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India under the British rule- the correct story

A thousand years ago India used to be a land flowing with milk and honey. No one expected at that time that the glorious past would be totally gone in a few centuries. Things can change quickly, especially when you have lots of gold and you are not into fights. This is exactly what India’s curse was. Probably, you may stop here and think: “How is it possible that a country without a proper sanitation system used to be rich?” You are right, you can have your doubts because the world is showing us only the bad sides of India (here you can see my film answering – Why is international media unfair to India?) without explaining why this all happened to a country which is so rich with the natural resources. India has changed over a few centuries. So who was responsible for the destruction of this land? The answer will be shocking for many of you.

The British Empire couldn’t stay on its own island. It had to conquer, loot and run away. And they had chosen India for that. India under British rule was devastated. India under British rule had been ruined so badly that this land will probably suffer for many decades. Some English language lovers may already be mad at me as they think  that English language has been a blessing in disguise from the colonial rule and thanks to that, India is now a giant in the IT and software. All I want to say to these people is -” hello folks! Wake up! if the British had not come to India, the chances are that the computer programming would have been written in Hindi which could easily have been the international language of today.” But, India under British rule became a land of poverty,pollution,death and fear. So before you turn your thoughts about the so called legacy of rail infrastructure from the British, please continue reading the whole post.

The fact of the matter is that India under the British rule was slowly destroyed by the businessmen in disguise who spoke English (which unfortunately many Indians feel is ”a blessing in disguise” for them)

The Bengal famine hit India during the British rule when Winston Churchill engineered the massacre of 3 million Indians in 1943 , however the actual figure of deaths were even more.

India – a paradise of the past

But slowly, let’s go back to the times when India was not ruled by the British. Until 12th century, India was a highly developed country with the full-fledged infrastructure, economy, social and legal system. India had its own structure which was very solid. This level was achieved thanks to the ancient Vedic knowledge, which unfortunately started to disappear after the Mahabharata battle(soon after that Kali Yuga began,I will talk about it in one of my future posts). But thanks to the millions of spiritual masters, Vedas were still present in people’s lives. Indians were living without problems, some small battles happened, but most of the time they all lived in peace and prosperity. Also the size of India has been much bigger(Maurya Empire for example) in the past than the one we see today. Unfortunately, it all started to be just a vague memory after the 12th century invasion of Mugals who slowly broke the infrastructure, the economy and the law structure .

Mughal Empire

Around 15th and 16th century Mughal Empire  slowly started to decline. Brothers were fighting with brothers. Shivaji (a warrior from Maharashtra) was defeating Mughal armies; Sikh people in Punjab started to fight for freedom. Mughal days in India were numbered. And then came the Britons. And what did they tell to the world? That they saved India from the Mughals when the truth was that had the British come or not, India would become a free country again. Of course, they defeated some of them using their modern guns and other equipment, but Indians without any difficulties would do the same.

Shivaji – Marathi warrior who was one of the bravest and smartest warriors of all time.

Why India?

Now, comes a question: “Why England bothered so much to come to India like there was no other country to conquer?” The truth is simple – England desperately needed gold and money. They knew about India from the end of the 15th century, they were also aware that the Portuguese were already there having their influence in today’s Goa and England always had this wish to be the biggest power of the world. You should also remember one thing – even after Mughal invasion the Indian economy made 30% of the whole world economy and the level of people’s lives was still very impressive. Of course, you may have a fair argument that India also had a huge percentage of the world’s population and so there was its huge economy. You may make sense here  but also  there is even a bigger question: “How did it happen that when the British left in the 20 th century, India with a much bigger population could produce only 2% of the world economy?” That is precisely why I want you to learn why and how it all happened.

A businessman in disguise

The British first entered in India as businessmen. They knew that if they wanted to conquer India they couldn’t do it in an open war. There were so many kings and kingdoms in India that if they all felt danger they would unite and face the invader. That is why their target was to never let them unite against England. That is why the idea was to implement the divide and rule policy( an evil strategy) – make the Indian kings fight against each other. We all know that when the enemy is weaker within itself, the invader gets stronger. British government already sent special agents who traveled around India. They suggested that the only way to rule India is to break the backbone of the country, to kill the spirit of the people. So what was the base of this land? Of course Vedas and Hinduism… That is why they made up the Aryan theory which claims that all the Indians originated from Europe as descendants of Aryans who brought Vedas to the Indian land. They deliberately undermined Indian history and tradition, so they would feel inferior to the English speaking people. They made them believe that more than 2000 years before, the Aryans brought to India everything and all of them are almost like a family since their ancestors came to people this fruitful land. As Aryan theory is a huge topic, I will go back to this in one of the next posts.

Britons – the masters in distorting the facts

British learnt Sanskrit so they would know exactly what this whole Hinduism was all about. They wanted to use this ancient knowledge against Indians. They even went on and tampered the  Vedas and other Indian scriptures. For example, they added to Ramayana (which describes the story of Lord Ram) a non-existing chapter in which they falsely claimed that Lord Ram had asked Sita (his wife) to jump into the fire after his own death to verify her purity. Before I wrote this post, my friend from Europe was planning to visit me in India and many of her friends actually warned her that women in India are burnt alive after their husband’s death. I was shocked how people could even think this way, so I started to do my research. And I found out this Ramayana story. Also,  when Mughals arrived and as they started to kill men, women were committing suicide so that they would not get raped and be tortured to death or deliver twenty babies from the rape. So smart Britons used it to undermine Vedas. They spread rumors that this is actually what Vedas are saying to people. To prove their statements they added a new text to Ramayana. It was totally in their control. They controlled the newly formed state libraries and all important national data and treasure and they burnt and destroyed the old ancient books and stole a lot of originals and took it back to their country. We should say that they were very clever in breaking this backbone of India – they completed their task perfectly.

Lord Ram and Sita whose real love story will amaze everyone.

Breaking the backbone of India

The British knew that the time when Vedas were written didn’t match their Aryan theory. Especially they had problem with Bhagavata Purana, which was written in a very old style. So they came up with another idea – they claimed that the author of this text purposely used archaic style to make people believe that this was actually much older than it was. It just proves how desperate England was to rule India. Their aim was to make Indian people believe that Vedas are just mythology and only Christian-based values are the one to be followed. That is why they opened convent schools, they built churches, they brought missionaries. Slowly Indian schools were converted into British-owned manufactures of army boys and Jesus Christ followers. In North East India, where people were poor, they started to give salaries for all the people who agreed to convert to Christians. They taught children that Sanskrit had its origin in English and that is why there are some similarities.They used all the sneaky ways to make Indian forget about their traditions and history. Max Mueller, a famous indologist wrote in the letter to the Duke of Argyll, who was the Secretary of State in India: “India has been conquered once, but India must be conquered again and that second should be a conquest by education.” It clearly shows us what the idea of the British people was.

Another important point that has to be raised is archaeology. Before the British invasion there were no archaeological sites or departments in India. They didn’t need it as everything was written in Vedas and the Brahmans were like the Internet of today( a far advanced version actually). Whatever you wanted to know was explained by Brahmans and they were much more reliable than today’s sources of information. The English invaders established the first archaeological department and you can be sure that they didn’t do this to search for the truth. For me, the biggest injustice is that even some Indian people believe that everything that comes from the West is superior to their culture and everything that is written by English speaking people about India is right. It hurts me personally that a country with an extremely rich history was forced to believe that all what is said to be pre-Christian deserves hate and rejection. Many people prefer to speak English than Hindi, I hear girls in shopping malls talking in English and thinking that it makes them look better. And this is just one of the consequences of colonialism in India. The numbers of such consequences are actually uncountable.

Divide and rule policy

As I have already written, the British used divide and rule policy. Orders from England were simple -do whatever it takes, but the end result should be nothing less than a total domination. If someone wanted women, they gave him white women. If someone wanted guns, they sold him lots of guns. If someone wanted to be their friend, they befriended him. If someone didn’t want anything at all, they fought against him. But first they cleverly collected information about all the kings, and this is when they found out how rich Indians actually were. In India there is an ancient tradition –”Guest is God”. Especially when someone from a different country comes, Indians want to show their hospitality. So, when the British came, Indians were having almost a sort of competition who would give more gold coins and other treasures. Indians were kind of taking pride in who among them was more hospitable. The British couldn’t believe that a small king in India had more money than the entire British kingdom. A common person’s wealth was bigger than the whole wealth of an average city in England. In England one gold coin could cause a riot and there they were giving away thousand of coins like it was nothing. So they started to imagine how much money they would still have. But coming back to the point – ”the divide and rule policy”. They befriended Indian kings and then they used different tricks to make them fight against each other. They would sell guns to both of them, but also they would know who was more important for them. After the favored king would win, they would remind him that he had won because of them. Now this favored king who had just won a war against his neighbor had a stronger ego and a swollen pride and therefore he was encouraged by the British  to carry on fighting and to continue to expand only to realize later that  he was nothing but a puppet in the hands of the British who they were going to eventually get rid off anyway. They also used their caste policy to divide and rule the people of India.

The destroyer of India

The British also destroyed Indian economy as they just wanted to suck out as much as possible from this land. They didn’t care about maintenance, hygiene or the future of this country. They polluted rivers because recycling would be too expensive. The result is visible now – the whole India has to fight with filthy water. They grew opium and then they left infertile soil. They only cared about their profit and loot. Of course, some people (even Indian) will argue with me how I can say this kind of lies when there are so many buildings or railway tracks left by the British,. How about this beautiful railway station in Mumbai? On the one hand, you are right – all these things are here in India. But on the other hand, these invaders built everything for themselves. Railway tracks and station were there to speed up the transfer of looted treasure and gold. They built churches, but they never agreed to build temples for Hindu people. They didn’t build any toilet for Indians so you can’t be surprised that India now is struggling with lack of proper sanitation system. They never cared. And don’t forget that they used Indian money, Indian workers, Indian land, Indian material to build all of it. If they built something that benefited Indians it just meant that it benefited the British one thousand times more. And one more interesting thing, after the Britons left , Indians were left with some of the deepest empty gold mines in the world. Before the British invasion India had the biggest number of gold mines in the whole world. So they found it and kept digging until there was no more gold there.

Railway station in Mumbai – built by the British to speed up looting India.

They went to every household and looted everything. People were scared, so they started to swallow gold or some of the extreme ones even tried to hide it in their rectum ( I heard this story during my travels in India), but it didn’t stop the invaders. They killed them and took all the coins out. Of course British officers came with the Indians. It is no surprise, Indian people  were jobless, hungry and without any sources to live so they had no other choice but to work for the biggest thief ever. Another thing is that they were born in a colonized country, they thought that this is how it works – white people rule the dark.

The reason of baby-girls abortion

One of the problems that India is facing today is baby-girl abortion or murder. What led to this cruelty? When the British came they stopped giving jobs to the women, girls were not allowed to go to school. Even though five hundred years earlier women were treated like  goddesses, during the British Raj, women were nothing. So mothers thought that it is better to kill the female infant than to let it slowly die for years. The boys were financed by the invader as  they would join the army or work physically. And in many villages this still happens. But this is a topic for another post, you can be sure that I will give enough details on it.

The industrialization

I want to raise one more topic – the industrialization. As probably many of you would argue with me, Indian economy deteriorated because of this phenomenon that started in the Great Britain in the 18th century. You have a valid point, but let me share with you mine too. Every economy revolution needs two basic things – money and workers. So it is not hard to guess that Great Britain had it all financed by Indian gold and the cheap labor coming from India and Africa. Then you will argue that the whole industrialization idea was British. But if you start searching you will get to know that all these information are in Sanskrit ancient texts. So yes, England stole also the knowledge. On one hand, they criticized Vedas, but on the other they used all the information that could make them powerful and rich. Sometimes, I wonder why does the world really believe that all the advancement that came to the world just happened so suddenly in the last 300 years? It is not a co-incidence that the so called scientific inventions took place in the West at the very same time when India’s libraries and ancient knowledge was looted.  So the British economy grew and at that time Indian’s was falling into decay.

Now let’s even imagine that the British never came to India to rule and let’s even imagine that they came up with the industrialization and the modernization on their own, do you really think that India with all their gold and other natural resources would not be able to buy the technologies from Europe or from anywhere else for that matter if it was not looted of its massive reserve of treasure?  A small princely state of India had more wealth than the whole British or other European empires. Well, technologies are made to be sold. Did China invent the bullet trains? Did Dubai invent the technology to build all those skyscrapers? No, they paid and bought it from the others. And anyway, research and development is more likely to happen when you have peace and prosperity around you. So, even though we assume that people in India were stupid, do you really think that with all their  potential and natural resources given, from 30% of the world economy they would crash to 2%?  Yes, this is exactly what happened to India after the British left. India made 30% of the world economy when the British arrived and 2% when they left.  In all fairness, if the British never looted India, India would either be able to buy the technology by money but it’s more likely that they would have been the inventors of the modern science as well themselves just like they were of the ancient science and knowledge.

It would not be a problem for Indians to travel to Europe and pay for all the technologies. Everyone wants to sell and earn money, so I don’t think that Great Britain would resist such an amount of money coming from India. Think about Dubai – they don’t have scientists or great architects, but they have money and now the whole world admires their constructions. The same thing would have happened to India.

Why they gave India its independence back?

During two world wars British finances started slowly to shrink. They stole from India almost everything (including a famous Kohinoor – one of the biggest diamonds – that I will surely write about in the future) so it was no longer profitable for them to have their quarters there. India before independence was almost like a grave – people were starving, dying due to lack of medical treatment. All gold was looted. The Indians started to ask for independence, some of them were fighting. Everything costs. So the British wanted to back away, but they couldn’t show the world that they just looted a country and now they are leaving it in this condition. So they wanted to show that they actually helped Indians. When a problem occurred who should be the leader of independent India, they gave the power to Mahatma Gandhi who was opting for peaceful solutions. But on the other hand, they wanted to show that India can’t sustain without them. They convinced the Muslim leader that he should become the prime minister of the new country and they engineered riots and a civil war. The mission was completed – the whole world got to know that India as an independent country can’t be peaceful. But they didn’t know that it was just a British trick. Finally India got divided and Pakistan was added to the global map.

Mahatma Gandhi’s friendly behavior with the British rewarded him and the British left the keys of the new house (Independent India) to him as the British would never want to hand over the country to the other great Indian freedom fighters who were using force to get the British out of the country.

Thanks to British and Mughal invasion India became a totally different country. From almost a paradise to a country struggling with thousands of problems. Now India is growing and showing the world its potential. Indian businessmen are saving British companies like Jaguar, Rangerover ,Tetley etc.   India is becoming a superpower, but without starting any war with anyone. They want to stay in their own territory and protect its people. India under British rule came through  horrendous tortures and pain but now it is slowly overcoming the nightmare of a few centuries.

About Karolina Goswami

Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog! I hope you enjoy reading the stuff that you will not easily find on the mainstream media. I am a girl from Poland who is living in India. I am a seeker and I share my thoughts through this medium with the world citizens. For more details, check 'about me' section in the top menu bar. To contact me, write to me on indiaindetails@gmail.com or simply write on the comment section below every post.


  1. I do not know how I ended up on your blog, but It hurts me a lot how the British treated the Indians. I come from Cuba. And it hurts even more that no one is really talking about it on the mainstream media.
    Meanwhile, I love your style of writing, all the best!

    • Mark India was a great civilization and very tolerant, i welcome you to india with open heart to come and experience MAGIC that will sooth your mind, body and soul

    • Hi karolina
      I am indian and born in Hindu poor family. I was always thinking leave India and to get settle in any european country, because of unemployment and corruption. Hindu Muslim and all other negativity​.
      But from your videos I’m inspired. I got to know more about my country. And now I know that my India is the greatest country and also I m from the greatest religion.
      I love my country and my motherland. Definitely I will do something for my country for making my country the world largest and greatest country.
      Thank you very much karolina. You are doing a great job.

  2. Amit Kumar Mittal

    I think it would not be an exaggeration if we say that the biggest thieves in the history of the world were the British.

  3. Hello! I am a student of history from Singapore. How come we never learned about the Bengal famine that you covered over here. I think something needs to be done to change the books that we have been given to study around the world.

    • My dad was born around the time of the Bengal famine in undivided Bengal. He grew up being told that there are people in the streets who are robbing for pieces of food even with stray dogs, let alone humans. Fortunately, my dad’s family did not go thru this, but this was common back then. The Bengal famine was man made created by a certain guy with the last name Churchill. The British govt. in India protested against his plans to export Bengal’s agricultural produce to feed troops in southern Europe during WW2 but a comment was made by him against the local Bengali population. You can read about it on Wikipedia or elsewhere online. I have the personal opinion that this dis-empowered the Muslim Bengali peasantry and accelerated the partition of Bengal alongside the larger division of India. I do not know how much research in this area exists, but its my opinion.

  4. Hi Karolina, I red your article n I adore you for lots of insight research about misconception relaying with Indian history and culture. I believe that, you a true emerging national ambassador to the outer world,, Go ahead,,my lots of best wishes is always with you.

  5. Dear Karolina,
    It is refreshing to read a perspective from someone who has not only experienced India but who has the conviction to write about the real India with balanced research. In high contrast to your blog is the writing of Kallie Szczepanski who writes garbage for “about.com” as their “Asian History Expert. See http://asianhistory.about.com/od/glossaryae/g/Who-Are-The-Brahmins.htm

    This undigested misinformation will certainly damage the India you portray when people query about India. I thought it might interest you and perhaps you could write to them about her inaccurate perspective on India.
    I am an author (see “Follow the Hindu Moon: a guide to the festivals of south India” Random House 2007 and “Follow the Hindu Sun: Sandhyaa-Vandanam” You might also be interested in reading What Next by Aravind Sitaraman (available through Amazon Kindle). Keep up the wonderful writing! Regards, Soumya

  6. Hi Karolina.. not as comprehensive as yours but I wrote this little blog on 15th Aug. Please read if you get time 🙂 Let me know what you think!


  7. Fabulous article… Found an interesting link on the GDP of countries across centuries… Starting 1 AD.. Just goes on to prove your point..

  8. Hi!
    Everything on this page is mostly right but one thing is not correct. In your opinion British “rewarded” Gandhi with sets of keys to India and will not give the keys to violent revolutionaries. Who were these violent revolutionaries? They were Subhash Chandra Bose and to some extent Chandrashekhar Azad among other many other. Both Bose and Azad died before freedom. Also Bose lost the war against British. Who else was there apart from Gandhi whom british should have given the keys? Can you name anyone else? Being a man of peace or friendly do not make one an agent of opponent. Would you say Mandela and Martin Luther King were agents of whites because they were also doing peaceful protests against them? Otherwise great blog. Keep it up.

    • Mr Akash actually Subhash chandrabose’s death itself was a mistry some say it was Gandhi’s conspiracy and also that there were secret files against him which the congress govt concealed from citizens . So if it turns out to be true in the coming future then u will have to shut ur mouth as Gandhi’s support to words British will be proved.Remember Subhash never lost the war he was just overpowered by British and the bloody Indian basturds who chose the British side to make them even more power full. For our kind information Mr Akash if it wasn’t for subash or Ashok Chandra azad who have done enough collateral damage to the British govt the British would have never left India.

  9. No point. What has happened has happened. And what will happen will happen. A linear logical view to this topic will only evoke sharp unhappy responses. If we are talking about India then we should not forget this country and the idea of the country India rejects linear view and accepts cyclical view. What goes around comes around. We were rich once. We will be rich again. We got looted once. We will be looted again. Just a play of space and time on the consciousness of human mind.

  10. Dear Karolina, as I have been a very devoted student of History, so I can say that you have been doing a great job. We have been fed with the wrong material in schools, and we have been given the feeling that we as Indian/Hindu are very negative, with all those wrong doings, rituals and traditions etc.
    You are doing a great job. All the very best for this.

  11. hello Karolina Mam Please Write Something About Sati Strategy which British Missionary adopted .hope you know about Sati . Sati (also spelled suttee) is an obsolete Hindu funeral custom where a widow immolates herself on her husband’s pyre, or commits suicide in another fashion shortly after her husband’s death.
    Whenever i heard about that it hurt me please mam crack it…As a Hindu i know what value and respect of girls is …we worship goddess Mother Durga to achieve power ..we chant ” jai ma bhawani ” during war .but whenever i heard past story about sati and killing of baby girl child it hurts me how we become demon in those days….i know all finger are not equal but that hurt me and hurt me lot…waiting to see post about sati ..i know u can crack Sati strategy

    • Namaste Mam,….Now i understand the whole scenario ..i think what is going on in iraq and syria and how isis jehadi kill yazidi man and capture yazidi women they earlier did in india..its sad ,painful……thanku again mam to tell me scenario hope we the people of india know our real history people here who think they are educated always blame us…they denoted us as a third world country people…but i dont care i know we have lost our knowledge..but as time go we surely make our Bharat great again….

      “Dhanyawad(Thanku) Mam”

    • Thank you Karolina Goswami , This cleared what I was predicting .
      Same thing with Child Marriages.. when Invaders can Rape 5-9 year old infants/girls, no other option left to go for Child marriages for Local Hindus.

      Also same with Female Fetacize (Girl Child Killing before birth) .. Britishers Introduced the many laws to denegrade Girls & their birth. One of them was Girls will not get the parental properties , If a family/King/Landlord don’t have Sons, they have to Give the lands to Britishers. That is how today most of the lands in India still on the Church Groups names & missionary names.. When Britishers leaving India, those lands belong to Indian People not Brits..

  12. I am glad that I stumbled upon your blog. Happy to read the real history of India which have been hidden from us by our own people. I have heard many people, even our past PM Mr.Singh telling that “British rule was a blessings for India”. Good luck to you. Hope our people may believe the truth when it comes from the mouth of a European person.

    • I have heard this before. “British rule was a blessing for India.” This resonates with people because of how corrupt , and dirty our country has become In order for India to become great corruption and ignorance has to be rooted out. What is your research about corruption in India.When did it start and how and why it is in every aspect of life in India. I studied sanskrit which is a beautiful language and actually you will find that the sanskrit texts are the ones that will help you in your journey . Really admire what you are doing . You must love our country very much.

      • Corruption is one of the things that I will cover in detail in future. Thanks for your appreciation.
        Best regards

      • Many thanks for your comment. India is not stuck in the past, India deserve to know the correct history so that it can build its future by learning the ”correct” lessons from the past.

  13. Wow….. What can I say…Simply superb and the truth well put!

  14. Amazing article Karolina. Loved every piece of it.
    I must say that you did wonderful research and I appreciate your writing style.

    Juts one correction: Mughals came in 16th century and not 12th. In 12th century, we were invaded by Muhammed of Ghor (Muhammed Ghori), who left Qutubuddin Aibak, his slave. Hence began the Slave dynasty, followed by Khilji, Tughlaq, Taimur, Lodhi and Sayyid, before Mughals came. Era before Mughals is known as the Delhi Sultanate.

  15. hello karolina ,i read your full story about the british rule in india …and i am really very glad after reading your thoughts .thank you very much by explaining your views about india …../its the real truth that british had fully destroyed india during their rule and left poverty ,feaar ,death and all …

  16. hello karolina, i have read your posts ,blogs and wanna tell u that they are very true and a source of inspiration for the whole world. even many indians who dont have enough time and knowledge about india come to know the vast power ,history and supremacy of india. i wants from you is to research on vedas ,puranas and upnishads so that we all came to know that ayurveda, vedic mathematics ,yoga ,astrology ,sociology ,meditation etc are from indian vast history. and we are quite surprised even after thousands of years and resistance of other religions and rulers ,these all are kept alive in everyone heart from ayodhya to rameshwaram, varanasi,kurushetra ,four dhams etc. i am greatly proud to be an bharatiya (indian) that the whole humanity is so interested in india and appreciates your work .thanks for the same .

  17. It is strange that a young Polish girl is writing all this pointing out the systematic destruction of India’s economy by the British and not the thousands of qualified Indian historians since independence. These historians said nothing in defence of India, but merely promoted the British propaganda of India as a poor, illiterate and badly divided country which was united and modernised by them. Shame on independent India’s historians and ignorant political leaders.

  18. Hi Karolina,

    You are clearly intelligent and understand your history. However I must ask and please answer honestly do you harbor a hatred or dislike towards Britain?

    I know all you are telling us is the truth however is this because you have a hatred towards Britain for what they done? I think you are intresting and will not judge you so please answer honestly if you do just say you do.

    Kind regards,

    P.S I will be following your interesting blog and website you are an inspiration to the youth.

    • Good morning Karolina,

      Thank you for your message.

      It would be great if you could do an article on why the multi-millionaire businessmen and politicians in India seem more concerned with buying Ferrari and mansions rather than providing basic medication and sanitary to the poor and the needy in India. India is indeed richer than Britain and lots of Indians are richer than British but Britain still provides a free health service and a decent standard of living for all perhaps looking forward rather than backwards would really help India on becoming a global power.

      Judging buy the way you speak and dress I am guessing you are affluent and where you are a European you have lots of influence. Maybe you should become a spokesperson for the future of India and how things can be improved on your YouTube maybe start your own political party :). I think you are fabulous I would vote for you as would many other Indians.

      Kind regards,

      • I truly did not know that… thank you for enlightening me you are right in saying the media is unfair and biased.

        I wish you every success and I will continue to follow and share you pages. Please make another educational clip soon.

        Kind regards,

      • Dear Karolina, wishing you a very happy DIWALI (belated). I want to add something. British colonial rule has robbed INDIA to its extreme. But one thing they failed. The cultural spirit and plurality of our country. Except India, all former British colonies have been anglicized, local people converted to Christianity (eg Australia), but that never happened in India. If you can give your views in this regard will be heartily accepted. Regards Debapriya

      • Shashikant Dwivedi

        Bhabhiji First and foremost thing YOU are better, rather one of the best, Indian than Mrs.Sonia Gandhi. Plz dont call yourself Outsider.

        Great Job keep going

  19. I thank both of you for enlightening me on several facts not known to me. ………so much of information held back in Education curriculum.
    These information’s are also hidden away from media, expect for few bloggers who keep the spirit of India alive.

    Your information brings together a sense of belonging. So much sufferings at the hands of Portuguese, Dutch, French & English.

    I wish you success. Jai Hind

  20. Hello sister I am Indian living in Mumbai I really love what you are doing for india telling world about it’s glory my india will become a super power one day ,the British is now given jobs by the Indians . god watches all

  21. Dear Karolina! I just happened to view one of your videos on Facebook posted by one of my friends and was in complete awe of the material covered. I have been doing a lot of research on my own country only to break the myths that has encircled my country over these 50 years but what you have done is found so much information that it puts a lot of in shame that why we never learned about this as students. However, it is better to be late than be denied of it.
    After reading your blog on this topic, I could only say that the British robbed India years ago and today its economy is badly affected. If you believe in karma – it has strange and surreal ways to teach the wrongdoers


    Hi Karolina,
    Appreciate this work and wish you much more success in making it a great work! I am curious to know from you, what are the sources you often relay upon to get to these facts? It ll be very useful, if you cite them. Thank you!

  23. very beautiful piece of article ! Thanks for that maam !

  24. very nice Ms. Goswami ….. you mentioned lot of positives in society …… mention the negative side which balances ur statements ….

  25. Due to some technical error at the server, we may have not received some comments by our visitors. Apologies for that!

  26. Hi Karolina
    It is really very interesting & well written topic highlighting the misdeeds of British. You have read & gained so much knowledge about India & its mindset that you may have some advise as well as how to solve this riddle as children today are attracted to western culture & are totally forgetting their own. People who have acquired wealth are becoming so arrogant & the have-nots also are trying to achieve same by short cuts. This will be hindrance in our progress. I started constructing toilets in one of the Govt Girls school in India & biggest obstacle you wont believe came from Indians itself.
    You keep up the good work

  27. Namaste Karolina,

    I have just been introduced to your site and find it worthy of your effort and I bow to it. I know this is an old post and I haven’t gone through the articles yet.

    However, nitpicking, I find a mention of “Jodha Akbar” — you may have already learnt by now how Bollywood often twists the historical contexts to romanticize the tyrants while discrediting the heroes. Jodha Akbar – was one such movie which is historically incorrect as well as funded by vested interests. Hence, kindly do not give it much more weightage than it deserves :).

    More, later.
    Siva C

  28. Dear Karolina,
    I go thru articles of yours on India details. I expressed my gratitude to you, on very positive thought on India and its ancient story. I also appreciate that you disclose on Britishers divide rule. For which we lost our fore father land. Please write more vedic culture to vasudeva kutumbakam.

  29. hii Carolina

    I appreciate your great work… actually the indian history in your word is much more appreciable.
    when will be your next post available on “Kohinoor”,as you told u will be write about this in future post.

    if possible provide the link…

  30. Saddest thing is,even now, in Indian schools kids are taught that Vedas were brought in by Outsiders(Aryans) undermining and hiding the capability of ancient Indians.For most part of post-independent era of India,books written by foreigners were only the base for History of India who wrote in their own perspective rather than truth.Not just India,history of many countries were falsely spread by Imperialistic European powers.Wishing you good luck in this endeavor Karolina.

  31. Dear Karolina,

    Excellent ! Brilliant piece of history which is so unknown to the world. The real INDIA.

    My sincere gratitude to you & Mr Anurag for the amazing work you both are doing. Totally appreciable! We and our kids must get to learn about real India and be proud of this country and work towards bringing back its past glory than blindly aping the west.

    I recently had attended a talk show of Mr Shashi Tharoor on his latest Book.. An Era of Darkness: The British Empire in India, on his famous speech on the Reparation Debate@Oxford, he mentioned similar facts which you have brought forward from your research.

    I am curious to read and share all your upcoming blogs and Videos.Your work has made be a bit knowledgable about my very own country today.

    Keep up the good work, my good wishes..

    Best Regards

  32. Dear Karolina,
    Sister you have written a wonderful blog!A what’sapp video lead me to search about you.I came to know about many facts which I did not knew.Really, I am proud to be an Indian!
    Best regards,

  33. Miss Goswami G,

    Thank you so much for sharing such amazing past history of India that i don’t now , From where you get that kind of info kindly share your secret with me . I hope i will also Know more about my country.

    Thanks& Regards
    Himanshsu Bisht

    • Excellence Job, I don’t know how do you guys meditate whenever i try My mind distract , if you have any idea so kindly share it with me . The best option of mediate . I heard from my elders

      Thanks & Regards
      Himanshu Bisht

  34. Dear Karolina,

    1. Thank you for you Blog
    2. Thank you for your love of India and it’s culture
    3. Thank you for your love of Indians and their ways
    4. May you succeed in Yoga
    5. May you attain the meditative states of Absorption (Jhanas/Dhyanas/Samadhi) at Will
    6. May you be Happy for the remainder of Samsara

  35. He!!!! Karolina, first of all I would like to thank you for providing such a valuable knowledge regarding British rule in India. What ever you wrote in this blog resembles with what my grand father told me, regarding Britishers. I am very much happy that person like you existing in the world who reviles the truth..of India…a huge respect and lots of love from my side to you. You are doing a great job..keep it up God bless you..with lots of love……..Vivek Singh.

  36. I really appreciate your hard work from bottom of my heart…may God maintain your charm and glory..you keep on growing and stepping towards success…

  37. In one day I become a big fan of you, I have seen your video on what’s app and search website, and read this article, It is reflecting the truth about India, India really have the potential to regain again but the missing is to generate the real pride as the British modified the real indian history, after independant also because of some people thought we do not get the real history and from schooling the wrong history served, so that never give an Pride to be an Indian, I salute you for your reaserch and this way to give back India the real history, in fact whole country say thanks to you….

  38. Dinesh Raghuwanshi

    Dear Karolina
    I m surprised by your love for India and the passion u r awaring the world about the glorious history of India.
    I want to know how u developed so much love for India.
    It is sad that being an indian , we indians not taught about our glorious ancient history. You r doing a great Holy work.
    Karolina if have some time, please also do research on our Vedic Santan Dharm , hindu culture is nearly 200 crore years old. We r told that it is 5000 years old (since Mahabharat took palce 5000 years back )because Western countries claim that earth is 5000 years old.

  39. Dear Karolina Goswami,

    I really surprised when i saw a vedio of your speech about Indai in Wassup, immediately i searched in google and saw your blog, I even more surprised by your Work, Interest, dedication and love for our Motherland India. I would really like to appreciate you for all this. You have choosen a great and holy work. We Indians are very proud to have you.

    I request you to visit my Place Karnataka and also please meet Mr. Mithun Chakravarty (Chakravarty Sulibele), it will provide you more details about India, Inadian history, Independence, Indian Culture, People… Etc.

    With best Regards,


    • Thank you for your appreciation and kind words.
      I also appreciate your suggestions!

      Best regards,
      Karolina Goswami

  40. Maam US was also under British rule did they did same thing with them like they did with indians . Then why US and UK are best friends. In the 1st world war why USA supported Uk

  41. Vijaya Subramanian

    Hi Karolina, I saw the clip on Demonetisation and was very impressed, so came to your site. I read this article about the British and other things, I am with you on this that Aryan theory was made for ruling India, It has caused so many problems till today, as the South Indians (who are not Brahmins) think that they are Dravidians and much of the uneducated North Indians do so as well just on the based on the colour of the skin. The South did not have much contact with the Mughals, and hence on an average the skin is darker. I was in the financial world for many years and now given all that up to study Sanskrit in a reputed university SOAS in London, where they also talk about Sanskrit coming from European routes. They cannot accept that some other civilisation was more advanced them. The real problem is the Christian history, as everything has to be match to the era of Christ as the beginning of civilisation. To give you an example, Galileo was supposed to have discovered the planets in the 16th century, but Vedic astrology texts talk about these planets and exact calculations of the distances from earth and precession of equinox. Surya Sidhantha is talked about being written in 12th century but actually probably written close to the 6th century, but information was available to Indians before that. The decimal numbers have always been known as Arabic numbers, but they are actually a contribution of India to the world. The fraud goes on. Vedic astrology is more precise than its western counterpart as our mathematics was superior and our calendar has not been tampered with, whereas the western calendar has been tampered by the Church. When the British tried to tamper with the Indian calendar, Sri Yukteshwar made a fake calculation and presented it to them. Unfortunately his followers still believe it is true. I am very interested in your sources, when you say that they tampered with Ramayana and Vedas and Bhagavat Purana. Can you please share with me the nature of your research and how did you come to this conclusion? And I want to wish you the best in this endeavour.


  42. Padmanabhan Selvaraj

    Hello Karolina,

    A week back I got your Part-2 video on the “Economy of India” through WhatsApp. Very carefully coined presentation, I am sure you must have done lot of research before making the videos. I have seen Mr. Hans Rosling’s presentation about “Asia’s rise” who is again an admirer of India but not much detailed.

    I have forwarded your video to almost everyone in my contacts. As an Indian citizen, I salute you for your commitment in bringing forth India to the limelight how it was before invasion(s).

    My Yoga guru often says that we should teach our next generation about the greatness of India rather than who destroyed India, your work make me remember my Guru’s words.

    Nevertheless, I would like to know one more thing from you. What is your opinion on the recent “demonetisation” announcement from the PM. I am in touch with certain journalists (non-corrupt) and senior Chartered Accountants and I derived my own conclusions.

    However, you having done so much of research on the future of India, I would like to hear from you about the short term & long term effect of this demonetisation & cashless transactions. Whether India is really ready with the present available infrastructure.

  43. admire your work karolina, it is dishearting that before britons arrive (1700) indian contributed 27% of world economy and when british left (1947) it’s been 2% before british when portugues had command over india they became dominent in europe,then dutch,french, i know i am making unoptimistic statements but britain should apologise to india and help in any aspect possible because we may have 7th position in gdp but hdi rank of india is worse may be india gets up after 3 or 4 decades but with help it can proceed faster!!

    admire your work..! greetings

  44. Your post had made my eyes with full of tears (how british treated this country who gave them shelter to live with knowing guest are as god )

  45. Dr.Vijaymahantesh

    Hi every one,
    ” hello folks! Wake up! if the British had not come to India, the chances are that the computer programming would have been written in Hindi which could very well have been the international language of today.” These words are enough to wake whole world. These none less than any revolutionary quotes.
    Every one who read will have goosebumps and start sweating , breath heavily by the time they finish reading it, yet smile happily to know about truth.
    I know, we are addressing (through your worlds Kerolina) whole world , using the language that everyone understand and yet delivering message about unknown feeling about Bharath(India)
    I am spreading these messages, for prosperity . thank you again

  46. Madam

    Appreciate really Your article, blogs & is another Eye-opener to the World.

    Nalanda university was a dominant University for 7 Centuries till Khilji Dynasty destroyed it in 12th Century.

    Please read Breaking India: Western Interventions in Dravidian and Dalit Faultlines by Rajeev Malhotra and Arivandan Neelakandan how the British introduced Theory of Aryan Supremacy and also emphasised dravidian movement to create dalit identity to divide Hindus and lower esteem of Indians and its Culture.
    Systematically and left the Country in a Lurch.

    ndia should demand from Britian to return back the loot kept in their Museum through International arbitration which is again controlled by the West.

  47. Hi,

    Thanks for the love for my country. I feel the world can learn a lot from India, especially about peaceful existence. And its possible to create a world that encourages diversity. Look to India you will get answers.

    Mean while you can also read “The Beautiful Tree” by Dharampal to get an idea about education system in India during the dawn of British rule. Its available in pdf form.

    Happy reading,

    • Namaste Abhishek!

      India is a wonderful country and I feel blessed to have a chance to live here!
      Thanks for your suggestion 🙂

      Best regards,
      Karolina Goswami

  48. Karalina Goswami
    U r a true INDIAN.
    Jai Hind.

  49. hii karolina you are doing the wonderful job,writing truth about india i appreciate your effort i hope you will continue doing so. jai hind jai bharat

  50. ohh my god . i’ve learnt a lot about of my country . i have suggestion to u .that u should make u r youtube channel u can spread u r knowledge so that can motivate many students like me. by the way the way u maintain u r blog is simply awesome…..i have a question to u ?..WHAT MADE U TO LEARN AND INVESTIGATE ABOUT INDIA ?…….and btw uou’ve been absolutely magnificent sooo far. ALL THE BEST IVE VISITED U R YOUTUBE CHANNEL BUT PLZ DO MAKE MORE VIDEOS ..CUZ ITS VERY EASY TO SPREAD THE KNOLEDGE IN VIDEOS ONLY.. ALL THE BEST

  51. Hi Karolyna,

    Superb being Indian i might have read or heard about the India very little about independence and British rule .
    Like me most of India and people abroad not aware of the truth.
    Few videos of yours shows complete story about India greate job keep it up and I follow regularly you blog video and wait for your next video ,even I am sharing with some of my friends . We have to spread this truth about India to Indiana and abroad .
    Thank you being outsider staying in India and sharing truth to many of us and inspiring us to do the same greate job you have all our support.

  52. Hi Karolina,
    I appreciate your research and daring to write such true fact about India. British left India without right settlement and divided India,Pakistan,Nepal,Bangladesh. Due to British divide rules India is still struggling to recover those losses and still not a safer place to leave. So the other asian countries . People of Pakistan,Bangladesh,Nepal should unite together with India. India is the countries who comes first to recuse them in their difficult time not Britishian or other European.
    Now in 21st Century, British is trying to loot india again thru bilateral,multilateral business collaboration. They are forcing India and other asian and african countries to invest huge money to support UK and create latest tech jointly.. Uk is applying now same divide and rule tricks within EU.. They left European Union. UK main target is again India to loot ..

  53. Aniruddha Bhattacharjee

    Dear Madam,
    I always had anger for the mainstream media who portrays our country in a different way. I think that our biggest enemies are the ones who, in the name of democracy, support them.
    Thank you very much for the information that you have provided.

  54. There should be a better system to post this information (nothing wrong from your side, it is almost to perfection), but the platform, the blog system, and then comments (comments also have so much information in it). I am still struggling on figuring it out, but this common style of communication should be changed. Sorry it has nothing to do with your information.
    There is so much more that can be added here – my father read several books on it, few interesting things
    – first time when brits came here and reported india – they highly praised and said – they are so civilized, educated etc etc… only way to break them is divide and rule.
    – When they conquered – for 6 months, there water heating, ironing etc ran by burning indian literature and so much documents.

    I still say to people, Chanakya style. It was after all india’s own problem or weakness that Brits or anyone could outsmart. That was a lesson learnt, for future. We got to admit that.

    This is what I think – a runner will always run, even if you break his leg, a sports man will always be sportsman, even if you destroy him. I think I made my point.

  55. Brits have not only destroyed India, they did same with Native Americans also. Do you guys know – what Britain did…. now America is doing same thing in the world, so many countries have been completely destroyed by them.

  56. Truth can’t be hidden . you must be knowing that history is always written by the winner . So why winner will against themselves . Thanks for your contribution to give such information to the world.

  57. Hell Karolina,
    When I seen your video on you tube I really become so happy that one European girl trying to portrait real picture of India In the world. Then I visit your website, I impress so much even I don’t have any word to express about you, and your husband Anurag. Presenting a truth unbiased is really big thing. I am from India, and I prouder on my Nation, my culture, and Hinduism. But it doesn’t mean, I am not aware about problem of poverty, inequality, problem of farmers, labours. You have collated lot much information about India so need not to tell you anymore. Karolina I love my nation, culture, and religion and I studied it deeply. It is possible to help you in any manner it will honor for me.
    Thank you

  58. Hats off to you Karolina for such wonderful work and for revealing such great information about India. which
    was badly manipulated by media till now.
    I have one suggestion that you should make these videos in Hindi language so it could be reach to maximum folks of India who dont understand english.

    • Many thanks from the bottom of my heart for your kind words!

      I appreciate that you shared with me your suggestion 🙂

      Best regards,
      Karolina Goswami

  59. Hi Karolina Goswami,

    India did not got the freedom b’coz of Gandhi. It was his monopoly to become father of the nation.

  60. Dear Karolina,

    I’m from Canada, ‘born-&-raised’ albeit of Indian origin. I have many Polish origin friends because I went to university in Lwow, Eastern Ukraine which is heavily Polish border region next to Krakow with many cultural, social, geographic, spiritual, linguistic, industrial and historical ties.

    I want to share with you specifically how Canada and Poland under British imperialism and Poland under German and then USSR oppression ended up with similar issues aas post Colonial India..

    Pls. check your e-mail, I’ve sent a pvt. mail re: an idea.

  61. Dear Karolina,

    Kudos and gratitude to you for standing up against the Western propoganda literature against India. Such negative genre of literature is called “Atrocity literature”, a term invented and practised by European colonizers of America who genocided native Americans. You can search it on internet along with the term Frontiersmen.

    I have another suggestion: Please please write about the British origins of Cast system invented by Herbert Hope Risley who perverted the Indian 2-dimensional Jati and Varna system into linear cast system. British coined the term ‘scientific racism’ (study of races using science) to justify it by anthropometry of skull size and noise length (actually nothing scientific about it).

    Cast system is always used along with rapes by western media to shame Indians. And even most Indians themselves dont know its history.

    I am so happy that as an outsider, you have the discretion to challenge western standards and norms which they impose on world as ‘universal’!

    Wish you all the best for your mission.

    • Karolina Goswami

      Dear Gopesh,

      Please accept my humble thanks for your appreciation.

      Of course, there are plenty of topics that I want to cover in the future articles/films and definitely, caste system is one of them.
      Stay tuned.

      Best regards,
      Karolina Goswami

  62. Mahesh Rayakota

    The names of the Indian cities in the British rule, were also named to create a bad reputation.
    Like BOMBay, CulCUTta, HyderaBAD, DELhi, TrivanDRUM, MADras, now India started renaming all its cities, Mumbai, Kolkatta, Tiruvanathapuram, etc….please make a video on this topic.

  63. Read entire article. so nicely it is written. feeling ashamed being an indian never tried to understand all this. eye opener for me. will surely spread it. thanks sister for your valuable contribution.

  64. Hello Karoline I have been following your post on Facebook and i have learnt a lot about Indian history from your post and i thank you from the bottom of my heart for posting the Indian history of the past and present so thanks again for all the research you have done and sharing the knowledge please keep the good work

  65. Namaste Karolina,
    This is the truth of British conquest.
    Also research and write about what T.B. Macaulay did by implementing what Max Muller felt i.e. abolishing Sanskrit education to keep Indians away from Vedas, Upanishads, Puranas everything of Hindu Dharma. and also Risley on rigid caste system by tampering Manusmruthi the Hindu code of conduct adding some chapters just like in Ramayana. In fact this is first thing they did in 1740’s they published tampered Manusmruthi with added chapters in Calcutta.

    both Islamic and British barbarians made richest country in every aspect into a poor struggling country. Not only Foreigners but also Indians are unaware what India was and the backbone Hindu Dharma is now taboo for major Hindus who follow the opposite of secularism used in Europe from where this word came. but the Light is awake in Bharat and it is energizing many souls all over the world like You Taai(elder sister).

    You have reached your Mother and many will come next and at last the world will bow to this immortal land and Dharma.

    Vande Mataram.

  66. Karolina,

    I have been reading with interest your articles on India, its culture, history and the general Hinduphobia that exists in the western world. Most recently I have seen CNN present a documentary by Reza Aslan who focuses on the practices of Aghoris, a fringe sect that does strange rituals that can be characterized as uncivilized etc. without understanding the philosophy and context of these practices. These continue to portray Hinduism and also India in a negative light.

    I am not sure if you are aware of Rajiv Malhotra, an Indian-born American who has devoted himself to exposing the fraudulent practices of the western world and the media.

    You would do well to augment your research from his organization as his organization has published a number of books on these topics that are well researched.

    The country has produced and continues to produce spiritual geniuses like Swami Vivekananda, Ramakrishna, Ramana, Sri Aurobindo. Sri Aurobindo has described his experiences in his 27,000 lines of poetry called Savitri and has announced an experiment that was unthought of before his times namely the Supramentalization and evolution of the human race.

    I for one believe that India has a spiritual destiny to fulfill in the world and the evolution towards it may need its interaction with other forces that will help break its inertia with old ways. Such interactions may be the catalyst towards accelerated growth towards fulfilling its destiny. For example- The Mughal rule and British rule awakened in India to a true need to be united and independent, prior to which it was taken it for granted.

    I appreciate the good work you are doing but I would also encourage you not to turn a blind eye towards harassment of women that exists in Indian society as attested by 1000’s of women who travel the Mumbai trains.


  67. But what happened to all the good the British looted? Today we don’t hear about British having all that wealth or gold. We only hear about USA having the biggest stash of good in the world

  68. Ravindran Ramasamy

    Hi Karolina,
    I must thank you for the article which I came across accidentally, I was looking for such information for sometime to enhance on the facts in the study of Indian history.
    Thank you so much please continue your research and tell the world your findings. You’re blessed Karolina.
    Ravindran Ramasamy.

  69. Vijayalaxmi Nayak


    This is a great blog. Thank you so much for sharing this knowledge. We as indian’s would have never known the actual Fact. I really loved the “Sathi” (Women jumping in fire, after her husband’s death) part which you explained. I would always think why did Indians support such an act of unhumanity. Will surely recommend others to follow thig blog. Good Luck.

  70. you are doing greatwork. after swamy vivekanand ,you are one who show the india infront of the world rightly. thanks a lot. You may cover the news of world first university i.e, taxila and nalanda university. where hundred of subject teach at a time. people around the world came to stude here.you should also know about nalanda university which is destroyed by foreign invaders
    Nalanda functioned from 500 AD to 1300 AD until, it was destroyed by foreign invaders. It had 300 lecture halls, laboratories, libraries and an observatory. Chinese travelers recorded that, 10,000 students were taught by 200 professors in Nalanda. It was founded during Gupta age.
    very very thanks u.

  71. Amazing work god bless

  72. namaste karolina mataji!! I came in contact of your videos some months ago. first time I saw a foreigner (especially a women) who talks about India in positive manner. because of you many foreigners can know the truth and glory of India….you are Indian your birthplace doesn’t matter..

  73. Hi Mrs Goswami,

    Thank you for your wonderful articles about Indian History. I too believed in the Aryan system, which, I would like to add, did not make much sense to me. It is refreshing to read someone else feels so too. I am a Thamizhachi. I humbly request you to do an article about our culture as well. Many people, even in Indian, look down on us. I just down understand why. Maybe we were just misunderstood. I would happily share all I have researched on my culture with you, should you decide to make an article.

    Thank you for all these wonderful articles and videos.

    Best of Luck.

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