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Cheaper than a Hollywood movie – India’s space mission to Mars

      You probably heard about NASA mission to Mars, maybe you are even familiar with the fact that Soviet Union launched their mission to this planet and they mostly succeeded. But have you known that Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) did the same?

India’s achievement in space science

But this is not only about the fact that they completed their mission successfully. It is about how they did it. The Mars Orbiter Mission (MOM) was launched on the 5th November 2013 from throcket port at Sriharikota on the coast of the Bay of Bengal. It successfully entered Martian orbit on 24th September 2014 after covering a distance of 670 million kilometers. At that moment ISRO became the fourth organization after NASA, the Soviet Union and ESA (Europe) that successfully reached Mars. But what is surprising – no one has ever done it on the maiden voyage. All these agencies had been trying for decades and India one decided to do it, achieved it unimaginably fast.

         Mangalyaan (in Sanskrit “Mars Craft”) is based only on Indian technologies. The budget of this mission is extremely low and this is what makes this achievement even more spectacular. Everything cost around 74 million $ which was less than the budget of a movie “Gravity” –which was 100 million $. That was actually the comparison that was used by India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi. On the day when MOM reached Mars called “the red planet”, he was wearing a red jacket and he was extremely proud of what Indian scientists achieved: “History has been created today, we have dared to reach out into the unknown and have achiever the near impossible. We have gone beyond the boundaries of human enterprise and imagination.” On one website I found that Beyonce and Jay Z home in Beverly Hills is worth  85 million $ and Apple budget for new U2 album is 100 million $. It is hard to believe that ISRO spent just 74 million $ and reached another planet. In the whole history of Mars missions you will not find even one with a budget close to ISRO rocket. Just to give you a clue about the cost of expenditures of other organization, I will give you a few examples of recently launched Mars orbiters: MAVEN (NASA) – 671 million $, Mars Express (ESA) – 386 million $ and Phobos- Grunt (Russia) – 117 million $.
      How is it possible that India accomplished this project with such a small amount of money in comparison to others? First of all they use small and light rockets because the payload is relatively light – it weighs 15 kilograms in comparison to MAVEN’s 65 kilograms. That makes a huge difference. Engineers in India earn less than those in the USA, the budget of ISRO per year is 1.2 billion $ while at NASA – 17.5 billion. Moreover, the whole mission was carried in a very short time. It took them around one year to launch the satellite after it was approved.
Is there a life outside the Earth? The red planet may have some answers.
       What makes it more unbelievable is that still it is not so easy to reach Mars. Only 21 missions out of 51 attempts are considered successful. Even in the last 2 decades, we could observe many failures experienced by the top countries like USA, China, Russia or Japan. Some people actually claim that the Indian mission is a response to China’s failure in 2011. Just one year after ISRO got an approval for the planned mission. They were full of hopes to become the first Asian country to reach Mars which they achieved.
       After Mangalyaan was launched on 5th November 2013 it was placed into Earth orbitwhere it went through 6 maneuvers. The goal was to achieve the escape velocity (11.2 km/s) to get out of the Earth’s gravitation. After that it was transferred into an orbit of the sun. The spacecraft was travelling on Sun’s orbit for nine months and then it reached the proximity of Mars. During that time the trajectory was changed three times even though the plan was to do it four times. Finally, on the 24th September Mangalyaan entered Martian orbit just 3 days after NASA’s MAVEN.
      On 24th March 2015 Mars Orbiter Mission completed its initial work, but ISRO extended it for 6 months more. According to data the remained propellant will be enough for several years more. During the first six months the Mars Color Camera delivered lots of new images of the Martian surface.The main goal of this mission is to examine Mars’ atmosphere to confirm the presence of methane as some previous spacecrafts found traces of it.
       Unfortunately, there are opponents of this mission too. They argue that with such a big problem of malnutrition among children, poverty, waste disposal and health issues India should have spent this money for a better goal. I understand their point of view, but I can see also a different side of it. USA, Russia or China suffer from so many problems too. In 2011 almost 17 million American kids were living in food insecure households. Why America didn’t use these 671 million $ to make the lives of these children easier? India spent 600 million $ less than America. They saved on fuel and using cheap indigenous technologies and still they achieved their mission. They were not extravagant in spending money. They made their citizens proud of their country. In the future that will also boost the economy by using innovations in communication services. Other countries will buy technologies from India or just pay them to launch their own satellite. They actually already launched an Earth-observation satellite that belongs to Airbus Defense & Space Co. (European consortium), small satellite for German Aerospace Center and a few more from Singapore and Canada. Now the money earned from this can be spent nicely on the poor in India and this is the right way to do it.
The statistics of mars mission of india
      India gave the world the signal that they are capable of much more than other countries are expecting. Also Indians can see that India is developing really fast and the country is getting more and more respect in the world.

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  1. I am from Australia and over here we have a lot of Indians. However, the Australian media does not show any of the stuff that you are talking about on your blog. I feel a bit overwhelmed by all this. Good work, all the best!

    • What inspires you to work hard and write so much info about India despite being a person from another country?

      It truly baffles me the about of work you done on your blog.
      It has more info than a typical govt websites!!!

  2. I think it is a good achievement. I agree with Martina Zacka here

  3. Can you please write about the problem of rapes in India? We are visiting Asia next year and my girlfriend’s family does not agree that we go to India because of it.
    We want to know the truth.

    • HI Joe and Daisy !
      Sorry for interrupting in between but i want to make it clear that the problems of Rapes/ Cases of Rapes in India has been decreased to a much extent. From last 2-3 years there is a rapid fall in these types of cases. So my suggestion to you is that you can come to India without any such fear and experienced the hospitality of Indians.We Indians treat the Foreign guests as a God. So my humble request to you is don’t be upset and start packing for your journey to holy country of the world.

    • Mr. Joe & daisy , Who told you that rapes happen in India , if there are such cases rises or broadcast so you guys will make a fuss about our country, It dosn’t happen like that, here is a very big role of media to rise that kind of stupid NEWS, India is a brotherhood country , where we give respect to Women’s and accept to them in a form of Goddess. In India every Woman is queen .I accept that here will be some people who are rude don’t respect women’s but not everyone, and that kind of people you will get everywhere, whether it’s your India,America < London ,Australia etc.
      So its my humble request from you that please ignore that kind of news & Visit in India .
      YOU ARE WELCOME in the country of Valiant

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      Himanshu Bisht

    • rape happens in every country ,but some country hide for there image in international community,but we don’t , i am sorry for my words but this problem is not so big in India as you think,there are so many good peoples welcome you .

    • I am currently living in United States. Rapes , mugging, robbery, and oh I forgot to mention gun violence is pretty common here as well. There might have been few rape cases in India in the past, but that doesn’t mean it happens all the time. West has done an excellent job of butchering India and now they are using media to accomplish them same job.

  4. Hi Karolina,
    Congratulations for developing such an awesome blog. I am completely overwhelmed and amazed with your analysis of India’s performance in different sectors. These analysis are quite precise, true in nature and exhibits a lot of positivity that we all Indians feel about India. I have finished a few videos of your blog & plan to see them all in the coming days.

    Hoping to see many new facets about India on your blog.

    Best Wishes,

    • dear sister
      a big salute to you for what you are doing for our country what we are not doing …
      i love your work.may be its time to the whole world to know about india
      thank you karolina goswami.

  5. thanks dear karolina
    u r doing really more and more hardwork for collecting knowledge about indian truth
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    Proud on u
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    • Punit,
      thank you for your comment. I really appreciate your opinion.
      The world should get to know the truth about this great country – India, and I am doing my bit to make it happen.
      Thank you for your support.
      Best regards,
      Karolina Goswami

  6. Hi Karolina.
    First of all i will appreciate you for your believe and trust which forces you to reveals the true history of India to the world. You are doing such a nice job. I have read your blogs and was very happy about your knowledge . i want to know that have you ever visited India??? If yes then have you ever been in Madhya Pradesh..?? I’m asking this because i want to meet you, as in sense that i can also get a platform where i can elaborate more about this country and the people who are having wrong myths about this country. Eagerly waiting for your reply 🙂

    • Namaskar Nishant ji!
      Thank you for your kind words!
      I live in India with my husband who is an Indian.
      I’ve never had a chance to visit Madhya Pradesh, but hopefully in the future I will also spend some time in this part of India. And then, of course, we can meet!
      Best regards,
      Karolina Goswami

  7. Hi Carolina.

    I appreciate you for your wonderful blog about India.Really I even don’t know very much about it.After reading your blog,i’m feeling very proud.You are actually right media only shows about slums,beggar,poverty and rape etc even much more bads about India.They are not showing gud things like development,infrastructure. I think those Indian who are unaware of these all must read your blog so that they can also feel proud after reading its.
    Thank you Carolina and hope to see more regarding this

  8. Hi Karolina,
    I always proudly say I am a Indian. After reading your blog, I am much more impressed on my nation and feeling more proud. Thank you very much to show the beautiful side of our nation.

    No words to express my gratitude. Hats off to your love and affection towards our country.

    Please let me know if any help required to add some more article about our country.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Ramanathan G

  9. Hemantha Kumara Mallapura

    Dear Sister,


    You are doing great job and we are happy have you in our country. You are remembering me Sister Nivedita.

    I congratulate both.


  10. Yes your right this science is based on physics so it has limitation. Earlier science was based on mantras. Till mahabharat end of dvapar yug science was based on mantra’s. Now in kalyug it has changed.. from sat yug to kalyug form of science changes. .. earlier there was ayurved now allopaty. Ayurved has no side effects and allopaty has many side effects. Similar the technology and science in satyug has no side effect’s as it’s was based on mantra meditation tapasya..rushimunis used to do tapasya for years and collect powers and with the help of mantra they used to use those powers . So in mahabharat and ramayan battels were fought with the help of matras..now this knowledge has vanished in kalyug. Earlier science main focus was on inner human power.

  11. Hi Karolina Goswami,
    I got your link through whatsapp.
    I am Indian living in Canada.
    I am proud of you.I feel proud of myself.
    I love my country India no matter what and I always spread details about Indian history ,culture etc to all my Non Indian friends here from different parts of world.None of them knew the fact.So far I used my knowledge form what I learned from school and some reference from library ,documentary etc.
    Your blog helps me to share more details fastly.
    I wish to support your mission in whatever way I can.
    I am very proud of you and thank you so much for doing this for a country you were not born.
    Modiji will be proud of you too.


  12. Hi Karolina,

    We(Indians) blessed to have people like you in our country. I am very happy and proud that I get to know about your blog and videos.

    Thanks much for the facts and details.


  13. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Battle_of_Longewala
    In the memory of brave Indian Army…

    Namaskara Ma’am,

    I watched your videos about telling the hidden truths of India to the world.You are doing a very good job.And you are also awaking the self confidence , achievements and potential of the Indians.And I assure that in couple of years India will become the VISHVAGURU of the world.

    Once again thank you ma’am.

    • Thank you Akasha for your kind words and sharing the link.
      I appreciate your support!
      Stay tuned for more!

      Best regards,
      Karolina Goswami

  14. Dear Karolina,

    What a pleasant and informative blog. Blessed are the parents who have a daughter like you. Even I could not have explained India so comprehensively. I am going to share your writings with friend and family. We are extremely fortunate to have such a fantastic and noble human being amongst us. Do visit the eastern and North Eastern part of the country. I will be glad to help in any little way possible. I wish government notices you as a true brand ambassador of India. GOD BLESS.

    Rajib Bose

  15. Hello

    Thank You for taking the time and effort to understand the culture that was foreign to you.
    Thank You for showing your gratitude for some foreign country you liked.
    Thank You for the sensible and humane nature of yours to present your work so that others could learn.
    Thank You for your kind and affectionate manner in which India is portrayed by you so that it could earn some dignity,respect and break some biased negative opinions regarding India.
    Thank You for showing us whether a native or foreign doesn’t matter in breaking the biased,bigotry myths and accept the universally truth & knowledge that is worth striving for and is meant to be learned that the Sages of the ancient India time and again prayed “Let the knowledge come from all the directions and from everywhere”.

  16. PSLV-C37 / CARTOSAT-2 Series Satellite Launch along with 103 Co-Passenger Satellite on 15 Feb 2017. waiting for ir.

  17. on 15 february 2017,isro lanunched 104 satelite in a single rocket(PSLV-37)and created a world record.

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    I want to give a opinion to make video on “brain drain if it stops India will have its own google , , microsoft,,oracle whatever today usa have”.

  19. Hii Karolina,
    watching your Indian In Details youtube videos makes us feel proud of our country
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