeRam. Chennai

    • I am completely agree with KSR. I also want to point that Indian local system and politician are the one responsible for not cleaning crime rate. As per Karolina’s world data report, India is not on bad position. It can be possible to have lower rate if people like Karolina(I do not like to say outsider) and during current PM rule who can think good and nothing but good about India and Indian culture. following step might hurt number.
      1) Current Bollywood( viewer looks actress as bad Image)
      2) Some local Media and Local people destroying Indian culture within India and outside world.
      3)population with unemployment.
      4)politician does not want to go away cast system for vote.
      5) Social media big time.

      India use to have three class (1) Rich (2) Middle and (3)poor.
      Recently new class added which Better middle class and thank to IT and calling center but same time scare me that no security available in night time for women working night shift. A crime also add toward women working in calling center field.

  5. thanks for a very sensible write up

  6. I completely agree with the author of the post. Another matter I can not skip pointing out is that rape is entirely a matter of culture. India is definitely undergoing a social change where role of education is diminishing. It reminds me history of ancient warrior famous archer and hero of Mahabharat war, Arjun. Beauty of that time paradise, Urvashi wanted to do every thing with him, but his culture did not allowed him to do any thing beyond herself being like his mother. Arjun faced the curse but did not accept corrupt practice. We are passing through a time that is losing Aryan Culture definitely.

  7. Thanks for exposing the presstitutes, the pampered lot created by a government which continued with the divide and rule policy of the colonisers with more vigor and venom!

  8. thanks it was worth reading… people need to understand it.
    but what if it is small number still its a problem.
    i wish people will understand it someday and we will be living in a better society.

  9. Thanks Carolina for taking pains to clearly explain to the mis guided(by the media) western tourists the reality of India. I think that you had presented your case in a simple and coherent way and helped all. The central point of your blog is about the safety of women in India and certainly not about rape as such. Rape anywhere in the world is bad, wrong and inhuman. The discussion regarding the methods/actions to improve the understanding of women by the men and ofcourse women themselves is most important. It is wonderful and heartening to see from the comments on your blog that there are people who are taking pains to empower women, educate the youth in this direction. Your surgical analysis of the social problems and your further replies to the comments are enlightening. Please keep up the good work. Bless you

  10. Dr.G.Ramamoorthy

    Thanks for the reality of rape in India article. I too was under the impression that only in India this happens.
    The medias more corrupt and worst than the rapist. They want to give sensational news to have more viewers or circulation for their media and paper. There thousands of more humane and noble things are happening in India every day I am proud of India. Thanks a lot please continue your voyage .

  11. Punishment for Rapes should make people think. Judicial system in India for punishing Rapist should rethink about punishment provided. This will change the statistics in future

  12. Judicial system for punishing the raspiest should make the difference in future statistics

  13. For this heinous act, an Islamic punishment should be implemented to eliminate rape cases from all over the world.

    • Karolina Goswami

      Thanks for your opinion, some people always suggest what you are suggesting and it is up to the law makers what they do with the country judiciary. But, everyone should have the right to give opinions.

  14. Saikat Bhattacharya

    Very well researched and well written. It is the Media that distorts the truth for sensational journalism which in my opinion beats the entire purpose of the Media that should carry truth instead, rather than write things only to get higher ratings.
    Even more deadly is the paid media that can stoop as low as hell just to fill in their coffers.
    Well done Karolina Goswami !

    • Karolina Goswami

      Thanks so much for your kind words, I am just an ordinary person who felt the injustice of mainstream media and I decided to take this initiative.
      I am not an Indian and if India’s image improves, it does not change my personal life much, but I am doing it because the truth should always triumph.
      My best regards,

  15. Thanks for a simple but profound post and your replies in the comments section. Here is one from mine. It is self-explanatory.


  16. Karolina.. nice job on the blog. We could use more specific stats though. Like numbers etc. But thank you very much for the initiative 🙂 Usually crime is always measured in proportion i.e per 100,000 so we are on the right track there!

    I have gone through your bio. Welcome to India.. and I wish you a very happy married life! If you are not a believer and if you are a seeker, that makes you a Hindu or a Vedic person 🙂 Enjoy and I look forward to learning more from you. All the very best with whatever and everything you are doing!

  17. The report on rape gives a true picture that exists in India. It is the media that magnifies the events. From time immemorial rape is taking place in every country of the world. in the past the media is not there to report it.

  18. I appreciate and thank you for bringing out the real picture. I also used to believe that the rape problem in India is highly exaggerated to fill the media space. But you brought out the whole issue very scientifically and quantitatively. Thanks once again!

  19. Well done Karolina… God bless you…!!

  20. I am sharing on my Facebook wall. Thanks and all the best ahead!

    Ajay K Chaubey

  21. I am moving away from the theme of chats here (basically the role of media in distorting reported rape cases etc) but as….

    …. an Indian girl I often wonder what solutions could be there for rape, acid attacks, other mutilating attacks on woman in India. Unless we treat the roots of this malady, irrespective of its magnitude, it cannot be eradicated.

    Are parents in India to pay more attention to the way their sons grow up versus their daughters. Birth of a boy in the family is still preferred over that of a girl in many families. The boy is given a blue eyed treatment – gets to eat first steaming hot food while his sister waits to serve the family along with her mom. Most of the times he gets what he wants. So when he grows up and expresses his love for a girl or his desire, he thinks she MUST say Yes to him else he reserves the right to throw acid on her face, get her gang raped to teach her a lesson because she refused him.

    The social problem must be treated at its roots and probably the first steps are to be taken at home by the mother and other ladies (if in a joint family) since predominantly, a child spends more time with the mother till the time of stepping into school. Then as a brother, male friend, husband, father, grandfather, men will learn to treat women at home with respect and not objects or robots that can be abused.

    Once my lady friend (works in an office) narrated how as a mom she prevented her 5 year old son from playing making food with play utensils along with his sister. She also confessed that it was a mistake on her part. She was subconsciously putting it into her boy’s mind that as a boy he should not get into cooking etc and this sort of shows when the boy as a man marries later. He feels he need not participate in cooking and managing home and help his working wife because as a woman she has to do these duties anyway.

    Because the boy has always been getting his way since childhood, in bedroom too he exhibits that dominance and thinks a wife can never say no. Marital rape is his right. Same way a girl ignores his expression of love, it is fine to get even with her – it is perfectly okay to throw acid on her in anger, after all anger got the better of him is what we hear when he confesses to the Police.

    Also another interesting education we in India could take up is educating the boys that it is their Y chromosome that is responsible to bring a boy into this world and the fault is not with the woman in not producing a boy. This will prevent from wife cum daughter-in-law abuse in many homes when a girl is born in the family. All children as they are growing up must be educated that the female – male ratio in the society is an essential factor to happy societies with less crime rates and abuses.

    If India as a society is to improve, all girl children must be educated and made to realize that they must be financially independent and it is not okay to just get married (take it for granted) and settle down with a man. Should there be a need in the future, she should be able to support herself and thus avoid abuses showered on her.

    • Hi Uma,

      I do strongly agree with you that today both boys and girls should be taught to do household works just like both boys and girls should be encouraged to study..

      But I disagree with you at one point that is men or boys are given priviledges.. yes at home boys were given preference over girls as you said for lunch or dinner etc.. but outside just the opposite happens that is males used to carry luggages.. in a bus or train a female member of the family is offered sit first..

      For financial problems, men were always blamed.. in our society.. even today..

      The reality was girls were taught to sacrifice inside their house and men were taught to sacrifice outside their house…

      I do agree those men who do not respect their wife, sisters ,mother are burden on this society..and they should be criticised and punished..

      But that doesnt mean in anyway that our society is teaching us to disrespect women…


  22. Shahabuddin khan

    Medam karolina l apreciate your afforts to highlight a very controvercial issue n your research to abolish it ,going through your blog l am getting an impression that you are justifying the cases of rapes in lndia by comparing it to USA n Europen countries .please give some rxamples of those countries where there are approxmately zero rape cases n there is zero tolerece to rape crime .Our media gives lime light only when the water is above nose .l am very sorry to say perhaps you don t have the knowledge of ground realities .lf media does not raise the issue we don t have any alternative to highlight the crime menance .The cases of rapes which occur in news channels n print media are tips of the iceberg .your efforts are very appreciating please keep it up

    • Karolina Goswami

      Dear Mr Khan,
      I am sorry to say that you missed my point in the comments, so I am writing here once again- ”Europe rape problems do not justify India rape problems. But in order to rectify any problem, first of all we should get to know the real facts. And my post’s objective is just that. And now since we have the facts of the rapes in the world, we all can try and find solutions for the problem together”

  23. Be it absolute numbers or in percent or in Mille, an offence is an offence and all need to wake up to the fact that mere comparison with other countries should not make us complacent. A heinous crime like rape has no place in civilised society. While the research findings would certainly shut up rabble-rousers, all of us should exert all out efforts to ensure that our fellow citizens do not earn the dubious reputation of being rapists.

  24. We also need to see the trend. In which direction things are moving. Teasing and obscene gesture do a lot of harm to the victim. And I think problem is increasing in both these issues.

    At both Society as well as Individual level work needs to be done to make India safer for women.

    Nice work Karolina !

  25. Your research is very deep. Hope your future researches will bring out more. But at the same time we can’t deny the social stigma that comes to women,her family and to the alleged men . It completely destroys them….especially to the children affected

  26. Respect for the lady.

  27. Thanks Karolina for tour concern and confidence about Indian Culture and beliefs. Although l admire the work being done by you but also would like to put forward my opinion which is little different.
    We can’t change anything unless we acknowledge that there is a problem and we néed to find a solution. So unless we are made aware by media we can’t know the severity of problem. It is the impact of media only that we have advanced a step further in the form of more stringent rape laws. So discussion in media is actually prompting more and more right thinking people to join the cause. Even if the problem is little exaggerated also, it doesn’t matter till it is mobilizing machinery to eliminate the problem in real sense.
    In m’y opinion action in the right direction to eliminate the problem is more important than false image of our country.
    I appreciate that Indian media has some right thinking people who are openly discussing the rape cases openly. I pitty on Western media for shying away from reality in the lust of projecting a false safer image of their country. Due to this illusion, no constructive steps are being taken in the west to improve the situation. Therefore, western woman are more vulnérable and situation is going to ne more worse in future. In India there is a lot of hope for women in future……….

    • “We can’t change anything unless we acknowledge that there is a problem ”

      Well, I am sure you still wont acknowledge that false Rape cases are an epidemic in India

      • Well..you didnt read the very first part..in it Karolina did mention false rape cases as one of the parameters influencing rape stats..good day

  28. Nice work Karolina. The article you wrote after such painstaking research is amazing. I agree, the high %ge cases in other countries can not be a justification to this heinous crime anywhere on the globe. But as an Indian, Now I am bit less worried and stressed that the work needed to change this %age to zero is not a harculian task. Only thing needed is to inculcate the feeling of high respect in the minds of children and a bit stronger laws. Keep on writting and help the society to change their perspectives towards healthy mind.

    • “bit stronger laws”

      You want more stronger laws, You Genius. It is due to stronger laws that we have problem here. The problem is one of False Rape Cases .

      • 1) Protect the identity of the accused man until proven guilty (most rape are reported merely to defame a man, his family, organization) without any evidence

        2) Disclose the identity of the “Victim” once the rape allegation is proven false then media must be allowed to publish her name & picture

        3)what we need id reverse punishment to any woman who cries RAPE that gets proven as false

        I’m sure these 3 steps will be good enough to reduce the rape statistics to half

  29. Till our media keeps sensationalizing rape for TRP rather than being objective, am afraid it would just be a game of grabbing headlines rather than a constructive approach to find a solution. Law enforcement also has to ensure significant catch up to make us a better society in addition to provide women with an overall environment (including eradication of social stigma attached to it) to report these instances. I pray that one day India and the world would be free of the heinous acts of rape and any form of sexual assault. Thank you for good research and perspective.

  30. Nice analysis, but why we can’t reduce the rape number to zero. There shouldn’t be any in a civilised society

  31. People think the problem of Rape in India is due to men. Well the truth is it is due to women filing false cases.

  32. Though you have put in some real brain in drafting this good post but I would still wish if you had covered these too:
    1. Marital Rape (OR WIFE) is already a crime in India and covered under 4 laws: IPC 377 (Unnatural Sex), PWDVA 2005 (Domestic Violence Act of India, covers Sexual Violence), IPC 376 (covers separated Husband’s rape on Wife), IPC 498A (Cruelty by Husband – Covers every kind of Cruelty).
    2. Male Rape: This term is so less understood in India that 100% of it goes unreported. There is NO credible data that any Government agency has collected on this as both NCRB (Ministry of Home Affairs) and NFHS (National Family Health Survey) has NOT collected this data ever. NCRB, for obvious reasons as Male Rape is NOT a Crime in India. NFHS for obvious reasons of intervention of Feminist Money power in deciding how India runs. Only data which gives a clear view of Male Rape and the Quantum of this, will render you shocked. As per the data presented by Ministry of Women and Child development, in 2007, says that of every 100 children (upto age of 18 Years) sexually abused in India, 53 are boys, 47 are girls. This means that Boys Rape in India is 6% higher to that of Girl’s Rape. But sadly, the moment a boy cuts his 18th birthday cake, he is left defense less to female scavengers to eat his body in India.

    We have done some research on both these subjects. You may wish to look into these: http://sffdelhitrainingsessions.blogspot.in/2015/05/HusbandsAreRaped.html

  33. Unlike you, we are fed up with feminists cry of rape, rape!! whenever they wanted to score over you. Unbelieivably, there is a large number of false cases too. It has come to a point in india that we do not know who is the victim and who is the perpetrator. Refreshingly, your blog made sense.Keep up the good work. Rapes, whomsover it is against, women , men or children it is terrible. Looking forward to your newer posts.

  34. brilliant article! Pointed out many important facts!
    Yes, *CRIME* in India has been increasing rapidly
    Murder Rape Kidnapping Extortion and of course robbery/burglary
    Speaking of dangers to foreigners
    Is it not also true that
    single MALE foreigners traveling in India have simply disappeared ?
    No bodies ever found?
    All lives matter no? Or is it just women?

  35. Very less so positive blogs or news are being seen on social media these days. Some people in comments still are unhappy with that positive blogs. Ya, they are correct that problem is a problem, and bad is bad, you can’t justify it any way. But showing problem so bigger that its solution also started to be seem a problem is not good. and that’s what is happening in India today. I m living in a small city right now, and females here are so empowered and have gone loud these days that you can’t even think to say any bad and run away. Ya, some credit should go to administration too. and few bad people are there in all over world. Thanks to the writer to share these valuable thoughts and researches she did. Me as a person in crowd, can’t take any misbehave forgranted by any person toward any female and just move silently to your way. So all have to change to change the situation, rather just blame that someone is justifying it.

    • Thanks Sameer,
      So nice of you to encourage me. I think India’s image deserves to be better and for that India has to be presented in the ”correct” way to the world.
      With due regards to the “prostitute sex-tourism nation” Thailand, even their country is perceived better in the west as they present themselves better than India but the media in India act like the country’s own enemy (mostly).
      What an unfair world we live in.
      Let’s start taking small steps to at least make some difference.
      One more thing, I am not going to blindly support India or the west in anything on this blog. If I notice any problems in India, I will mention them here in front of all of you and you can give your inputs to help finding the solutions.
      Best regards,
      Karolina Goswami

  36. Do you know that breaking-up with girlfriend is called ‘rape’ in India? More than half of the cases are rapes-on-pretext-of-marriage (i.e. when a guy breaks up with his girl friend after having a CONSENSUAL sexual relationship).

    Then ofcoarse, there are plenty of totally false cases, as our laws literally gives immunity to the women for filing up a false case. This is further exaggerated by the extreme misandry of society, which make everyone around assume that a man is a criminal the moment any women opens her mouth to cry ‘rape’ or ‘molestation’. Corruption in the system will do the remaining job to ensure that the innocent men are tortured to their hell for the crime of being men in this misandrist society

    Few actual incidents happen against women, and few against men too. Former gets hyped be media, and later never gets reported.

    And those who wish to have zero rapes in India, are you concerned about zero crime or zero crime-against-women? Because, if its the later, then you are too dumb to understand anything at all, and in that case I should stop writing more.

  37. Very good article. I suggest if author could mention little more about the definition of rape as per law , specially aftet the nirbhaya case in delhi also the POSCO act. How law is being misused by many women , which part of law about law is vulnerable. What shield men have to protect themselves from the evil law. Thank you.

  38. Hello I read it all
    1. Off course now women are not too shy in way to express themselves in terms of cloth visa vis to abnormal behaviour.
    2. Yes media has become active in projecting themselves in relation to attracting viewers and crime.because many cases have gone without constructive trials and punishment s.
    3. the environment given by family and society effectively work on individual psychology and future behaviour.
    4.dettrent and stricter the laws can actually reduce some of ssuch cases.and create a fear factor.
    5. Misuse or abuse of laws should b equally punishable.
    6. Largely safety in and out is very important.

  39. I think u r good at numbers …. Most biased reporting on rapes in India are done by UK Media(BBC,Dailymail etc) and of-course our paid media too.

    Do u know what the funny part is ‘there are 2% Hindu+Sikhs and 2% Indian sub. muslims (Pak&BD) lives in UK.They all are went as LABORERS in 1960’s

    Some stats

    Jail population Hindu+Sikhs 0.8% ….. 16% (4% muslim in UK)

    Hindu+Sikhs r known as Rich,Educated and Civilized

    Muslims …………… Ghettos,Terrorists and Rape gangs

    Please check Rape gangs in rotherham, where 1400 British(white kids) are raped and pimped in the city,overall 1millions yes 1million british kids are pimped and raped by MUSLIMS.

    After Rotherham explosive report … UK police arrested 8/9 people(3 brits) and CLOSED the case…. Yes 1400 kids are raped by only 9!! …..what about the rest of 1million kids??

    This IS happened in a FREE MEDIA and DEMOCRATIC country on their OWN PEOPLE by MUSLIMS.But UK Media is more worried about 3/4 RAPES IN far away land INDIA and produced DOCUMENTARIES (India daughter) ON IT.

    This is all in net but no detailed report… Hope u do some report on it.Check

    Prison Population Statistics – Parliament(.pdf)

  40. I’ve been browsing online more than three hours lately, yet I by
    no means found any attention-grabbing article like yours.

    It’s beautiful worth enough for me. In my opinion, if all web owners and bloggers made
    excellent content as you probably did, the net shall be much
    more helpful than ever before.

  41. Karolina, cheers to the good job you are doing out there! The international forces and local media have collaborated to break India. Facts like these are the need of hour. I admire your dedication towards my country. Stay blessed 🙂

  42. Hi there, I enjoy reading all of your post. I like
    to write a little comment to support you.

  43. Hi, I had given my comment on 17th Sept. Itself, which due to my inept handling got stuck up. I am delighted to see how your every post draws such a massive response that I take time to locate this space. You have definitely carved out a niche among the web lovers.

    Sex is the origin of id all. Moreover , it is on record that prostitution is the oldest profession. Our sex life was similar to other animals so long early men lived in forest. And as you know, in animal world, for all activities including sex, might is right.

    When man came to plains and formed a society, rules were laid to guide the way of life including sex. Still that inbuilt trait of animality, prevails over his reasoning and he goes astray.

    Our scriptures say: यत्रनार्यस्तु पूज्यन्ते रमंते तत्र देवता: means where ladies are respected, gods reside there. It further says: मात।वत फरदारुषु means except the wife all females are like mother.

    Despite the above lofty tenets, rapes occur in India for the following reasons:-
    1. According to latest census report, after every 1,000 men there are only 918 women. What about those surplus 82?
    2. There is a saying, rich get richer and the poor get children. For the deprived section, living in one room accommodation, sex is the only and cheapest entertainment.
    3. In a warm region, the settlers are sexually hotter.
    4. There are significant demographic sections, oppose to family planning
    5. In a docracy with free press, incidents de more publicity

    What I see now, due to growing economic pressure and education the people at large are opting for nuclear families. I am sure, never in history,. There was a rape free society. It cannot be totally blocked, but very soon the incidents will be on wane.

  44. I love your being meticulous in quickly responding to each individual,s comment on your write up. I am sure, this gesture automatically befriends that indulgent wave lover. God bless.

  45. जो भी हो हमे अपनी छवि सुधारनी ही होगी क्योकि हमारे लिए ‘यत्र नार्यस्तु पूज्यन्ते रमन्ते तत्र देवता’ तभी सार्थक हो सकेगा…

  46. Hi ma’am…you are beautiful…u married an Indian or was your father an Indian…I asked this coz of your surname.By the way, the article is beautifully written n analysed.

  47. Major reasons for Rapes in India is Bollywood.. They presents women as a Sex Object. This objectification should be stopped. Ironically no Feminist protest against this…

    • Vishwajeet Machale

      This is very true….I totally agree…
      And Karolina G mam thank you for showing huge interest in our country. Ram ram.

  48. Dear Karolina-ji, Namo Narayana ! Got too impressed by ur activities and more — for ur leaning towards “SANATAN DHARMA”!

    My short article on the rise of immoral rape, sex..et al..

    The glitter of Modern advancement is not without the taint of depravity. Pornography is certainly one of such which has blotted the pristine landscape of the society. Many sensible and sensitive NGOs have come up with conclusive findings that claim — ‘The rise in pornography viewing is directly proportional to the rise in the number of rape cases and the social degeneration.’ Yes, Indian depraved MEDIA and Bollywood have been burning midnight oil to desecrate the Indian culture and values ……,….!!!!

    There are various kind of rape cases in the country now. A horrendous news we have heard from Inchauli, Meerut few days back that 10 years’ boy allegedly raped a six years old girl. Where did so young boy get to learn such evil acts. Is it not for an easy accessibility of the pornography on the internet, or a series of obscene Bollywood films, which boom in our drawing rooms, are responsible in corrupting the tender minds of our tender children these days? Again, father stalking upon his own daughter and school teachers eyeing his students for sexual fulfilment.

    Here a serious question — why there is an exponential rise in the viewing of the pornography in INDIA in the past few years. What is so much hot that is sizzling in the country now which never fails to kindle the curiosity of even the teenage to open up the outrageous pages on the net? Let’s not bury our head in the sand in the face of this dangerous development — at least for the sake of our descendants, for the sake of the humanity. Or else we will be equally culpable sinners. Well, will our willful silence against the rise of pornography viewing not bring forth the days of bestiality in which our own children and grandchildren will be living and growing? Will their lives not get corroded by the endless debaucheries, rapes, sexual atrocities, family discords and mental chaos — already a major problem? In such environment, the millions of poor mothers will be forced to lead traumatic lives. This is already very common in the country.

    Yes, our mere saying “sick minded rapists”, or arresting and hanging the perverts will not at all solve the problem permanently. We all have to adopt, with all sensibility and sincerity, the comprehensive measures as well that will be helpful to keep the society in good stead.

    Let me beg for your attention here. When an epidemic “dengue” strikes our city what do we do? Do we not, very firstly, clean our surrounding? Apart from vaccinating the sick person, we immediately take all prescribed preventive measures. We extremely exercise caution as to his food intake. We install screens not to let a single mosquito in, and stop leaving the stagnant water in the open such that it never becomes a breeding hotbed and so on and so forth.

    Exactly in the same manner, let’s sincerely ask ourselves if we have really been doing anything to prevent the evil of “porny-dengue” entering into our society, more precisely, into the mindset of the general masses? Has the Government initiated anything that will help prevent us from the sharp stings of “porn-bug” and the like? Have we ever put pressure upon the entertainment houses not to immorally sexualize and objectify the womanhood? Is it not disquieting that the abuse of sex will definitely jeopardize the marital relationship leading to the family and social degeneration — though we don’t want to acknowledge it yet?

    Incidentally, there is yet another consequential development due to the misuse of sex phenomenon. No exaggeration, the excessively wrongful exploitation of sex in various glamour realms, and the viewing of pornography have “proportionately” lowered the true strength and purity of the sex. ‘Laws of Diminishing Returns’ of Economics by a famous thinker ‘J. Heinrich von Thünen’ is perfectly applicable here as well. Yes, too much of anything, which is made easily and freely available, no matter how precious they are, will be of little value. Therefore, the ubiquitously and disrespectfully sexualized portrayal of models/hunky males, which have become so exceedingly commonplace, have abysmally worn down the intrinsic charm and appeal of the nature-given sacred sex. Yes, what comes easily will be obviously less respected and people have a lesser heart for it. Pornography and other entertainment industries which are ruthlessly objectifying the body of a person (more particularly females) have gradually desensitized the masses. For many they all appear too cheap, too jaded. There is literally nothing for the healthy romantic imagination too, except for perverse thoughts. Thus stripping of the modesty has literally left us with scanty fodder for creative imagery to become another Byron, Wordsworth, Shelley, Keats to write love poems.

    Needless to say, the roar of overt sexualization scares away the soul of love and pushes the society into the foul pit of debauchery and chaos.

  49. Great article. I agree with you. Myself, I am also Polish and also married to an Indian. People in the west have that vision of India as a place of huge disrespect towards women. But not only west, I lived in Hong Kong for many year and then lived in Japan, there also have “their opinions” about India, I would say even more superior than in the West.
    The world is changing and let’s hope people will change too:)

  50. Hello Ma’am,


    its been great to read your blog , its quite interesting but at the same time i would like to say we indians should have more of our focus on eradicating these problems specially when it comes to women harrashment or rapes rather comparing the rape rates from other nations. and it’s not that we are hanging between our customs and lifestyle from west bt we are more of having acceptability in our nature , to accept what we like and go for trying that . we have built our base on our values and customs but there is no harm in accepting and making some of others in our lives . Trust me it stays only for few days when we feel its dominating slowly n mildly we find ourselves again on the same plot of our values , customs and lifestyle. when it comes to sense sexuality here in, we are like doing this but not accepting it openly and that thing i believe is good at some point. rapist and rapes aren’t having any geographical limitations , caste , colour etc . its just devil of mind and senses. thank you

  51. Namaste… Great article.. very well described facts about a topic that has created a wrong image of India in the world. I think it is not a right way to mark India as bad country just because of a few incidents or limited and misinterpreted facts. Yes, they were very bad incidents and should not happen to anyone. People in the world should get the right facts, and I think you have done exactly that. Thank you for showing the actual facts to the people. Hope they might start thinking something good about India.

    God bless you.

  52. You are an Indian goddess like durga

    • Please do not say that. I am only a human. But I understand the ancient Indian culture in which every female is held equal to goddesses and are very respectful. This beautiful culture needs to be revived again.
      However, I am an outsider who is trying to understand India and I am giving my perspective about India to the western world from an outsider’s perspective.
      Please accept my humble thanks.
      -Karolina Goswami

  53. Hey Karolina,

    Really appreciate your work! you are simply amazing. God bless you!

    Lots of love

  54. Very well said, just watched many of your videos and u have said many truths which people dont like to hear..yes many indians are blindly aping the west without understanding their own rich culture. Many indian traditions have a scientific reason behind them, which is not known and nowadays looked upon as superstitions. Hoping that some day, Indias secrets are revealed and spirituality will be interwined in everyones life and the world will be a better place to live in.

  55. What you are saying is very near to truth but in India even in so called modern era( 21st century) 60 to 70% rape cases are not reported due to fearing social prestige. People prefer hide these kind of issues especially in rural India which contains nearly 70% of the India’s population.But your research & deep study about India is really admiral. Now most important thing is to educate (against of social superstition, abuse etc.) people rather to compare your country with worst one. Thank you

  56. Namaskaram,

    Firstly, thanks for posting these details and for the videos. Also, greetings for Diwali to your family. Your videos are helping shape the debate and inform people of the real situation of India. Kudos to you for an exemplary effort. As you come from Poland and I am sure you have seen Europe and north America, I thought I should request you to make a documentary on the past mistakes done by Indians. How and why we lost our independence: lack of unity, lack of enough efforts on military research etc. To grow peacefully, in Hinduism there is saying peace through strength. If you see our idols most Gods and Goddesses are depicted to carry weapons and yet be very calm and peaceful. I feel we need to emphasize this point. Before we used to be experts in metallurgy and used to export swords to Europe, now we are buying Rafael/Sukhoi jets. Also, we are dependent on oil. This needs to change soon, otherwise foreign powers will keep playing games with us and keep us poor. Please run a story on what are the threats for India and what should Indians guard against for the next 25 years as you see it from a European point of view.

    Just my two cents and thanks once again for the great videos and blogs.


    • Namaskar Karolina Ji,

      Then please give my best regards to your husband too. Great initiative ! It is said that if one who does not learn from past mistakes, then he/she is doomed to commit them in the future. The greatest mistake we did was allowing foreign rulers to conquer our lands, right from the time of Ghouri and Ghazni. They kept looting this nation and we kept preaching shanti, as a case in point please read this article about de-industrialization of India under the British. http://www.historydiscussion.net/history-of-india/economic-history/de-industrialization-in-india-process-causes-and-effects-indian-economic-history/5970
      Under British rule India which was 25% of world GDP fell to 2% of world GDP. This unleashed, poverty, unemployment, famines etc. etc. Remnants of which can still be seen today. We are trying to re-build but it will take many more centuries before we become 25% of world GDP. The point here is once you are in such a position only a fool lets it go. Our forefathers did it, so we are suffering today.

      The funny thing it : this loot is still going on under a different name. If you read un-verified reports from the global financial integrity site you will see that 52 Billion USD have left India between 2004-2013. It needs to stop… first we need to learn to keep what is ours – Ours. Indians are very poor at maintaining their self-respect, dignity, their territorial integrity and their individual freedoms alive. This in my view is and will always be the root cause of poverty in India. India gave back territory it won against Pakistan …. show me another nation that does it in the world. Till this attitude of self surrender at all levels does not stop India will struggle to assert its true position. A reflection of this same attitude is visible in how China has successfully blocked India from a seat at the Security council and yet India wants to maintain cordial relations with everyone. I am all for respect but I am not for servile ass licking that Indians do so well. In this world, no-one gives you money, respect and power. You have to EARN it through struggle and sacrifice. You will never be respected till you don’t learn how to assert your-self. This quality is lacking in India and the realization needs to dawn sooner than later..

      These are just my points …. I do not mean to show India down.. on the contrary I would love to see if someone can warn us new Indians of past mistakes and future threats so that our future generations do not repeat them.. Since your videos have got such a tremendous following I thought I should request you to look into this…

      Anyways…. a tremendous effort by your husband and you… keep it up and best regards,

  57. Dear Karolina Goswami Ji,

    I want to say from deep of my heart that you are doing very good work we appreciate your work. And it definitely will be true soon.

    you are great.

  58. Hi Karolina,

    You are a great lady who explain about India to whole world… Thanks

    I love my country

  59. Hello Karolina,
    The topic of rapes and women’s safety and equality are probably one of the most discussed topics in India. Though I have found majority of these videos, discussions, blogs leaning towards the side the author/presenter is inclined towards and presenting their thoughts like a debate, showing only one side of the story (the one that supports their narrative).
    Your Blog was amazing at presenting both sides of the story (or should I say all sides of the cube) with great facts. Rape is a heinous crime and sadly a vast majority of the people who are fighting to get the victims justice do not consider Woman to Man as rape which has been mentioned here.
    Kudos to you for the unbiased viewpoint you have presented here and looking forward to more.

  60. probir kumar debnath

    Life’s in modern world is more distorted than ever because of the jungle of human. but the progress is going on nonetheless. lot more self control and awareness is needed as well as women empowerment.
    A note for you – have seen your videos in YouTube. you are a good one to point out few characteristics of Indian civilization ancient to modern. I wish to know do you feel comfort in our culture and social ambient. do you contract or expand while feeling our ways. thank you

    • probir kumar debnath

      its nice to have a reply. do you have enough time for a conversation in Facebook or via email? I am curious to know about your Poland and your thought about hindu spirituality and yoga

      • You can write to me on indiaindetails@gmail.com or send me a message on the official India in Details facebook page. I will do my best to respond to you as fast a possible, however it may take some time due to the number of messages, comments and emails I am getting every day.

        Best regards,
        Karolina Goswami

  61. Do you know Mrs. Goswami Media has a very big role in India either you want to reform something or ruin . You know according a survey i saw it somewhere but where i saw it i forgot, More than 80% news about rapes in India are fake and Indian Politics take help of media to demolish other government who is running current time, Actually we all Indians must have need to reform our Indian Politics that are going very muck, we have requirement of some great valiant leader, For instance : Bhagat Singh, Subhash chandra Bose, Rani Laxmi Bai, Indira Gandhi, Atal Bihari vajpaye and Our PM Shri Narendra Modi G.

    Thanks & Regards
    Himanshu Bisht

  62. A wonderful effort by madam Karolina goswami…These hidden facts about Indian heritage to be manifested to our advanced world…. In order to bind the mankind …To achieve success,to attain peace,and also to eradicate this kind of social threats …Through spirituality . I appreciate for your worthful work…

  63. There is a monetary link between Indian girls and the expected income likely to come from an Indian son, and superstitions, but these have fallen by the way side, and everyone forgets that the Mother role is considered the purest role a woman can have in India and the Mum of the home has the keys and distributes any income brought in by Dad. So for every one person who is brought up to consider boys superior to girls in India there are twice if not 10x as many who know a home without a mum or a sister or a grandmother is a home with unimaginable loneliness and grief and this is and has been obvious in story after story after story in India’s media. In India’s media it’s not that a woman is bad and a man is good, it is always that people are either good or people are bad, depending on who influences who.

    • Although I prefer common sense when it comes to finances especially when setting up a home and family and copies of keys as needed! Modern living and modern choices require modern lifestyles.

  64. Our country India is facing the problem of “No punishment to the guilty” in all cases. Even the rapists enjoy freedom & support from some people. If any rapist is hanged or given strong punishment quickly, the number of cases may reduce. But no chance. Judiciary should take fast steps to punish the rapists. The 12 Dec’2012 victim’s soul is still wandering to see the rapists hanged. Will it come True?

  65. Thanks for this article,
    But What you mean ‘ Delhi gang rape opened the way for some girls in India to take advantage ——- other party.

  66. Ajay Sanjay Shelar

    that’s what i wanted hear. I get very angry when people say India has this and that problem . They don’t try to follow solution, they just escape by saying “India mein bohat problems hai yaar lets move abroad.”

    • India has its problems but they have to be shown in a fair and balanced way and only then they can be properly fixed and this is also requiers co-operation and support from people. And this is what India is trying to do!

      Best regards,
      Karolina Goswami

  67. Great blog I wish to read always . thank u for india in detail

  68. i wish your blog will be a slap to all those who comment india and indians way of life. Great job Karolina. Keep going.

  69. My first wish to visit India itself.I am an Indian though, many Indians still not know about their culture.I also have an attitude of staying in India than going outside for employment..,against what Keralites(my state) or Punjabis.

  70. Dear Karolina,

    You have done an incredible job. I just want to say – Thank you from bottom of my heart – for presenting the facts in a perspective that main stream media and many other people in general, world at large refuse to view.

    Thank you. God bless you

  71. I would like to mention in a different perspective. Me and My wife lived in haryana, Delhi, Noida, Chandigarh, Pune, Bangalore, New York, Minnesota, California, New Jersey and several places in Haryana. There is 1 thing –
    Data is one thing, number of rapes is 1 thing, but think – if in a country people are scared to go out, and so – they are very cautious. Girls do not go out after dark especially alone and thats why number of rapes are less.

    In new York – we were scared after certain hours in some streets, it was not easy to go out alone. Our professor was beaten and several cases happened there.

    In New Jersey – almost same thing, Suburbs were much better.

    California – Feels much safer.

    New Delhi – Its the worse in New delhi, it feels very scary, not safe to go out in night and again depends on place to place, similarly in haryana (city to city is different) but overall does not feel safe.

    Mumbai – is safest place for women (thats what I heard, dont have first hand experience.

    Pune – feels very safe there – again depends on place to place.

    My point is – number of rapes is 1 imp thing but how do you feel in a city is another imp thing. How easy do girls feel to go out alone in a city is the real perspective. I am sure now Karolina will have something to say on it as she will have real details on it after living in where ever she lives for 2 or more years and especially as non indian origin.

  72. Thank you for you wonderful research on India. You show us our positive and negative point but there is big part of Indian media always try to show misleading images of India but thankful to you. Your research not give big impact on other country people but surely it spread lots of love in Indian people that we are not the same as other country people see us on there television (sorry for my bad English)

    • Karolina Goswami

      The point is to show the real scale of the problem as only then proper steps can be taken to fix it.
      All the best!
      Best regards,
      Karolina Goswami

  73. hello karolina first of all i would like to thank you for the great work you have been doing. its just feels great a non indian girl like you finds great interest in our country and that made u a great indian so thank you for doing this. it is time for every indian to know the real truth about his country. now my point is whenever i go out or travel anywhere i see a lot of beggers in trains, buses and streets. why is this still happening in india?? i know i am not at a liberty to ask you any of this but i truely want some solution about it. whats yours opinion about this??

    • Namaste!
      My humble thanks for your kind words.

      Follow my website and slowly more and more topics will be covered through an article or a documentary including beggars.

      Best regards,
      Karolina Goswami

  74. I stumbled upon your blog and videos on youtube today. I must say that I love your analysis based on facts, figures and evidences. If you and Anurag comes around in Mumbai or Thane then please feel free to catch up with me and Pradnya. Looking forward to meet you both. Keep up the good work. Very insightful, meaningful and helpful. Eye openers!

  75. I believe very soon, we will change image of our india in front of the world, and i appreciated your great efforts for participating to showing india’s signing on world platform. We Indian always like peaceful life and not creating problems in other parts of the world for our country interest. We need peace and being human in all entire universe also contributing growth of world. By the way we all are living in one world it’s like home. Hope your great efforts will change this world and become being human.
    Thank you very much for your wise efforts. God bless you.

  76. I think it is the time to make video on ISRO because today on 15 feb 2017 they have brooked the record taking 103 satellite in space . It is alsmost 3 times the earlier record.


  78. czesc Karolina,

    Am an Indian living in Britain. Nice to see your great work!

    Most of us believe, India is on a big journey of reconstructing herself and making the world a better place. She has been doing this over & over again for centuries..

    Your way of presenting things is great! Am sure you can connect millions of hearts together.. and help this country to achieve the heights which she lost on the way..

    Being lived in both the worlds, I will be pleased to give my inputs if you require on your next piece of work


    P.S Just back from Kasprowy wierch and loved it

  79. Although you wrote this article Aug 27, 2016, i just came 2 know abt its existence thru a f/b friend of mine. it is well written 2 say the least. what wud b impressive is if u can give the source of your data in this article. that will make it fully credible…………..thanks for helping Bharat reclaim the lost glory. Your preaching is priceless! All glories 2 u Karolina.

  80. India is not giving that much importance to its own culture..they are jst blindly followingthe so called western culture..i agree that there were flaws in some of its culture like caste system which according to me was the concept of old indians which todays world calls survival of the fittest..but disrespecting all its culture is insane..today indians in metro cities are well versed with english than hindi..and why is that jst because it makes them feel cool..

    Hope we will start respecting our own culture its not the world who gave us yoga than y is that its importace increased after it has been recognised by the world..think about it..

  81. Namaste Mam!
    I’ve heard that Northeast India has a very liberal culture where women are also equal. I’ve heard that rape cases are low there. Is it true?
    I request you to please make a blog specifically about Northeast India. I’m very curious about that region

  82. Hi Karolina Goswami,

    You did extraordinary work for our india. I surprised to see you in this type program. I have one request, most f the indians were planeed to settle in other countries, even they know the value of country, family values and our cultural heritage. I hope if they know about you they ill come back to our country and they ill become part of developing our culture. Why im saying this is most of NRI’s are fallowing western culture, and treating india ill never change. As a foreign girl of german country you learnt to wear saree. this is heart
    touching thing.Your blog enough i think to change their mind set.
    Thank Goswami.

  83. Hi Karolina Goswami since few days i started viewing your videos and ur blogs too.its really appreciable that u did a lot of research on india before i started listining u i was also listning a social activist his name is RAJIV DIXTI he also opened many facts that were unknown to us since than i started feeling proud being a indian.i have a few more quaries ……m not good at statics or understanding graphs so could u plz kindely make me understand in much easier way regarding rape graph mentioned above

  84. Mam Namaste!
    Thank you very much for revealing the truth!
    On social media when I interact with foreigners some of them raise the issue of gender discrimination as if it doesn’t exist in Western countries. They also have Lot of sexism but their media doesn’t let it know. I want that a seperate blog should be made to reveal the truth of sexism in India and Western countries and how its even worse there!

  85. Since the western media hides its own rape cases so its going to be fatal to them only. In India we are aware of the rapes happening so we talk about solutions and higher are the conviction rates . In UK only 7% rape casea get convicted

  86. I am absolutely impressed ! Such a pleasure reading all your blogs and seeing your videos . It is something India desperately needed . Sometimes a bit of looking at oneself in the mirror and the medals around the walls helps in going a long way to self assurance . It goes a long way in inspiring us to do better for a better tomorrow when we realise who we are and where we come from . The beauty of India you have so beautifully penned and shown in videos despite the east european accent maybe that too is adding to the charm . Thank you so much for this Karolina Goswami . I know your husband must be so proud of you and so are we all Indians to have you in our country which is truly a global village.
    I have a request . Can you add links in spanish , portuguese , italian , french and chinese especially as legend versions in youtube videos you make . Translating the site is easier but for videos I think some technical inputs would be required.
    I look forward to more videos and blogs . Should I as a photographer get a chance to be associated with your site or work or any new assignment would be a privilege.
    Thanks once again Karolina for showing india what india is all about .. It should silence the growing unrest some communal forces that are trying to destabilise this magnificent country . Proud to be indian. Jai Hind !

  87. Rape and female abuse is not in Indian DNA.

    This is amply proved in your chart showing no. of rapes as a percentage of population..

    One of the first Sanskrit shlokas we were taught in school started with “मातृवत् परदारेषु परद्रव्येषु लोष्ठवत् …”
    ( Regard the women of others as your mother …)
    … And this has strong impact on Hindu subconscious.

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