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Food in India

  • Which cuisine would you recommend to a food lover? If I was asked this question, I would have only one answer and that would be – Indian cuisine. The huge variety of dishes in India can surprise every foodie. And I am not talking about thousands of Indian restaurants which pop up like mushrooms in Europe or in the USA. More often than not, the real Indian food can be found only in the motherland of masala dosa and lassi which is good enough to fulfill almost every human’s desire. The only thing is that with such a variety of food, a naive can go a bit lost and there are huge chances that one does not find what one likes. But this blog is here to help you to understand what Indian cuisine is really about.
    The amazingly diversified Indian food should not be categorized as ‘spicy’ since it is too vast and diversified to do so.

    Is Indian food really spicy?

     Most of the people who I offer Indian food to, refuse, because they do not like spicy dishes. But what they are not aware of is that Indian cuisine is definitely not only about spices and chilli but rather full of intense fragrances. Indian cuisine is the most diverse cuisine of the world. One of the biggest reasons of this phenomenon is the long history of this land – thousands of years made it possible to develop and various food habits and hence many dishes evolved. Another reason is the climate – from the Himalaya Mountains and the great deserts of Rajasthan to the tropical climate of the huge coastal line. Every region of India has a different range of ingredients available which is the main factor of such a big diversity in food. For example, South Indian cuisine is based on sweet aroma dishes– it includes coconut, sweet fruits, curry leaves and on the seaside – fishes and other sea food. Masala Dosa is definitely a must-eat once you are on the south of India. On the other hand, North Indian cuisine uses more meat – not only chicken but also beef and pork are quite popular. North Indians love every type of lentils which is an amazing and delicious source of proteins. Remember that North-East Indian food is totally different from  the whole India – food there is very similar to Thai and Chinese cuisine. They use bamboo, tofu and various exotic local vegetables.
    Dal Makhani – delicious dish from Punjab and stall with healthy coconut water
    Aroma of the spices is the base of food, but it doesn’t mean that everything is spicy. The reality is that maybe restaurants offer mostly very spicy food that can burn your mouth but if you go to some houses, spicy level will go down. Of course, list of spicy food in India is endless but it is not the only type of food that we can encounter in India. Remember that the combination of spices is not random – it is all according to the rules of Ayurveda which is a source of healthy lifestyle and healing methods. Read more on Ayurveda here. In the authentic Indian cuisine lots of things matter – body type, illnesses, temperature of heating, combination of different ingredients, region, season, but this is no longer visible in this so-called-modern-and-tampered way of cooking. By the way, you should also know that in many parts of India they are still growing original species of wheat and vegetables which are totally organic – never tampered or genetically modified seeds.

    Did the Mughals influence the Indian cuisine or not?

    Some people claim that the Indian food has a little influence by the Mughals who invaded India. Of course, they are right in some way – the Mughal empire added some things but this is mostly visible in cooking meat. The rest of Indian cuisine comes from ancient times and with some small changes survived till today. In India around 40% people are pure vegetarian, another 30% eat meat regularly and the rest is a once in a while meat eater. Hundreds of years ago the whole India was pure vegetarian but in XI century Mughals entered India and they started the culture of lamb and chicken paste(minced meat) – this is actually the only thing that they brought – Indian chefs and local talents combined this salted minced meat with Indian spices and change this boring Mughal food habits to amazing delicious chicken tikka and Indian kebabs (that’s why the kebab from turkey or Middle East is different than the kebab of India, however they still continued to call it kebab). Sanatan dharma teaches people that we should respect other species and since we have so many vegetarian options why kill animals? Have you ever thought about this? But here comes a big question- Why should we even eat plants since they also have lives and they are also living-beings?  See my movie on Holy Cows In India where I am also talking about vegetarianism.  Indians believe that co-existence with the nature is one of the most important responsibilities that a human carries through life. Unfortunately, Mughal and British invasion plus the ongoing western influence has changed this beautiful and pure tradition. So, in all fairness the original Indian cuisine is mostly indigenous and what came from the outside was just a meat eating habit, but all the original cooking recipes of India are original. In other words, if Mughals had brought with them a stone, the Indian chefs would also have made a delicious stone tikka out of it with all the wealth of spices and thousands of creative recipes at their disposal.
    Eating Thali in one of Delhi restaurants. Standing with friendly waiters in Rajasthani desert restaurant

    Thali – a feast for the palate

    The best way to try as much as possible from the Indian cuisine menu is to order a Thali which literally means ”a plate”. Thali surprises you with at least 5-6 different sauces (depending on the restaurant) – with gravy or without that you can eat with roti, naan, paratha or chapati (different types of bread) and in the end you can indulge yourself with some amazing desserts like gulab jamun, laddu or rasgulla. Every region will offer you a different type of thali but you can be sure that you will find something that you like. And the most important thing is that you pay once and then you eat as much as you want (in most of the authentic thali places) – the waiter will pour you more sauces or give you more roti if you ask! Feast guaranteed! In some traditional places you can still find this authentic Indian food which for thousands of years was cooked and eaten in clay pots and banana leafs which is very organic and healthy. In one of my future posts I will write more about negative evolution of Indian cuisine and I will explain to you why it happened. You will also get to know more about natural crockery and healthy habit of eating with hand.
    Naan, paratha, poori and roti – a few types of Indian bread


    One life is not enough to try all the amazing dishes that Indian cuisine offers. Every region will surprise you with something different. Not everything will be tasty for you at the beginning – your taste buds have to get used to this intense aroma and taste but in the end you will find something that you will want to come back to.  Variety of food in India is something that this country can be proud of and the aware tourists will take advantage of these unique meals that they can try here. In the future, I am going to post lots of pictures, recipes and explanations of the different types of food and spices coming from the different regions of India. And do not forget to check India in Details official Instagram account where I am posting many pictures of different types of food that I am trying in India. 

About Karolina Goswami

Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog! I hope you enjoy reading the stuff that you will not easily find on the mainstream media. I am a 26 years old girl from Poland who is living, travelling and working in India. I am a seeker and I share my thoughts through this medium with all of you. For more details, check 'about me' section in the top menu bar. To contact me, write to me on indiaindetails@gmail.com or simply write on the comment section below every post.


  1. Amazingly informative post, I was looking for some handy information before my trip to India, decided to follow your blog. Best wishes from Ukraine 🙂

    • Karolina Goswami

      Hi Anna!
      So happy to hear that my blog will be helpful to you 🙂
      If you have any questions regarding your trip to India, don’t hesitate to leave a comment.
      Greetings from India 🙂

      • I am US citizen from Indian origin.
        I read some of ur nice written articles.
        Regarding food you try to visit rural India & you will find some foods not easily available in restaurants.
        I suggest you try to look for Food call ” Aundhavo ” . It’s like spicy cake made with grams, rice, herbals and spices & cooked in charcoal or wood oven.
        You will find it in Central Gujarat around city of Anand famous for its milk dairy.

  2. This is an awesome post. I was in India last year and I tried some of the foods that you mentioned. My favorite was samosa with chai.

    • Karolina Goswami

      I can assure you that there will be many posts on Indian cuisine and recipes from different regions of India. So, don’t forget to follow my blog! 🙂

  3. Karolina, namaste! My name is Neha and I am from Delhi. I want to thank you for doing something like this for India as the world really need to know the real truth about us and the media is so biased. I congratulate you for this.

  4. Amazing information. I am very impressed by your style of writing. Its so clear and easy to understand.

    • Karolina Goswami

      Suman, thanks. You are so kind. I am not a language expert and my aim is just to be clear enough in what I want to say.

  5. First of all I want to thank you for bringing out the true information about the culture and tradition of our country to the world. It shows your curiousness to know more and more about this beautiful country. I wish you best of luck in your future endeavors.
    best wishes,

    • Rahul,
      Thank you for your kind words. My husband, who is from India and I have just one dream – to change this negative image of India around the world and we want to do it just by speaking the truth. I am studying different topics every day and only when I study it deeply, I share this with others. India deserves to be shown in a fair way and that this my goal.
      I suggest you also to check my videos in which I am talking about India’s achievements and importance in the world.

      Best regards,
      Karolina Goswami

  6. Thank you so much and u deserve a award from the govt! For giving fact inffomation about India these tv channels are waste, All the best.

    • Natraj,
      Thank you for your comment! I really appreciate your opinion 🙂
      Wish you all the best.
      Best regards,
      Karolina Goswami

  7. Thank you for the grwat work you are doing..You are representing India in such beautiful way whivh we Indians fail to..Keep up the good work..

  8. Amrik Sen, Olga Rusak

    Hello Karolina,

    I accidentally came across your post. Congratulations on building a useful and informative website for travelers to India. Our story is not very different – my wife is Polish, she is from Warsaw. She decided to travel to India in 2015 and we traveled together for 2 months (she visited 3 times in 2 months) to many parts of India (Delhi, Agra, Goa, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Kolkata) and finally got married in Hyderabad, India at the end of all the travel. Now we have a baby and live in los angeles, USA (at least for the time being). Did not think there would be too many Polska-Indian stories like ours but there is at least one other- yours 😉

    Take care,
    Amrik and Olga

    • Hello Amrik and Olga!

      It is nice to hear from a Polish-Indian couple 🙂 Great to know your story, it sounds really exciting!
      I heard about some couples like us but never had a chance to meet them. So I am really happy to somehow know you 😉

      I came to India for the first 2 years ago and I also had the chance to travel around India from Delhi through Mumbai to Munnar. India is an amazing country and I am very happy to live here and explore this land.

      Are you planning to visit India or Poland soon?

      Greetings for both of you and your baby 🙂
      Karolina Goswami

      • Amrik Sen, Olga Rusak

        Hello again,

        We will likely be in Poland in April/May 2017. India- not sure but that is always on the cards depending on work and what not.

        What made you travel to India when you came first 2 years ago – Yoga?

        A n O.

        • Actually, my husband brought me to India for the first time. He is the one who introduced me to the real India and yoga. Rest is now history. I welcome you to both countries and will be up for a meet.

          • Amrik Sen, Olga Rusak

            we will keep you in our minds when we are in Poland and send you a message here to see if you are around for a meeting.

          • We will stay in touch 🙂
            Wish you all the best!
            Karolina Goswami

  9. Great Blog!! Just one suggestion – Is it possible to view a bigger version of the pictures when I click on them? I just saw the pic of the masala dosa and felt hungry 🙂

  10. Thank you sister, your content is really cool. I would like to share small story of my life. Recently I completed my graduation and got a chance to go USA for job but I refused and stayed here. I enjoy working here, its a fact that I would never get so good salary as USA but I would also not get so good social life anywhere out side of India. May be I would never be able to buy a 2 seater car but I am sure that I will never feel lonely in an auto rikshaw too.

    • I adore this great original /authentic Indian culture where everybody apart from ones wife is either a mother or a sister. Brother, I am thankful for your message. For instance, Mother India for you is the place where you will never face racism for your skin color unlike the west.
      She is a mother in many other ways. You are lucky to be from India. You will never regret not leaving.

  11. Dear Karolina

    Delighted to read your posts. As you rightly said – I am proud to be an Indian, was , am and will be and like you, want Mother India to be seen in Light She truly deserves. And your blogs are indeed doing that.Your video on facts of India is awesome too. Bharata is the Land of Bhaa – knowledge , ra – Raaga/melody (set by Bhagavan for each one of us) and Ta- taalam – rhythm. It is a land of bhavana, of attitude and values and emits the rare fragrance of unity in diversity. And you are unconvering this unfathomable deep profound knowledge of the ancient rishis. Thank you and prayers for all your efforts. hariH Om.

    • Thank you for your kind words.
      India is blessed to have people like you who are proud of coming from this great land. And now the whole world should also realize the real side of this country and this a dream that I share with my husband who is from India. We want to show India in a fair way only by speaking the truth.
      Your beautiful explanation of the word Bharata proves the greatness of this nation.
      I am just a seeker who is trying to research and uncover as much as possible and here my husband is my greatest support and guide.

      Best regards,
      Karolina Goswami


  13. Dear Karolina,

    I came to see your video in watsapp.After seeing that video i read your blog.Seriously it is awesome.In that video you was wearing a saree ,really you are gorgeous.Thank you so much karolina for showing our motherland like this.I would like to join in your journey. if you planing to write anything about kerala , i would like share my knowledge about kerala.

  14. Thankyou so much karolina…its great work. All the very best for your future work. Nice blog.

  15. Your video on India makes me feel proud being an Indian. You have truly depicted our great motherland. Very few people have shown the true India like you have done. Very impressive blog.
    Mera Bharat Mahan !

    • Namaste Sanjeev!
      My humble thanks 🙂
      Together with my husband who is from India we want the world to get to know the real side of India!
      Indians can be proud of their country’s achievements and amazing heritage.
      Best regards,
      Karolina Goswami

  16. Hello Karolina,

    You shown me the real India as it is.
    May God bless you for your good work about my country, the great nation India.

  17. Well now My Country (India) is getting notable or prestigious country around the world . We INDIANS are also receiving admire but India is a Agricultural country Who provide cuisine not only himself nay to the world . Now i should come on the topic of cuisine , Bhabhi G (Karolina Goswami), if you want to see the Indian Culinary place so visit Chandn Chowk (Old Delhi) you will get a lot of Spicy dishes, with a huge glimpse market .

    Himanshu Bisht

  18. I am an Indian and I do not know about my country,awesome informative videos and thanks for giving me a clear image of my country. I have promoted your channel,and your videos are quite heart touching.

    • My humble thanks Arjun!
      I really appreciate that you spent time promoting my channel.
      Together with my husband who is from India we want to show the real side of India 🙂

      Best regards,
      Karolina Goswami

      • That is a really great deed you are trying to do, Even my cousin thinks that India is the worst country,if I tell her that it is a good country,she asks me proof. Now, I am proud that I am an Indian and I gave her proof by sharing this video, thanks a lot.

        • This project belongs to me and my husband who is from India and together we share one dream – to make the world see the real side of India. And we will do it only by speaking the truth.
          I can understand your emotions as my husband also faced many awkward questions about India during his stay in Europe and I also experienced the same when people there got to know that I am marrying an Indian. That is why I am learning about India every day and I want to share this with the world so they see the real India – not the one shown by the biased media.

          Best regards,
          Karolina Goswami

  19. I’m an Indian student currently studying in the US and reading this post almost made me cry!! I miss Indian food so much now! Thanks Karolina for explaining to people how Indian food is not just about chilis!

  20. This is a very well researched blog on Indian Cuisine.

    We are very proud, that you are using your valuable time to gather facts about India and its glorious times and highlighting India on the global platform.

    Keep your good deed and best wishes in exploring the goodness of India. And we cordially invite you to North Bengal.

  21. Rahul Kumar Singh

    Hello Karolina,

    I am glad to see that you are trying to show what India and Indian Culture is to the whole world and doing a great job at that.
    I thank you from the bottom of my heart for doing this.

  22. K,

    What ? someone has been writing about india ? so nicely ? really ?

    Goshhh…. Hats off….. We all have been talking talking thru various mode of social media, but your blog is really amazing. and the kind of topics you covered, explains every bit of india, its culture, civilizations, humanity etc. Am not sure for what reason, you are so much attracted towards india and started writing, but keep doing it. Keep writing. Your writing skills are awesome. You just make the reader feel what you have experienced.

    How many ever times, others come and invade / rule / loot us, we will stand up back, quickly , quicker than they even think. India is a diversified vast country with so many religions, states, cultures etc, but though we are united and join hands when it comes to india. There are several outside forces which still try to pull down india ,but india’s growth can never be stopped.

    Please let me know if you need any support/help , I will be glad to help you out.


    • Namaste Karthik!

      Together with my husband who is from India, we want to correct the image of India around the world by speaking the truth about this great country. India deserves it and so does the world.

      India is growing and it is reclaiming its rightful position in the world.

      Thank you for your offer!
      Stay tuned.

      Best regards,
      Karolina Goswami

  23. HI Karolina

    Grate work keep going.

  24. Are you doing PhD on India? Literally, I had a early office tomorrow and I saw all your amazing videos its 1:30 now, too interesting you are and your husband’s dream to show real India to outer world(same as mine), I congratulate for the success on this project.
    I can write for you(with pic) about Madhya pradesh. Cuisine, places to visit and temples, I am from Ujjain, so Ujjain will be first.
    Thanks and congratulations.
    Gaurav Chawra
    Software Developer

  25. Namaste Karolina,

    I accidentally stumbled upon your videos on YouTube( watched almost all of them I guess) and from there learnt of your blog and have been reading one after another. I don’t have words to praise you.. With a millennium of invasion and oppression the Indian psyche is so bruised that such things from people like you serve as a soothing balm in healing our wounds.

    The average Indian has a very low self esteem and self confidence that such reassurances alone will bring him out of his wilderness.

    I can go on and on… But just want to say THANK YOU KAROLINA.. You are doing an yeoman service to the Indian community.

    Waiting for more enlightenment..

    Thanks once again.

    • Karolina Goswami

      India deserves to be shown in an unbiased way and Indians can be proud of their motherland as this country is rising and slowly rebuilding itself to reclaim its ancient glory!
      All the best!
      Best regards,
      Karolina Goswami

  26. Namaste Karolina ,

    First of all Thank you for the Beautiful Videos and blogs about India , Your Videos about India makes me Proud to be an Indian. Please do Visit Mangalore once.

    Let me know if you need any help from my side.

    Keep up your Good Work Dear Sister ,

    Thank you once again .

    • Namaste David,

      Thank you for your appreciation and your kind offer.

      Of course, slowly I will visit more and more different places of India.
      Stay tuned.

      Best regards,
      Karolina Goswami

  27. Thank u Karolina for your articles about india.once again thanks

  28. Thank for great information

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