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Travelling in India

  • Snow-peaked mountains, jungles, tribal life, hot desert, cold desert, salt flats, rain forests, tea gardens, a huge coast line, pristine beaches, volcanoes, islands, modern metropolises and modern lifestyle… India has it all. Diversity of India can surprise every traveler. Most of the people who are asked about the recommended places to visit in India will answer- ‘The Taj Mahal’.  But do not believe them as there is so much in India apart from the famous Taj Mahal.  Nature, architecture, culture, food, language, traditions, people – India is greatly diversified. One life is not enough to explore this land. That is why you have to be really wise when it comes to choosing the places that you should visit. My blog will answer many of your questions and help you choose the best places for you to see in India.
    Standing in front of one the most famous landmarks of India

    What you should know?

    Internet is full of India travel tips(travel tips for India). Before you listen to an advice from others, you may want to ensure that the adviser has been to India many times or lived and traveled in the country and also that the person has done it in recent years.
    This country is constantly and rapidly evolving and developing and many problems that travelers may have encountered in the past may no longer exist. There are plenty of tips and rules for foreigners in India and I will focus on it in one of the future posts but there is one thing that you should know – most of the people in India are very friendly to strangers and they will be ready to help you. But on the other hand, like it happens in most places… don’t trust each and everyone who you meet as you may end up encountering someone who may  take an advantage of you. From my personal experience, I can tell you that I feel safer in the Indian cities than in many European places.
    Yaks roaming in the cold desert of Nubra Valley in the Ladakh region (Himalayas) of Northern India

    Variety of landscapes

    In Northern region of India, Himalaya Mountains stand tall with the third highest peak in the world – Kanchenjunga (8 586 m). You can find cold deserts and the highest motorable road in the world – Khardung La (more than 5 000 m above sea level). In the south of the mountains there is a huge fertile land called the Indo – Gangetic Plain, which is named after Indus and Ganga rivers. This is where Delhi (with its breathtaking Akshardham temple that you can get to know more here) – the capital and the second (after Mumbai) most populated city in India is located.
    Spectacular Akshardham temple in Delhi
    Western India is famous for one of the biggest deserts in the world – Thar Desert which covers more than a half of one of my favorite states in India – Rajasthan. Palaces on water, palaces built on hills, spectacular forts – this is what Rajasthan can offer to you (see my short movie on Udaipur – one of the cities of Rajasthan).
    Breathtaking Khimsar dunes in Rajsathan
    On the other hand, in eastern part of India you can also find one of the wettest place on earth – Cherrapunji. Huge Peninsular Plateau covers most of the southern part of India and this is where you can find impressive tea and coffee plantations. In Gujarat, you can find salt flats. Western part of peninsular is full of spectacular cliffs – that is why this region is called “Ireland of India”. Of course, there is something for beach lovers – very long coast line on both sides of this peninsula with some of  the most famous beaches from Goa and Kerala. But you must not forget the islands of Andaman and Lakshadweep. Almost in every region of India you can observe wild life as national parks are almost everywhere. Also, if you want to see how people live far away from any civilization you can go to tribal lands.

     Diversity of India

      Indian art and culture is second to none with its diversity, colors and unique nature. Every region has something different to offer, its a country with hundreds of languages. Go to the south and it will be easier to communicate in English than in Hindi. India has more than 300 major languages and at least 3000 different dialects. Different region means also different cuisine – every place has its own food culture with many specialties.
    Beautiful tea plantations in Munnar
    People say that you love or you hate India. But before giving an opinion on the whole country you should see the whole country and not just a small part. With India, it is almost impossible to explore it completely but to have a proper view, don’t conclude after one visit. You may hate hustle and bustle of Delhi (to be precise Delhi is also like a country due to its size, population and  diversity) but if you’ve never visited a small peaceful ashram in Rishikesh how can you be so confident in generalizing the whole country? Start with a blank paper – prejudices and stereotypes that you hear from others will only make you biased. Be open and make your own opinion about this country. Don’t conclude too early as diversity of India will surprise you every day.
    There are many tourists who complain of not getting the groceries of their choice while travelling in India and sometimes it may happen due to a language barrier or for some other reason. When I travel in India, I use online e-commerce stores like BigBasket which can deliver the items of your choice to your address in a few hours. India also has its own versions of websites like Amazon, which includes the likes of Snapdeal, Flipkart, TataCliq etc.
    If you want to rent a car in India- Zoomcar is one of the options.
     Click here to see a film(made by me) which explains why India is so unique- ”Why I love India-by Karolina Goswami”
    And here is another movie that I recommend to you- Is India Worth A Visit- Karolina Goswami

About Karolina Goswami

Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog! I hope you enjoy reading the stuff that you will not easily find on the mainstream media. I am a girl from Poland who is living in India. I am a seeker and I share my thoughts through this medium with the world citizens. For more details, check 'about me' section in the top menu bar. To contact me, write to me on indiaindetails@gmail.com or simply write on the comment section below every post.


  1. I am from Udaipur and I am happy that people like you are writing in beauty of my country. Very nice feeling.

  2. I am Jeremie from France. I did not know that India has tea plantation and I am very impressed. Instead of Sri Lanka we will now plan India next year. I think your this post convinced us.

    • Eastern India: (Tea Plantations)
      Daarjeeling in West Bengal and Assam

      Southern India: (Tea Plantations)
      Munnar(kerela), ooty & Mettupalyam in Tamil Nadu

      Southern India:
      Chikmagalur, Coorg (Coffee Plantations)

    • yes and my state Assam produces the most tea

  3. I have been in India several times and can’t agree more, its a magical country. Thank you for bringing information in a such rich manner 🙂
    Kind regards from Russia

  4. Have you been to Northeast India?
    India is very diverse country and I encourage you to dig a little bit of Northeast India.

    • Shiv,
      thank you for your suggestion.
      I have never been to Northeast India but I will definitely visit this region one day.
      My husband who is an Indians has many good memories from there so for sour we will want to go together and explore this place 🙂
      Best regards,
      Karolina Goswami

  5. Hi Karolina,

    Loved your video in facebook – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ijvVHdF7Ekc.
    You really made me feel very proud about my country, thanks a lot.

    I guess you just love being in India, and have embraced its culture in both the hands, do you visit your motherland Poland often?

    Would like to hear from you.


    • Jayanta,

      thank you for your kind words.
      Of course, I enjoy my time here but I also like coming to Poland as often as possible 🙂

      Best regards,
      Karolina Goswami

  6. Hi Karolina,

    I loved your entire blog and really impressed by your work specially being a non indian and not knowing anything about India couple of years ago, salute to you!!

    I am from UK but was born ad raised in India so I exactly knows what people in west think about India. Within my known group of people I found many of them have no clue about India for them your video India – the future superpower is an eye opener. They have got no choice but to educate themselves about India and am doing my bit by sharing your video link through my social networks and personal messages, so far I have shared your video link with more than 5000 people and will continue ….

    On the travel tip I highly recommend a place called kutch in Gujarat, not because I was born there but it has its own incomparable beauty which includes desserts both sand and salt, beaches, palaces, forts, food, culture, people and their hospitality, Indus Valley civilisation site, the list is long….

    Once again I highly respect you for what you doing for my country ( now it’s yours too ) and would love to meet you in person one day if I given an opportunity to!! Thanks for bringing the facts out about India.

    Happy to help anytime if you required!!
    Kind Regards,
    Dharmesh Thacker

  7. Hi Karolina,

    I’m so glad that I stumbled upon this…it’s the best thing I’ve seen for quite some time, not just about India, but anything that has ever made me happy 🙂 I see that you’ve been to Bangalore as well…how was it? I’m from Bangalore 🙂

    Thanks for all that you’re doing, and wish you the very best in my country 🙂


  8. Hi karolina..i am really touched, surprised and really really impressed by ur knowledge and the way u write ur blogs.. i just read few of ur blogs and can’t resist myself from reading it.
    Amazing work.
    It would be great if u would describe every state of India. I am from gujarat but right now in Canada so i appreciate if u write couple of blogs on gujarat as well.


  9. Hi, Please make sure to visit Hyderabad (Telangana). You can experience something Awesome.
    Old city , new city , Hindu , muslime , Christian,Jains. Telugu , Hindi , Urdu. Temples , mosques ,church, Charminar , Golkonda, makka masjid, Hitech CIty, Yadagiri Gutta Temple. Safest and one of the best cities in india


    • Kishore!

      Thank you for your suggestion, I will definitely visit Hyderabad in the future.
      Best regards,
      Karolina Goswami

  10. I’m so glad that you being a non-Indian describing India that we don’t even know. By now I’m totally in love with your blog and Youtube channel. I live in Assam, North-eastern part of India. I invite you to visit my place.

    • Thank you, Jagat!
      I heard many good things about Northeast India and I will definitely visit this part one day 🙂
      Best regards,
      Karolina Goswami

  11. Hello Karolina,

    I would like to thank you about portraying India so beautifully. If you deem it fit, you may also include unexplored beaches in Konkan region of Maharashtra and natural mangrove forests (one of its kind) of Sunderbans (West Bengal) which are very quiet when compared to other popular places of visit. Although beware of Royal Bengal Tiger and aligators in Sunderbans 🙂



    • Namaste Nivedita,

      Thanks for the suggestions 🙂 I heard a lot about the beauty of these regions and I want to visit them one day.
      Best regards,
      Karolina Goswami

  12. Hi,
    I read your blogs. I liked it as well. Very nice. And also I like you to write aboutTamilnadu and Chennai. And also if possible you can do some research and write about Ancient Tamil Language and its rich culture as well.
    Thank you.

    • Namaste!

      Thank you for your kind words and your suggestion 🙂
      Stay tuned for new posts and documentaries!
      Best regards,
      Karolina Goswami

  13. Hello Karolina
    Your blog is very interesting, but don’t mistake me, your travel covers mostly northern India. Please try to cover southern India also, there are many things to explore here in Tamil nadu also, especially in Tanjore Temple, Madurai Temples and other history’s too.

  14. Hello Karolina,
    Loved the article and glad that I stumbled upon your blog. Being an Indian and having lived here for 23 yrs in 5 different states and having shared classrooms with people from all parts of India and it is still the ” Land of Unknown” for me. Hope all of us can embrace everything this vast country has to offer.

  15. Hi every one,
    Thank you Mrs.Koarolina for great work. Being Indian Bahu (daughter in law) your posts are amazing for whole world and for most of Indians too. I too am getting to Know a Lot about my beloved mother land. I am from Bangalore(karantaka). I will be happy to share rich culture of Karnataka , which is diverse in its culture , like any part of Indian . I will keeping supporting your work about Bharath(I prefer that) and i will share this details to as many as possible.Being a doctor, I come across people from all around the world and would serve by referring your message.
    thank you

  16. Hello Karolina. I came across your video and now after reading every blog , I am happy I did. It makes me very happy to see that you have searched so much and gathered information about so many things. I bet that many Indians too would not have known about some of the things that you hav mentioned in your blog. I loved everything that you have written in it. But one suggestion that you can include more pictures in the upcoming posts, so that even foreigners who read your blog can see what India actually is!!( And not just make their own assumptions about our motherland) I’m really proud of you karolina for making my country proud!!

  17. Hello karolina. Today I came across a video of yours and got to know about this blog. ( I am glad I did) It is really nice to see that you have so much of knowledge and love for our country. From your blog I can see that you have spent a lot of time in knowing this country and more importantly in loving it. I’m quite sure that most of us Indians are also not aware of some of the things that you have described. I enjoyed reading all your posts and felt proud of being an Indian. However I would like to give you a suggestion to include more pictures in your upcoming posts so that foreigners ( and also Indians) who read your blog get to know what India actually is!! ( and not just have their ideas and opinions about our motherland) Apart from that your blog is definitely amazing and educating. I’m really proud of you for making India proud !!

  18. it is really awesome for me to watch your youtube videos and blogs..u know the real truth of my country and u had the potential to share it with the world.. thanks a lot..

    • My humble thanks!
      However, I am just a learner and I keep studying the great ancient knowledge from India 🙂

      Best regards,
      Karolina Goswami

  19. hi Karolina,

    I thank you once more for your love on India. Your post on traveling in India is simply awesome. But You missed so many places to mention.
    I hope you will post about more places in your future posts.

    By the way, I am from TELANGANA state.
    I heartily invite you to visit my state
    Where you can find unique places, culture, and even Tribes.

    I suggest you to watch some videos on Telangana tourism on YouTube.

    Here are some links:





    • Samhith,

      Thank you for your kind words!

      India is such a vast and diversified country that it is impossible to mention all the beautiful places in this country in one article. That is why in the future, you can expect many more travel related posts which will cover different places in India.

      Stay tuned.
      Best regards,
      Karolina Goswami

  20. cześć Karolina or i’ll prefer to say bhabhiji instead of your name
    so first of all thanks to Anurag brother because of whom we got such a beautiful bhabhi and an admirer of our beloved motherland, Bharat and secondly to you and this one is BIGger 😉 for your hard work and completing the dream of not only your husband but all of indians, to show real india to the world. keep it up!!!
    One thing which enlarged my pupil in the very begining of video was you in saree and i must say that saree suits you very much and you look very gorgeous in that, also make me jealous of Anuragji 😀
    by the way Anurag sir i have seen your creation and just like your soulmate your designs are also very beautiful. my well wishes to both of you for your future endeavors.
    happy new year and stay blessed!!

  21. Hi Karolina , it’s just simply beautiful to read your blog. I wish you all the best in what you doing and I wish millions smiles surround you everyday. 🙂 just can’t express my feelings in words after reading your blog.
    I can only say that , you made a very big difference in my life today.

    Kind Regards
    Wish you Success and happiness 🙂


  22. I can honestly say, I have read the best and most thorough reviews, which talks about reasons, west interpretations/ perceptions, your personal experience. Every review when I read, I feel it is written with a passion but unbiased mind. You have not just given your reviews but done a lot of home work for so many details, facts, figures. I absolutely loved each and every word you have written, not just the good, the bads also.

    Is there any possibility, I can connect with you by email or anyway you like? I am in US and I have several things that you may be interested in knowing (after reading your blog, I feel like i am ignorant) – I used to share science behind indian structures, some of them are very interesting to know – like – musical pillars, fort where sound can travel upto 3km without any amplifiers and many many more. there are so many other things that I want to mention to you, so please let me know if you won’t mind me contacting you

  23. it was yesterday 11-02-17 I was going through YouTube to watch some videos.. fortunately I got one your video in suggestion and I went through it.. you are really an amazing person and you forced me to think that as an Indian what I know about my very own country? you know more about Indian that many Indians like me and no doubt you are not an outsider now we proud to got you as an Indian.. the way you exploring India and culture is really praiseworthy.. I felt in love with your blog.. and karoline I request you to visit North East India specially Assam and explore this region to the world .. again thanks to you and proud of you .. keep going on. god bless you and your family

  24. Ajanta and ellora cave temples…..mahabslipuram…..the temple made by designing a whole rock into a temple….in maharashtra is also hood…..far better than taj mahal

  25. Kanchan Kumar Shaw

    As an Indian I am very thankful to you for creating such wonderful video of my country. You can also make a video on tourism of India. I am trying to do this. For a example chadar trek as a unique in world, which I did on Jan-2017. Loktak lake is only floating lake in world, Gir forest famous for Asiatic Lion, Rann of Kutch, the salt desert of India. There are many more places in India and Its remote places of approx all states manily in North-East of India to explore.

  26. Hi Karolina Goswami ,
    As an Indian these videos are really close to India & I Love your Passion about the India. You are looking gorgeous in Indian Clothing specially in Saree .The theme is India & you are very clearly define about What India is? .This is a great thing. I love my nation and want to live only live in my Country .There is an ancient place of The Rajasthan is Bhatner fort which is situated at Hanumangarh,Rajasthan,IN .You are requested to kindly make the video on this place and thanks.

    -Your Viewer-

  27. नमस्ते। Karolina Mam!
    I hope you also include Majuli the largest riverine island
    in the world which is located in Assam.

  28. Hi Karolina,

    Hope you doing well !

    You have started a wonderful project…my best wishes always with you.
    Appreciate could visit Odisha and lighten up about Sun Temple (Konark temple), Puri Temple and many more…

  29. Hello Karolina, i think you should also make a video for VARANASI (INDIA) as we know it as one of the oldest city in the world.
    Mark Twain, the renowned Indophile, said of Varanasi, “Benares (Varanasi) is older than history, older than tradition, older even than legend, and looks twice as old as all of them put together.”


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