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India got just two medals in the Olympics but does it mean that Indians are less sporty? Read more.

Just a few days ago we admired a spectacular closing ceremony of Rio 2016 Olympic Games. People in different countries are debating if this was the best that their athletes could do. Or maybe their achievements exceeded people’s expectations? The same questions are being asked in India. People wonder why in such a huge country only two women won medals. The British journalist Piers Morgan went on to make fun of Indians in his tweet and was challenged  by the great ex-cricketer Virender Sehwag. But, Piers Morgan should be reading this article to understand what it is all about.

So, let’s find out if sport in India is going in the right direction. Or maybe there are reasons behind it and India should not bother too much about the lack of Olympic medals.

Sport – what is it?

First, let’s try to define what a sport actually means and let’s do it ourselves. We, logical people, can try – let’s not overuse Wikipedia 🙂 Sports are basically activities, physical in nature which are more often than not challenging. These activities at some stage were a part of a lifestyle. From the lifestyle, it converted into a sport, from a sport it transformed into a modern day Olympic game.

Woman carrying a huge thing on her head – this is something very common in rural India. Remember, this not only about weight – try to carry even a book this way and you will understand how challenging it is!


Are Indians less sporty?

Coming back to India, let’s try to answer one simple question- does only two medals achievement mean that Indians are less sporty?  Of course, not! In everyday life, a common Indian is tougher than a common Westerner. Why head carrying of up to 70 kilograms and walking every day by thousands of women in India should not be considered as being athletic apart from being a necessity. Or it is only about the rich people sport which poor people will be forced to take up and then try and beat them in their sport, otherwise be called less sporty? What about men who are so strong that every day they are carrying weight 5 times of their own and then trekking in the mountains in flip flops for 50 km in 5000 m altitude? Sounds less sporty? Sounds less athletic?  Gangotri glacier trek is one of the many examples of such activities when locals carry food and other essentials to the bases in the mountains where no machine or animal can transport any goods. In the hot desert, school children walk every day for up to 10 kilometers to reach their school in extreme temperatures. Are they less tough by any means? Or the school children in the northeastern India who cross a hanging bridge every day just to go to their schools? And how about the rain-forest tribes?  Don’t you think that living in this kind of conditions proves enough that Indians are sporty and tough?  Well, the point of toughness is clear now, let’s talk about the games of the Olympics.

Trekking with a fridge on a back to a small mountain village? For many Indians, this is an everyday life.

Are there archers or swimmers in India?

Maybe Indian athletes won only two medals in the Olympics but does it mean that they are bad in all these sports disciplines?  India got no medal in swimming, but it doesn’t mean that India has no amazing swimmers. With the coastal line that is thousands of miles long India should have many versions of Phelps. India got no medal in fencing (Olympic style sword fight) but it does not deny the fact that some of the best sword fighters in the world live in Kerala region of India and who are the masters of kalaripayattu (Kerala martial art). So does it prove that India is less skilled in sword fighting? Does it prove that India got no sword fighters? No, it just proves that the activity that they do has a different version and culture and the Olympic authority does not recognize that activity as an Olympic game. Indian athletes got no medals in a marathon and sprinting but does it mean that there are no fast runners in the country of 1.3 billion? Impossible! Indian athletes got no medal in archery but does it also mean that India has no amazing archers? Absolutely not! In the tribes of Andaman and Nicobar islands of India, some of the finest archers of the world roam around, live and use archery in their everyday life to get food even today which I saw with my own eyes.  So why bother about the Olympic version of archery? Maybe on the international stage, people wonder about Indian underachievement but it does not prove again that India is less sporty or less skilled in such activities.

In Olympics, contestants are fencing but in India, they do real wonders with the sword!

Scared of mosquitoes…

A common Indian does not care about mosquitoes or an air-conditioned car and is happy with a cold shower but on the other hand, a common person from the west needs an air-conditioned car, is afraid of even mosquitoes and takes a warm or hot shower every day. The country that won the biggest number of medals in Rio is the USA and we all know that it is the country where a lot of people are obese. So does number of medals prove if the nation is sporty or not? Walk the streets of USA – obese people, fighting with depression, unhealthy, with high blood pressure, prone to heart attacks, with poor lifestyle, eating fast food… Scared to come to India without getting vaccinated! Does it show the toughness of people? Doubt that! Indians don’t take any vaccinations to go to Africa or Brazil even though there are many contagious diseases there.

‘’Olympic medals is not a way to judge a nations’ health or its people’s toughness’’

– Karolina Goswami

Should everyone take up the same activities?

So why do Indian athletes not get the medals? The answer is simple – the games in the Olympics are those which are common or were initiated by the developed countries apart from a few exceptions. No one is going to include in the Olympics some extraordinary game from India – like kalaripayattu. Today developed countries’ activities become a norm for the underdeveloped countries to practice, the way is to get better at it and then beat them. But the question is if it is not about being sporty then why one nation should take up other’s nation activity? Being sporty is good but picking up the activity of another nation just for some international glory is debatable. Adopting other countries activity also means sacrificing your own cultural habits and activities. If Indian athletes become obsessed with fencing, who will take up kalaripayattu in 20 years from now? That is why India will have to become the powerful nation – strong enough to influence its culture on others and then make the games out of it and compete. And that day we will see Kabaddi included in the Olympics and India getting a gold medal every single time. Otherwise, be like China which started a specific program to beat others in their activities. But India should not become a copy cat and should not bother about Olympic medals.

Bharatnatyam dance – dare a Westerner to try dancing it

Sports in India are unique and Indians should be proud of it. I already mentioned one of them – kalaripayattu, which is a super difficult martial art from Kerala. Have you ever heard about a contact sport called kabaddi?  Indian team won all seven gold medals in Asian Games! More on kabaddi sport in India and around the world you will find soon on my blog. Why Bharatnatyam dance is not in Olympics? This amazing type of dance is not only breathtaking but also has a positive impact on health. Did you know that it includes 36 movements of just eyes? But in Olympics, they just include gymnastics instead of this ancient sport. And this is just one example from the long list of traditional Indian dances.  And what about yoga poses? Indian yogis can make amazing poses which a common Westerner can’t even think of! And trust me, there are many games in the Olympics which require less skill or balance and synchronization than some of the Yoga poses or ancient Indian dances.

Indian Olympics

There is one more thing that India should be proud of. Olympics in India happen in some way but they just have a different style – Kila Raipur sports festival is one of the Punjab festivals which attract lots of people. Not only people take part in it but there are also some animals’ competitions like bullock cart (but this year they were changed for horse carts). During this Rural Olympics, you can admire wrestlers, kabaddi players or weight-lifters. Apart from this typical competition, there are now even these modern one like football, handball or athletics. But the biggest attraction is totally different games – stunning acrobatics, fire games, balancing a cycle with teeth or twisting a rod when it’s placed on Adam’s apple, balancing while standing on two horses (also seen during Hola mohalla in Anandpur Sahib) and many more. There is also something cultural about this event – people dance, sing and spend a quality time together. More on Kila Raipur festival you will find in one of my future posts. But this is not over. One day after Holi, Sikh people in Punjab celebrate Hola Mohalla festival. This is the moment when they demonstrate their martial skills and impress the whole work with unbelievable sword fights. But not only this – a man rides two horses with each leg on a different horse (also seen during on Kila Raipur festival). I bet some of you did not even know about it as most of us just admire equestrian competition in the Olympics! All of them should come to India and see the abilities of Indian horse-riders’ skills. But, I strongly insist that I am not confused about extreme sports with the games in Olympics. What I am trying to suggest is that Indians are not less sporty, athletic or tough than the people from any other nation.

Bet that most of the people while they see Indian style horse-riding will forget about equestrian!



The conclusion is that India should not be ashamed of winning only two medals during this Olympics and should not connect it with their toughness or sport skills. As a wife of an Indian man, I will be very happy if India brings a lot of gold medals in the future Olympics. So, it does not mean that Indian athletes should not try for Olympic medals but if Indians do so, it would be just to show the world that they are athletic and skilled from the general point of view of the international community.  But it is not going to change the fact that many Indians are already very sporty and tough people.  To prove a point to the world, India should focus on these foreign activities turned into sports included in the Olympic Games, just like China did. But bear in mind that India does not need to prove a point to themselves, because Indians know what they are capable of in everyday life which a common westerner can only dream of.


Below is a film on the ancient martial arts of India by me, that you may want to watch to understand the sport culture in India.


About Karolina Goswami

Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog! I hope you enjoy reading the stuff that you will not easily find on the mainstream media. I am a girl from Poland who is living in India. I am a seeker and I share my thoughts through this medium with the world citizens. For more details, check 'about me' section in the top menu bar. To contact me, write to me on indiaindetails@gmail.com or simply write on the comment section below every post.


  1. i love the holla mohalla festival. looks like you convinced me to come to india

    • Karolina Goswami

      Holla Mohalla is amazing and if you want to see it, be in India on 13th March next year and you will have the chance to experience it 🙂

      • (1) hey sister- i did not find where is the comment section. so , instead chose to reply to this comment to get my message through, haha.
        (2) 1 correction please – you need to have shots of few mandatory vaccines before you go to select places like africa. For example Quaratine & immigration department will not give you clearance & not let you inside an airplane or ship headed for africa; if you are not vaccinated for cholera , yellow fever & Hepatitis. I know for sure because i experienced it. so please do make that little correction in your article.

        • Namaste Vishal,

          when I wrote this I did not mean mandatory vaccinations to Africa. What I meant was that no Indian would go and take protective vaccinations like Europeans do whether they are mandatory or not.
          Of course, if they are mandatory compulsions one can not avoid them. But I am yet to meet an Indian who is afraid to go to Africa because of some disease or because of some mosquito that lives in Africa apart from the global epidemics.

          And by the way, on the bottom of the page, there is an option to leave a comment 🙂

          Best regards, Karolina Goswami

          • even as indians we don’t think in this manner, we are always thinking why are we not getting more medals in the olympics. You came for a foreignland and shown the world and even us a different perspective. So, I thank you for opening up our mind a little bit more and bother less about olympics and more about our culture.

    • most welcome sir

  2. Vow Vow and Vow!! Your post raised Goosebumps. Thank you for such a lovey post. You are in true sense celebrating India. God bless you.

    • Karolina Goswami

      Dear Bhavesh,

      Thank you for such warmth! I feel that this is my responsibility to talk about India in a fair way as India deserves it. As I mentioned, Indians don’t have to take the Olympic medals to prove the world its toughness.
      People like you, who understand this, are the biggest power of India and we can together change the image of India around the world.
      Best wishes,

  3. hello mam, i liked your fb page few days back and now I’m in kinda love with it i must say, because you as a individual really putting forward the true picture of india, i mean you are really a avid explorer and analyser, please keep it up, your posts and your knowledge about india is really pleasing and really heart warming and i must say you are doing great work, because when world is really misguided and is in kinda misconception about india, you are like a light in western world to beat that darkness, i loved and i appreciate your every post

    amit panwar

    • Thank you Amit for such kind words! I really appreciate it 🙂
      We live in a world where biased mass media hides from us the “uncomfortable” truth. But we have two options – just agree to what they are saying and let them make more and more people brainwashed or fight with it! And I have chosen the second path. With the help of people like you, who understand India, we can make more people aware of the real India.
      Stay tuned for more posts and videos in the future!
      Best wishes,
      Karolina Goswami

  4. Your this article looks like a paid article just good only for praising fallen ones, so as to ensure they will do the same. In a way it matches to the rink milk pro-verb in India, that says .. doctor advised a patient to drink milk only instead of taking any medicoine for his illness, as the patient himself was unwilling to take any medicine at all!.

    • With due respect, I strongly disagree with you. I have written in the conclusion, that the Olympics medals, Olympics infrastructure should be improved but also the Indian ancient sports should be encouraged. The articles talks about why it is wrong to judge a country’s toughness or sport skill by the number of Olympic medals. The number of sports that the Olympics recognize are just a very small percent of the total number of sports in the world.Does it mean that the whole world should discontinue all other sports apart from the Olympic games which are just a small percentage of all the sports that are played in the world? I am going to talk about the Olympics and it’s unfair policies in the future posts. By the way, are you also living under the impression that the athletes who get medals do not take any performance enhancing drugs just because they are coming out clean?
      And seriously, paid article? What do you mean? I am a European girl who has married an Indian man and I am trying to correct the image of India in the world by only speaking the truth about this country. I do not expect everyone to agree with my view points. And I too have the right to disagree.
      Best regards,
      Karolina Goswami

      • Yes I agree with your view of performance enhancing drugs because I remember about happening many times that some olympic athletes who are lower in ranking than some other suddenly won gold after 4 years by defeating the laters even after not being able to win over the laters consistently in other tournaments before olympics. Isn’t that strange? A very satisfying testimony that I am aware of is even after winning so many grand slams by Roger Federer he probably couldn’t able to win a gold in olympics.

        I am not sure or have any evidence to that but I am saying this because I feel this to be surprising and think that performance enhancing drugs might be a possibility to this 🙂

        • Unfortunately, this is something very common these days.
          What does it say about sports that even after the Olympic Games we hear about some medalists for taking drugs? How does this encourage others?
          There are many examples of people who once disqualified, came back to active sport and got disqualified again. It just proves that it didn’t teach them any lesson.
          But this is Kali-yuga – things like these will continue to happen…
          Best regards,
          Karolina Goswami

          • Yes it might be stereotypical Indian statement to say, but I believe its absolutely correct to satisfy ourselves, that we(Indian) known for spirituality cannot adjust to such sports event which doesn’t happen at the right spirit.

          • thanks and i’m very happy now. because many of indiance going abroad for free life stlye and settled down there. but u did reverse and by making videos which allows mire tourism .again thanks for our country

  5. Hats off to you…….this is the true India. Thank you for this. I never doubted my country’s abilities but your blog made my belief even more firm. Waiting for your next writing. Thank you very much.God Bless You..

    • Himanshu!
      Thank you for your comment. I am so happy when people like you consolidate their faith. India is in the process of reclaiming its position in the world. With some effort, we can all make a difference and make more people around the world understand the truth about India.
      Best wishes,
      Karolina Goswami

  6. In your short life, you have absorbed more of India than most Indians. You write well. Keep it up.

  7. Ma’am or may I call you Sister (it makes things less formal and more Indian!) I really appreciate your love for India and passion about getting the facts and the reasoning right. While there are many Indians who have no clue or who are simply not ready to accept their rich heritage and culture, you being the daughter-in-law of India make me and India proud. When we speak of our rich tradition people raise their eyebrows and complain of exaggeration. But you dear sister are an answer for all such people.
    I’m very happy to come across these article.
    I am a student, I love my country and wish to work for its betterment. Involving myself in some social activities and philosophy I wish to stay connected to you.
    Thank you.
    God bless.

  8. Ma’am your blog was awesome. It shows Ture face of India to the world . Hats off to you . Thank you very much . Waiting for your next blog .

  9. Dear Karolina, I read your post and vlogs, and I truly admire your work. You are really presenting India as it is to the westeners. They don’t see India what exactly it is, they are looking at it for their benefit. Indians are just taking a breath after 1200 years of wars with invaders. Muslim and british. So we are just laging behind from western country. But not to worry we will bounce back and tell the world the real worth of India. Being developing country we haven’t yet hit the recession like usa or Greece in 2008. Because we indian stay together and saves for future. You can write on this……i will help you with pleasure

    • Dear Vivek,
      Thank you for your kind words.
      My husband who is from India and I want to change the way people in the world see India. Marrying an Indian citizen, I faced a lot of negative remarks about India which were totally wrong. Biased media is showing an unfair image of India and this has to be changed.
      As I said in one of my quotes (that you can also find on the website – http://www.indiaindetails.com/index.php/top-quotes-by-karolina-goswami/) “India is just trying to reclaim its place which rightfully belonged to it throughout the human history. Hence, India is not just developing. India is reclaiming.”
      Best regards,
      Karolina Goswami

  10. Hi sis love to call you sis more over love touch your feet
    Making us more proud to Indians

    • Karolina Goswami

      Thank you for your beautiful comment, brother. In the ancient India and even today, all the females apart from one’s wife were either like a sister or like a mother, depending on the age. It is such a beautiful culture. In India, people bow down to the females as a matter of respect and to the elders. In the same country, after the invasion from the outsiders and the moral downfall from the west, many Indians have lost and are still loosing this beautiful culture and that is the reason of all the current problems.
      I hope some day India can reach its ancient glory again.

  11. Your articles are a must! Om Shanti.

  12. Olympic medals is not a way to judge a nations’ health or its people’s toughness’’ Awesome point. Yours posts are great. Very beautiful. I am from Bengaluru a Software Engineer for a semi-conductor company & Teacher-Volunteer for Art of Living Organization. And i personally invite you to visit our Ashram in Bengaluru 🙂 Please mail me for any details in case you are interested 🙂 🙂

    • Thank you very much for your kind words and offer.
      I have already visited Bangalore once but if I happen to be there again, I will contact you.
      Best regards,
      Karolina Goswami

  13. Godd…. you should born in INDIA… Wow… the way of explaining things…
    honestly as an INDIAN i dont even know most of these things, but you are incredible. You travelled to root of culture… really really really appreciate it ..
    and Thank you soooooooooo much….

    • Saravana,
      thank you so much for your appreciation. I really respect your opinion.
      Every day I am exploring India more and more and I see no end! India brings amazing heritage culture, tradition and kind people – that is why I fell in love with this country.
      Best regards,
      Karolina Goswami

  14. Hi Karoline! It takes a special person to spend the time and energy to spread such positive messages! I am glad to have come across your blog which is very articulate and knowledgeable. I hope you continue to enjoy your journey in India and help us get rid of our tarnished image.
    Keep up the great work.


  15. Karolina, U r not our daughter in law. u r our true daughter and a sister. i welcome u to our big family of 1.25 billion people, though lately. i am sure that you are constantly reading and learning a lot. i am happy that u are also sharing that knowledge which will enlighten not only indians and others also. when i say others, we include whole mankind and every creation in this universe in our family as per our culture and tradition. there is a saying in tamil.யாதும் ஊரே யாவரும் கேளிர் (To us all towns are one, all men our kin).

    try to read abt tamil culture, that might give u lot of idea about south india.

    looking forward to share ur wisdom and knowledge through this medium. i am happy to have a daughter and a sister like u in our big family. thank u very much

    • I am very grateful for your kind message. However, I would like to humbly suggest that India should be for Indians first. I am more comfortable as an outsider who married an Indian man and now telling the world about India from an outsiders perspective. I have been hearing a lot of stuff about Tamil culture too and it is so fascinating. I will study about it and I hope I learn it enough to understand and write about it.
      Accept my humble thanks. You have a great culture and the world can really learn from it.

  16. This content is informative and enlightening. Thank you for taking such a generous step and making an effort to change the view, world sees us. Keep posting. 🙂

    • Thank you Akshay ji!
      It is time that the world gets to know the truth about India! 🙂
      Best regards,
      Karolina Goswami

  17. Dear Karolina,

    Hare Krishna ! First of all I am greatly impressed by the message you have been trying to convey through the articles in your website and blog. It is truly a great service to humanity, that they come to know the true value of India and its rich heritage. The greatest knowledge India can give to the world is in the field of spirituality. From Spirit comes Matter. If one knows spirituality well, matter becomes trivial.

    The secrets to Universal creation and the maintenance of the same, from Infinite to Infinitesimal is hidden within the treasures of indian literature. Hope you would get a chance to understand them in the right perspective and present to the world in your powerful and yet simple medium of expression which Almighty has endowed upon yourself and your kind husband. There are lots of Hare Krishna devotees in Poland (guided by HG Indradyumna swami). Hope you would have already met some or all of them. I myself was in Gdansk for 3 months in 2009. Poland is such a lovely place. And such lovely people. I almost felt i was in India. Such warmth, and down to earth nature, that I too fell in love with Polish culture.

    No doubt you fell in love with India, and Indian culture. Going into the roots of beginning of Sanatana Dharma (and touching the lotus feet of God in pure love) is the only solace and hope for “Lost World” as you have correctly said in your video which I happened to receive as a Whatsapp forward. Kindly note we believe only ONE God. We have different names. Love of God with pure heart is the most important achievement of human kind within his or her lifetime.

    Once again, thousands and thousands of humble obeisances and tons of Gratitude for this great service to humanity at large (in promoting Vasudeiva Kutumbakkam), with your humble effort of
    “Presenting India in the right perspective”.

    All Glories to the Supreme Lord and the Great Saints who Walked this Holy Land time and again !

    Yours Sincerely,

  18. Great Karolina hope your message goes to western media and see things in different perspective ….I like to say u know than most of the Indians. they don’t pride themselves ….our history is corrupted by Marxism intellectuals who call themselves left and ppl who teach don’t talk abt pride only about evils in the society indians feel inferior abt their own culture …. love you sis keep rocking

    • Namaste Sreenivasan,
      Thank you for your kind words, however, I am nothing special. I am only a learner who still is learning about India. India has lots of men and women who are thousand times wiser than me. I am only giving my views to the world from an outsider’s perspective and I will continue giving my unbiased opinions.

      Best regards,
      Karolina Goswami

  19. A hearty thanks for explaining the real status of my country… And am really astonished to see a foreigner praising my country. The work u have done soo far is amazing. Keep it up mam. U will always have our support. We need to take your blog and YouTube channel on an international level. Will share your pages and YouTube channel among my frnds and family… Great work keep it up…

  20. Miss Karolina Goswami (Bhabhi G) Visit every country , In the end you will get a feedback that India is best Entire the world , someone said that country who will be covered by sea from 3 sides , It will be welfare of this world . Indian is the only one country that covered by trio Sea side .
    We Indians are the founder of everything whether its your Yoga, Judo- Karate, Aeroplane, Zero, Trigonometry Henceforth Some words of English were taken by Sanskrit, but these Unindian modified all these things & want to take credit. We Indians have a nimble mind but problem is that we don’t use our mind in a right way . Otherwise we will be No 1 everywhere.
    See only few Indians run their minds and became the CEO of USA’s top Co. If we all Indians will run our mind so assume where can we head.

    Jai Hind
    Himanshu Bisht

  21. gr8 stuff karolina. good to see you are showing real india to world via your blog .

  22. Hi Karolina,
    Thanks for your various videos and very educative and facts full blog.

    Who says we do not have sports ? Or taking part in sports ?

    Only biased “West Media” and also half knowledge Indian people are blind. India is playing deadly
    sports,though very limited people.(I think it is origin of modern Gymnastic, which is mild compare to Mallakhamb )

    India play Macho Game like : (at present we forget to play, Britisher lazy game called “Cricket” )

    1.Georgia’s Got Talent Outstanding Mallakhamb performance.

    2. Kabbadi.

    Please look all Indian also

  23. Hi, karolina
    Please come to my state bihar and explore it.
    Your words may good for everyone to know Bihar properly.

    • Thank you for your suggestion 🙂
      One day, I will definitely visit Bihar!
      All the best!

      Best regards,
      Karolina Goswami

  24. i am a student of aerospace enginnering, i want to tell you something about the research of ancient indian rishi(teachers) . the whole research is written on the ‘PANDULIPI’ , ‘THAD PATTA’ and ‘VEDA’ . which is written in sanskrit and now most of thise stuffs are in the hand of western pepoles ,they decode that ancient technology by learning sanskrit in india .
    so i humble request you to ,exploring some thing about ancient techno.. tell them about ancient medicine and practises .

    • Thanks for your suggestions and sharing your knowledge.
      However, I am just a student and it will take me some time to learn all these things and do a proper research.

      Best regards,
      Karolina Goswami

  25. नमस्कार, कैरोलीना जी
    आप भारत की एक मेहमान थीं, पर अब तो आप भारत की एक अतुल्य बेटी हो गयी हैं, आपके द्वारा उल्लेखित तथ्य अकाट्य हैं तथा भारत के अंतररास्ट्रीय के साथ ही रास्ट्रीय बदलाव में भी सहायक हो रहे हैं, इसके लिए मैं आपका सहृदय आभार व्यक्त करता हूँ।
    अपनी खोज अग्रसर रखिये अभी तो आपने भारत को जानना प्रारम्भ ही किया है, और लोगों को जागरूक करते रहिए।

  26. Wow!….Thanx sister…U r really a great explorer and analyser. keep it up…I have never doubt on my country’s streanth bt after reading ur article damn sure India rising…I love my country and love all world…Like u

  27. it is really a great explorer and analyser

  28. Time , its a word that shows progress ,change ,destruction, creation ……..even incarnation. When you start seeing the true out of illusion ,that is the moment you begin to see light in darkness and that is the real knowledge……and you find yourself….and you have find yourself….always follow the truth not the events…events keep on happening one after another with Time.

  29. I like your videos and thanks for these videos.I want you to make a video on indian music and musicians like Rahman sir and others.
    I appreciate your thinking.
    Best of luck for future.

  30. I have a story for you. It’s an immigrant story of the sporty kind. My wife’s father Rajinder Rai was a field hockey player who immigrated to Canada from north India and had no shoes when he came. Her mom was a second generation Ukrainian.

    Her dad founded a very profitable construction business and also scored the goal that allowed Canada to get to the Olympics in field hockey and then was left off the 1960 Canada Olympic team due to racism.

    So instead of putting his kids in team sports, he put them in swimming, and supported them to the point where he was the head of this area’s swimming organization. All his kids swam, but my wife, Pamela Rai, eventually go to the highest level of achievement in the European swimming sports: Gold medal in the Commonwealth Games, Silver medal in the Pan Am Games and Bronze medal in the Olympics.

    You can’t tell ME that Indians aren’t sporty!

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