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What is Hinduism? Let’s understand the most misunderstood way of life.

       Imagine a way of life in which every single human has an access to the information on every aspect of life on the earth and the universe. Do not think that this is what a Wikipedia, any encyclopedia or a library can offer to you. In Wikipedia people can post themselves, in encyclopedia there are writers writing it down and in a library you can find all sources of opinions. Imagine a way of life that does not force you to believe in God. Imagine a way of life that is open to everyone without any exception. Imagine that every human once born is given free access to this very original information. The Absolute Truth.
An enlightened Hindu yogi meditating on the banks of the holy river Ganges.

Hinduism – a way of life

You may think that that this is just an utopia and a surrealistic idea. But the truth is that this way of life actually exists and is accessible to everyone who wants to explore it and understand it. In fact, I am talking about Hinduism – one of the most widely misunderstood and complicated subject that the world is curious about. Some call it a religion, others a superstition and some don’t understand it at all and even call it a place of devil. The thing is that Hinduism can not match the definition of religion. It should rather be called “a way of life”, which is not restricting you from believing in anything or not believing at all as long as you do good deeds and you are a good human. It is a source of an essential information for every human to live in a way that a human can maximize his chances to survive on this planet in a pure co-existence with the universe and nature in the best possible harmony.

One of the many temples in Udaipur

The greatest repository of knowledge

For instance, Hinduism is so unique as I don’t know any other “religion” which gives you any information on how to do a plastic surgery. Surprised? I bet you are but this is absolutely true. Hinduism answers the question how to heal yourself when you have health problem. It describes how to perform a surgical operation – plastic surgery (for those who got crippled in an accident or a war),transplantation, brain surgery or any thing else for that matter. Everything has one source. Hinduism teaches you how to design the layout of a house or a marvelous piece of architecture by extra-ordinary civil engineering or how to construct a praying or any suitable place to build in the best way possible that humans can think of – of course without degrading environment or by taking away from the environment in the least way possible. In a similar way it gives you the knowledge how to dance, how to sing, how to do agriculture, how to travel in the air and even in the universe(spaceships). Hinduism is the greatest repository of knowledge for astronomy, mathematics,physics, biology, chemistry, quantum physics, geography, geometry, astronomy, cosmology,architecture, economy, travelling, recreation and all the other subjects that you can come up with. It can even give you information to take you beyond physical experience so that you can travel through the universe in a form of a body which can survive the space and time complications. Hinduism is a great source of knowledge and surprisingly it combines science and religion together – something that the world is always skeptic about. And here we must remember, that science is just”a work in progress” and sometimes one may frequently come across information in Hinduism which is pretty much ahead of current scientific discoveries.

How to find this knowledge?

Now comes the question – if this source of information actually exists, how to find it? There are two ways to do it. The easiest one is just to read what the enlightened yogis and sages wrote as there were and there are people who understood it and wrote it down for others. But there is also another way which is more incredible and fascinating – Hinduism gives you knowledge and freedom to find it yourself. This is what self-realization means – exploring yourself and finding the Absolute Truth. That is why Hinduism does not come in the categories of “religions”. Hinduism is not about believing, It’s about seeking. Isn’t it amazing? We all have a chance to get access to the knowledge that can make us understand not only this world but the whole universe. But remember,all of this is not coming to us without an effort – not only one must have a desire and passion to access this information, but also one must devote oneself to find the truth. One must be a seeker. And for those who can’t seek or can’t follow, Hinduism has an answer for them too but that has to be a future blog post.

Symbol of OM – the most sacred mantra in Hinduism

Hinduism brings itself a number of questions which for sure are just starting to pop up in your mind right now. This post will not answer even a tiniest percent of them, it is just to give you an idea of how unique and special this “way of life” is. By the way, did you know that Hinduism is a name which was given by the neighbors of the people who were following this “way of life”that I am talking about? Unfortunately this is true as they mispronounced it hundreds of years ago because of a river called ‘Sindhu’ that was flowing in the area of India at that time. Hinduism in world can be traced everywhere – it once influenced the whole Earth, but people forgot about it and now they ran away from it. The good thing is that more and more people are getting interested in the Eastern philosophy and they are searching for the most liberal religion, so sometimes they come across Hinduism. On the other hand, most of them don’t get the chance to understand it properly and reach the real source and knowledge. Unfortunately, due to the British and Mughal invasion in India, many present Hindus themselves are unaware of their own religion. But this blog is here to answer you and provide you some authentic information about this way of life which challenges the stereotype of conflicts between science and religion.

The ancient Hinduism known as “Sanatana Dharma” which is a way of life

About Karolina Goswami

Hello everyone! Welcome to my blog! I hope you enjoy reading the stuff that you will not easily find on the mainstream media. I am a girl from Poland who is living in India. I am a seeker and I share my thoughts through this medium with the world citizens. For more details, check 'about me' section in the top menu bar. To contact me, write to me on indiaindetails@gmail.com or simply write on the comment section below every post.


  1. Wow! This information has really made an impact on my thinking about Hinduism. Where can I read any books if you have written?

    • i am very glad to know that being a non indian you took this initiative to show the world the real glory of india.
      although soul level we are same but we have two types of duty, conditional duty and constitutional duty.

      and you may already know that india is great for its culture, now where this culture came from it came from vedas.

      i request you to please also study bhagwat gita as it is (AC. BHAKTIVEDANTA SWAMI PRABHUPADA)
      you will get to know the essence.

      spritulality is indians necklace..

      but unfortunately people of indian are religious not spritual….

    • Natra Lakshmi Narayan Rao

      Thank you Madame for taking so much trouble to bring out the true facts about Hinduism. I salute you

    • Karolina ji !

      You remind me of Professor Diana Eck of Harvard University, who studied at the Banaras Hindu University a few decades ago, and wrote excellent books (Varanasi, City of Lights, Encountering God and India, a sacred geography) about India and its culture. Perhaps you already know of them.

      I find your fantastic videos as a kind of visual value-additions to those marvelous books.

      Of course, your love for your adopted country, if I may say so, is infectious !

      Keep it up, please !

    • Really a great step for the Benifit of humanity at large ….. You can get all information about sanatan dharma…. The life of eternity from the unaltered untampered version of the manual of life…the original-(Bhagvad gita as it is)…….kindly search for it you can also order it online

      Love all!

  2. Nitin Sahastrabuddhe

    Appreciate your understanding of Hinduism so well which I am still learning from my childhood. I just accidentally landed on your blog and found so interesting and well researched. Please keep posting articles. May be such baby steps will change the world’s thinking about our religion or should I say ‘a way of life’

  3. Hindus reading this must be delighted. To be fairly neutral, Hinduism can be quoted from a line iread somehwere: those who care, it doesnt matter. (understanding the whys and the whats and the hows of Hinduism) and for those who don’t care, it anyways doesnt matter. The mistake is people and the influential intellectual keeps talking about Hinduism as a religion. Which is not. Its a clever piece of software written eons ago and has an ability to blend in with any other software (religion). It doesnt aim to self preserve itself. It would stick to wide variety of hosts, nourishing itself and the host

  4. Well, you have taken up a difficult subject. I liked the way you have introduced Hinduism. God bless you.

  5. It is extremely important that we strengthen this cultural thread because if you destroy this culture, there will be no spiritual process on the planet…well done miss karolina

    • Namaste Karolina,
      I just came across your video and fell in love with your YouTube channel and mostly your accent <3
      And now reading your blogs is making me feel as if you are a girl with a lot of positive energy and may Lord bless you forever 🙂
      I am from London & would like to make some videos on the YouTube about Hinduism. And your blogs are fascinating. Would you mind if I perhaps use some of it's information to make some videos ?
      I have many topics which I can cover about Hinduism & connect Hinduism with science and enlighten people what Hinduism really is.

      Hare Krishna 🙂

      • Yes, if you are going to use the information from this website in your videos, please ensure that you mention this website and my name in your video, so that viewers around the world can come to my website and learn more about India.
        Thanks once again.
        Best regards

  6. Really good to know about your blog and your thoughts.. Let your blog get more visibility so that more people get to know about India and its positivity!!! Very nice job!!!! Thank you…

  7. Dear Karolina,
    Indeed a great initiative. How I wish every indian follows your blog.

    • Dear Karolina,

      I appreciate your words but would like to give you a suggestion. Let us not say that Indians should feel proud of Indian’s great achievements. The great vedas were decoded by great historians of India and they formulated the “way of life” for a perfect living of every human being. These rishis and munis have provided this platform for all their future people of the world, not just Indians.

      My point is- We should rather say that all the people irrespective of country, cast, creed, religion, etc have to be proud of the Hinduism concept and understand its essence. Let us not bias.

      I know you meant well. But I hope you take my words positively and utilize this thinking.


  8. HI Karolina Goswami, To be Frank I didn’t know you and one of my Friend Posted your India in Details Video and I saw it and than i researched your Blog and many others. I am a Huge Fan and Follower of India, Hinduism and Hindutwa. I did Research on many Concepts of Hinduism but when i saw your Blog & Sites i was Surprised to see that so much of Truth of Hinduism & India is Collected on the Single Platform, Thank you very much for sharing your Precious collection of Knowledge. Any way I would love to be in your Contact and Discuss many more Facts of India, Hinduism and our Sanatana Dharma. Please share me your Mail Address..

  9. Glad to see an outsider’s view on different aspects of life in India including religion. Came to know about your blog from a video shared by my friend on facebook and have been reading your articles for the past three hours. Glad you took time to write on the complex and sensitive subject of religion. I wish people start to understand that religion is just a way of life and those create hatred in the name of religion don’t know it at all. After all religion is for people, it’s should not be the other way around.

  10. Slow clapping 🙂

  11. Hi Karolina,

    It is a great initiative. I really appreciate you for this platform. I feel happy to share both the videos that you have posted in the earliest possible time. I am proud to be part of Mother India, Sanatana Dharma and Hinduism. I totally agree with your view on modern Hinduism that has been mis-quoted. Thank you very much for sharing the collection of your knowledge. We will try our best that the knowledge has been shared out to the world. Keep up the good work. Let me know if I can help you out in some or the other way.

    Thanks and Regards,
    Nikhil R Shrivastva

  12. Dear Sister,
    I accidentally ascended on your blog just by following a video about india and ended up here ! and now i should say it is a pleasure to know your blog and your writing works ,which are not just a viewpoint but backed up by facts . I am spreading this good words for you not because you are writing good about my nation or my birth hood religion but because i can feel that clarity of thought and purity in your intentions .

    for past few years, i do hold similar notion that hinduism is not a religion but a culture and way of life . Much of it comes from shrimad bhagwat Geeta which is entirely based on question and answer methodology . It has answer to everyone’s problem and guide you ,advice i ( Mind !-not force you ) an individual to resolve considering humanity at its epicentre . It talks of vasudev kutumbakam – Which simply meaning the entire world is our home and all human being are same and equal . There are much to talk about but later…anyways surely i will continue to come on your blog and add whereever possible ….thanks and wish you all success in your endeavour

  13. Hey Karolina……you are right Hinduism is not a Religion…..infact the Concept or Word “Religion” is of Abrahamic faiths…….In East there is no word synonymous of Religion…..and Dharma actually has been definied by a full page and not in a sentence…..
    Also if you follow closely then you will know that all the Eastern “Way of Life” or “faiths’ are either Directly originated in India or have originated somewhere else but indirectly have been influenced by Sanatana Dharma…….

    I associate Sanatana Dharma with Circle, Nothingness/Everythingness, Balance………and no wonder the Concept of Zero originated in India because it is the ultimate truth……

    • Thank you for your comment.
      As you have mentioned, in the West they present Hinduism as a religion but what they fail to understand is that Sanatana Dharma is not restricting like religions to believe in “particular God” – it gives you the freedom to pray to God or pray to the tree or even be an atheist as long as you are a good human and you follow dharma.
      Best regards,
      Karolina Goswami

  14. Karolina

    Good work and really appreciate you making the effort. World needs to learn and understand Ancient Vedas, Indian Ethos and Sanatan Dharma, there in lies the solution to many intractable global problems. You have done a wonderful job of compiling all of it in one blog.

    I am also an objective believer in great contribution of Western Civilization to Science and modern business practices. Similarly many other cultures have contributed to the progress of Human Civilization. West and many others are lot more recognized and India is not. Hence your work is invaluable.

    Your quotes are precious.

    Keep up the good work and we will work to get this blog more widely followed.


    • Namaste Avneesh ji!
      Thank you for your suggestion.
      Of course, you are right – India was always open for all the foreigners seeking for asylum or any kind of help.
      Best regards,
      Karolina Goswami

  16. राम मोहन साहा

    सादर प्रणाम,

    आपकी भारत के प्रति जाग्रिति अतुल्य है। यह सामान्य से कही अधिक है। आप की सोच सामान्य व्कति को अवाक बना देती है। आप के पवित्र व उच्य विचार आपके परम सतित्व के दष्णॆ कराते है। आप संपूणॆ रूप से भारत की पुत्र-वधु है। आप के विचार इतने उच्च कोटि के हैं, कि हमारा ह्रदय गद-गद हो उठा। आप के विचारों को एक किताब के माध्म से प्रकाषित करवाने कि कोषिश कीजिए।

    आप से विचारों कि तुलना में, आप मेरी माता के अनुरूप हैं, पर उम्र के अनुरुप आप मुझसे भाभीजी कहलाना पसंद करेगी ?

    आपका दष्णॆ अभिलाषि।

    • Dwarakesh Vijayaragavan

      Hi Karolina,
      Sweet sister, why do you see yourself as a guest, you are into our family, we see you as our sister, we read your message every morning for inspiration.
      Wrong information is the only way for misconception and misunderstandings. You are enlightening us, you are soothing us, we see you as a source of knowledge that we have long misunderstood.
      I wish I could feature your article and message, but I don’t have any influence on media, nor people.
      But definitely, I will do something, we see you as an angel my sweet sister.
      And thanks a million for all your selfless work and devotion.

      Dwarakesh Vijayaragavan

  17. Thanks Sister…..karolina

  18. Hi Karolina!!!
    You look great in a saree.
    Rest all is perhaps already said by those who have already commented.


  19. Dear Karolina,
    My blessings to you.
    I request you to bring out our Guru Sishya parampara which is the main pillar and also the secret behind our systems philosophy. If at all anyone wants to understand and learn our system it is a must to have a Guru who is complete within himself and who can teach and distribute the knowledge of wisdom.
    Thank you for your efforts in bringing out our Hindu culture which is not a religion but a way of life.
    My sincere blessings to you.
    Nagendra Babu.

  20. Santosh Kumar Ojha

    Dear Karolina,
    I am mesmerised by your initiative to make the world understand about Sanatana dharma.

    Really inspiring…

  21. Hi Karolina,

    Just saw you video about India and googled your name to reach to this website. I was amazed about two things: 1. You did not look Indian and your surname is an Indian. 2. How can a supposedly foreigner is so much interested in India. May be you would like to keep the answer to yourself but one thing is sure – Just as child is attracted towards his mother the same way any human who keeps all his senses open (and starts to understand about Sanatan Dharma) is automatically attracted towards it.

    I had also started researching about Hinduism few years back and was mesmerized, angry and proud after knowing the facts. I was angry on the educational system/corrupt polititian which did not teach me such a useful knowledge and proud because I realized I belong to such a religion which considers “Universe as its home” – which goes by saying by a popular Saint in Marathi -“Vishwachi maze ghar”. Forget about people from other caste/religion Sanatan Dharma has taught to treat every living and non-living thing in the whole “Universe”as his own and bestow love upon them. Then be it stone, trees, animals, men, women, Wind, Earth, Sun, Moon, Stars, Planets. That is why we see God in Stone and worship him. We see God in plants/trees (worship Tulsi,Banyan tree .. to name a few ) we see God in Sun (Surya Deva), wind (Vayu Deva), we worship women power in the name of Goddess (Godess MahaKali, Durga, Saraswati etc). Even before Galileo discovered nine planets, Rushis (Saints) know about them billions of years before and wrote wrote down their influence on human in form of Jyotish Shastra in Vedas. These are just a few facts to be proud of.

    I liked your initiative to educate people about India and Sanatan Dharma. Best of luck for your journey …

    Thank you

  22. My dear Sister,
    Today I candidly came across your video via whatapps share, in which you gave a short speech on India, and i’m very impressed by your thoughtfull view of my country filtering through all this degradation which overwhelmed this country, there are not many people who dedicade their time in understanding true India particularly at your age your infatuation towards Hinduism and it’s way of life is commendable.
    I wonder about your last name Goswami are you somehow related to Assam or did you follow a certain sect of Hindu.
    Thanking you,
    Jiten Brahma

  23. My Dear Sister,

    Lately I read a book a biography of Radhanath Swami – The Journey home Autobiography of an American Swami. Who traveled to India via road in an epic quest for an enlightenment, I think if you haven’t read it you might find it fascinating it really kindled and reinvigorate my own quest…

    Jiten Brahma

  24. Dear Karolina,

    Hinduism…rather ” a way of Life” may have, as you have quote, twisted, misused, manipulated, or even misrepresented for personal gains, i personally feel it has happened with a purpose of making itself a resurrection, which is now!!!. When the whole world goes haywire with not so withstanding belief and modern days cultures of their own begins to collapse. Only that resurrects are ones which is fundamentally so strong in values and content …even in the odds of numerous invasions and a planned propaganda (if there is onne) to demean it. So keep enjoying in what are doing and great to know someone like you.



  25. Hinduism is not a Religion…Hinduism is a FAITH…A BELIEF …

    A Religion is Something which has a Beginning & Everything that has a Beginning has an END…

    Hinduism was NEVER Founded or Started by AnyOne… No Origin…

    Just Like,
    Christianity – Jesus Christ..
    Islam – Mohammad Payagambar…
    Buddhism – Lord Buddha…So on ..So Forth..

    Hinduism has No Beginning & It means …No END…

    Hinduism, I believe, came to Being since the Beginning of Human Civilization…When there were No other Religions on Earth at that time too Hinduism Existed…

    Basically Hinduism is not “a Way of Life” …It is the Amalgamation of all Ways Possible to Live a Life…

    Oceanic Form of all Beliefs ..Religions…Thoughts…All Rivers Flow into the Ocean & Hinduism is that Ocean….

    99.99% People don’t know this TRUTH Even In India…No Chance of People know this Truth outside INDIA..

    I Hope Goswami Family Knows it & They deserve to Know…

    Myśleć o niebieskich migdałach !!! 🙂


    • My Humble Namaste to Everyone Reading this Comments especially to Goswami Family,

      First of all, Thank you for Reading my Comments & Replying Back..

      What I have done here is, Just Shared My Thoughts & Views & Beliefs with Someone Like You, Who is so Passionate About India & Indian Culture..

      I consider myself a Student too & It is the Dharma of all Students to Help Each Other & Grow Together…As a Human Being..Society ..

      Besides, I am not an English Language Expert From Oxbridge & That’s why GRAMMAR has never been my Concern…So Please Don’t worry about Grammar as Language is Just the Way of Communication…As Long as, Message is Understood by Listener…Job is Done..Your English is Commendable as far as I know….

      One more Interesting aspect, I wish to Share with you & Your Parents & People in Poland as I Realized You are Polish…I think, You might be Even More Proud of India after Watching this Documentary….

      A Little Poland in India ….If you haven’t watched it Yet..You Might Like it..Just I wish No Tears in Anyone’s eyes after watching it….


      I Feel Extremely Proud & Humbled & Happy Being a Gujarati Everytime I watch this Documentary …

      Organic Amalgamation of all (Indie + Polish) People Started Long Back…

      Thank you..

      Warm Regards…
      Krasn Narayan

      • Namaste Krasn,
        Thank you for replying and sharing the video.
        However, I am already familiar with it and I know this great story and the bond between Polish and Indian people.

        Wish you all the best.
        Best regards,
        Karolina Goswami

  26. Maam i want to clear some doutes regarding how varnas changed into caste . can u please tell us about manusmriti

  27. Great. I need not tell you, as you will know it, but for the sake of a few others I am recording.

    “Hinduism’ does not exist!
    The word was invented by WHOM, I don’t know.

    It is SANATHANA DHARMA, or a “way of living”

    Every human being looses something or the other, always.

    But, we or our society “lost our way of living” and borrowed something else.

    I very minor point but a major one I wish to bring out here.

    We did a lot of service in the good old old old days.

    But no one even had the feeling that a record has to be kept of what one is doing!
    Yes, just do your duty, and be with it.

    While in the rest of the world, record of history was considered very important.

    And the moment we bought “it” from others we did not know who we were, because there were no records, as needed by the others.

    And the others took advantage and wrote “our history” in their view and words, after we sold ours to them free of cost to the massess, but benefits to a few!

    Every body has to pay a price for his/her/their action. Now we are paying.

    We don’t need that PRICE.

    But they are good at recording history and they will have to record that also.

    You have made a different beginning of that event well in advance.
    An open mind, like the one you have hoisted here, will but fetch unbelievable positive result not only to you, but to everyone else standing with you, especially from the OTHER sisde

  28. A mistake in one line above corrected here from my previous comment. Sorry.

    Instead of “I very minor point but a major one I wish to bring out here.” please read it as “A very minor point but a major one I wish to bring out here.” I is A!

  29. नमस्ते बहन
    जब मैंने आपका यूट्यूब पर वीडियो देखे और फिर वेबसाइट भी, और लगा कि समय अब आ गया है ‘विश्व एक परिवार’ सपने का सच होने का। जब हमारे संस्कार भारत की seeking वाली संस्कृति के influence में develope होंगे, तब चाहे हम किसी भी profession में क्यों न हों इस existence का भला करेंगे। मुझे लगता है कि दुनियां को भारतीय संस्कृति से प्रेरित entrepreneurs की सबसे ज्यादा जरुरत है। लेकिन मैं ये भी मानता हूँ कि West ने humanity के लिये hardware develope किया है जिसमें भारत में बना software of humanity (of seeking which is natural character of human with large identity) install किया जाएगा।
    Thank you very much

  30. Karolina
    I have gone through few of your videos,writings about India and Hinduism. Truly said that there are large misconceptions about both the topic. Some say that due to so much liberty in every spehere of life Hinduism is going to be extinct. As you said this is not a religion but a way of life and people like you around it will simply grow further.Once Swami Vivekananda said this Sanatan Dharam will be followed by whole world.
    Keep enriching people life.
    Thank you

  31. A very refreshing view on India and Hindusim. Thank you. I have happily spread the gospel according to Karolina far and wide. Your demonetization video is better than most so called “experts” in the field.

  32. Amazing try to understand india. So many aspects of hindu, hinduism and hindustan is hidden from the world now a days. We need to uncover the truth. Keep it up.

  33. Thank you Karolina Goswami and Anurag Goswami for your work. I have seen your video about India which is very fascinating. Great information. Keep doing it.

  34. Namaskar Karolina,
    Just wanted to say that you are amazing. I had seen many from out of india accepting Hinduism but the way you are going, its really good. A lot of people in India follow this ‘way of life’ but not aware what it is. Many of them ‘using’ it i should say just to create religion based gap between societies. Giving it a perspective of intellectual thinking you are doing a perfect job. You are making society simple to live in. I just love that….. . Wish to meet you in future if become possible… Stay blessed. Stay happy. And just keep going.

    • Thank you for your kind words and your support!
      Hinduism is a wonderful way of life and the whole world should understand it in a proper way.
      Stay tuned for more!

      Best regards,
      Karolina Goswami

  35. Madam Karoline

    Being a Hindu and Brahmin from South India, Hinduism to me never forced to worship and pray God. As a religion it is so deep and wide, i think one life is not sufficent to understand it’s deep rooted principles of Life and Connection with nature. Some examples are 4 Vedas, Upanishd, and various other literature.

    Ayurveda, Astrology, Yoga are some practical examples of Hindusim.

    Thanks again for one more summary and trust that there is nothing stronger than truth- path to realisation.

  36. Hats off Carolina for the initiatives …

    I would also suggests you to visit Indian institute of scientific heritage (IISH) to get useful informations.


  38. Are you in social media, where we can get notified of your posts ?

  39. Nameste Carolina,

    Thank you for enlightening us with the real essence of Indian culture and Hinduism. I am really mesmerised after reading these blogs. This is greatest service that one can do to the humanity.

    Really liked the video “Why cows for Hindus are holy?”. I would request you to please study Shri Bhagwat gita as it is (AC. BHAKTIVEDANTA SWAMI PRABHUPADA).

    Wishing you and your family very happy and prosperous New Year.


    Gaurav Bhuchar

    • Namaste Gaurav!

      Many thanks for your kind word and sharing your suggestion!

      Happy New Year to you and your family 🙂

      Best regards,
      Karolina Goswami

  40. few decades back i asked my friend a botany teacher who is familiar with ayurveda why there was no attempt prepare hair dye in ayurveda . he replied that old person trying to look young is artificial .

  41. This is my aha moment, since yesterday, i am only reading your blogs and my wife is already thinking I am going crazy 😉 every few seconds I am telling lines from your post to her. In one of my comment I wrote you were 90% correct but after reading this one, I can say you got it 100% correct. I am trying to contact you, if you will allow.
    I have one of my friend from Ukraine and she is very interested in real details and coincidentally, I was hearing Osho a lot during those days. He talked about 5 super Vrats (dont know english word) and after interpreting and hearing and debates several times, I got it correctly. I am super impressed by reading this post of yours – it is in a way talking about the same conclusion that I got.
    I interpreted Osho’s chapters in english for her to understand, if in case you have not heard it, I would like to send it to you. You won’t regret reading it – that is guaranteed (You may say – you know, that I am not sure).
    There are several other things I would like to mention/ discuss with you, so It would be great if you accept my connection request.

  42. Namasthe Karolina,

    I am much elder to you but I salute you for your exceptional service to Hinduism, Sanathana Dharma and India.

    To me you appear to be God-sent to resurrect the glory of this great country and its legacy viz. Hinduism. Not many people understand Hinduism as an enlightened way of life and try to look at it as a religion. You have displayed such a great maturity by understanding and putting it in the right perspective, despite being an outsider, apparently so early in your truth-seeking. Great! and I once again salute you.

    May God bless you.

    My deep regards.

    Vishwa Prakash

    • Namasthe Karolina

      While I am delighted to get a response from you I wonder whether readers’ mail is not a big distraction for the excellent work you are doing. You are blessed with an uncanny and matchless ability to explain even complex things in simple, straightforward yet accurate and easy to understand manner compared to the verbosity found in alternative sources on the subjects. Therefore your time is best utilized on the same. I think a line should be drawn to conserve it for your pursuits.

      Deep Regards,

      Vishwa Prakash

  43. Again Madam, As your cow holiness video will be watched by people of all ages, I suggest that the reference to porn industry be removed from it as it may provide unwarranted clues to youngsters and children. Suitable substitute for the removed portion can be thought of. Other wise the video is quite neat.


    Vishwa Prakah

  44. Hi Karolina,

    Its really good to see someone from a distant land (of course now you are an Indian) are researching on my country, people and their way of life that has been buried under the heaps of sand and putting them to light.

    Sanathana Dharma is the oldest dharma on the face of the earth.

    Sananthana Dharma can be put in one single sentence as “Do that to others, what you are expecting them to do to you and which ever the karma that hurts you, don’t do that to others.” (here “others” include all living beings not just human)

    I really liked you blogs and your videos and the way you present them.

    Wish you all the best for your future blogs.

    • Karolina Goswami

      Thank you for your kind words and sharing your beautiful thoughts!
      All the best!

      Best regards,
      Karolina Goswami

  45. Thank you Karolina for taking pride in our culture,tradition and heritage despite being from an other country. You have proved that Sun, Moon and Truth cannot be hidden for long time, by telling the real truth about India which was tampered and being mislead by media and the imperialists. You have proved the motto of India Satyameva Jayate which means Truth alone Triumphs.

    Thanks to the people of Poland who has sent such a wonderful girl like you to India.
    Also give my message to your husband that he is indeed a very lucky person.

    Best luck..

  46. नमस्कार कैरोलीना जी!
    your views on ‘sanatan dharm’ seems very clear as i seen in your writings. i want to know your views on ‘vedas’ & ‘puranas’ that are oldest manuscript known to men & especially on ‘The Bhagwad Gita’ best techings to mankind. Kindly collect real facts and post it soon.. in waiting….

  47. Karolina you are doing a good job by publishing about the sanatana dharma. What you said is right hinduism is not a religion it is the way how to live, love, share, rule, fight, defend, build. Hinduism is the only way to know the answer for thousands of questions raised in our minds.
    As an INDIAN i am really thankful to you for sharing what you have learn. Not only thankful i am feeling proud by watching your videos and reading your articles my request is please elaborate the articles with more information.

    Jai hind

    • Karolina Goswami

      Thank you for your kind words and sharing your thoughts.
      Of course, in the future you can expect more articles and documentaries on different topics!

      Best regards,
      Karolina Goswami

  48. Hey karolina.
    Keep up the good work .I think u must also make some blogs in Indian festivals like sankranti ,diwali,ganesh utsav ,holi, and other religion festivals where all community unite and celebrate with gr8 enthousm . I would like to see video of this on u tube

  49. Very very thank u
    I m glad of u
    It is amazing that you know about india nd hindu more than me,an Indian.
    I want to know your religion…plzzz..

  50. Raghavendra Kesari

    Namaste Karolina ji,
    Being an ardent supporter of the Indian tradition and its values, I strongly felt somewhere that Hinduism is losing its significance and importance due to the influence of western thoughts and appalling westernization. I really appreciate your sincerity and efforts to reveal the true nature of the oldest way of living (SANATHAN DHARMA), the word HINDU is not meant for any religion. the word HINDU is originated from INDUS valley civilization.
    Apparently, every human being should know that the HINDUISM is a way of life to lead the life and attain happiness. It is a never ending process of the life.
    Unfortunately, we have drawn boundaries for ourselves and hating each other on the basis of religion.
    Though you are hailing from western side, you discovered the inner truth/strength of this country and oldest practice of life (HINDUISM). I admire once again your efforts and dedication to take the time out and creating the awareness among the western influenced blocks , western media and not to forget the Indian who are forgetting the roots of culture.
    I like to admire your husband Mr Goswami for his support. Our support will be there always.
    If you have time to visit south India, please visit Karnataka (Especially Hampi) and other south states to see the gargantuan temples where each stone can tell the stories of Indian culture and way of life style.
    I strongly feel that this blog is something like an eye opener to those who claim that Hinduism is one more religion of the world. Unless or until you practice it, you never know the value of SANATHAN DHARMA
    Kudos to you for bringing the best of the best (SANATHAN DHARMA)
    Raghavendra Kesari

    • Namaste Raghavendra ji!

      Thank you for your kind words and your support.
      I really appreciate that you shared your opinion on Hinduism.

      I already had the chance to visit Karnataka including Hampi and that was really a remarkable site with a breath of ancient atmosphere. However, I will be happy to visit this area again and explore it more.

      Best regards,
      Karolina Goswami

      • Raghavendra Kesari

        Namaste Karolina ji
        Thank you for your kind gesture, replying to my comment.
        I agree wholeheartedly that Hampi is remarkable site and I am happy to know that you visited there.
        I take liberty and wish to draw your attention that Hinduism’ foundation is based on practicing the JAPA/Chanting of “OM”- it is referred as PRANAVA.
        Kindly spare your time and write a article about OMKARA. Being Polish girl, you can become a bridge between Europeans and Indians.
        Thank for your kind reply
        Raghavendra Kesari

  51. Rajendran Ambadath

    Dear KarolinaJi : I had watched your video clipping couple of weeks back, but today only I happened to ascend your blog site out of curiosity. Let me say, Iam mighty impressed ! Not merely because Iam an Indian and you are talking somethings that I would love to hear about India. What I really admired is your assertion that you are not just a Believer, but a Learner, Observer & Seeker – of Truth. Very much in line with the basic tenet of Hinduism – “Satyameva Jayate”, as enunciated in Mundaka Upanishad. Hinduism wouldn’t like to force people of other Faiths to conform to their thinking or make false claims about the exclusiveness of any particular ideology, but certainly it is their duty to spread the great ideals of Sanatana Dharma to aspiring/discerning Seekers of Truth. Your initiatives in this regard is highly appreciated, particularly that your perception as an outsider(I mean this only in a geo-political sense, as Hinduism considers all elements of Consciousness as part of the immanent Unitary entity) will help a lot for a large section of the world audience. I plan to visit your site more often and wish you all the very best in your noble undertakings. May God bless you both(I mean also Sri.Goswamy who is supporting you in this great cause) ! Warm regards, Rajen

  52. Hello,ma’m I vishnu,I just read you blog and for the first time. I am seeking for such information,”l am just a boy
    Who knows there is a vast ocean of Sanathana Darma and persons like you are far infront of me.it is my pleasure to follow people you.

    Best of luck for your sucess.
    Thank you

  53. Bharat Puri Goswami

    Hi Karolina Goswami. You are doing great job to shearing your knowledge about india. i have a small request to you if it is possible then add Hindi Language option in website for other people .they can easily read and understand your every single blog. i hope you will add this feature soon Thank you

  54. Dear karolina ji
    today first time i saw your video Why is the international media unfair to India that was outstanding and i got very curious to know about you,who this lady is, looks like outsider and sirname is indian and having such deep understanding of not only india but soul of india and my curosity taken me to your blog ,thank u so much for making this video
    your are a great soul
    may god bless you

  55. Namaste Karolina Ji

    This is a well-researched article. I guess your husband help you lot to understand Sanatan dharma as he is a brahmin like me. It is such a pleasure to see written a well researched purely based on truth post on SANATAN DHARMA that too from Non-India. I am grateful to you. Keep posting dear.

    Deep Regard with Respect
    Jatin K. Hota

    • Nice to see well presented content about Hinduism. Hinduism is defined in many ways – the most solid one comes from personal experience of living it. Very few can present what this vast tradition is. Kenopanishad brands Hinduism as ‘exuberant bliss’…..

  56. Dear sister Karolina,

    Indeed it was great information that you have presented here about Hinduism I really appreciate that being a foreigner you are exploring and sharing some unknown and forgotten facts about Hinduism.

    I am by born Hindu but follows Sikhism as well as Hinduism although I do not know much of the details about Sikhism in depth. For me it would be great thing if you could share your thoughts about the Sikhism as I think both the Sikhism and Hinduism are quite same and its teaching is also the same.

    • Karolina Goswami


      Many thanks for your appreciation!

      Of course, I will definitely talk about Sikhism at some stage.
      Stay tuned!

      Best regards,
      Karolina Goswami

  57. It is very difficult for me to express my profound appreciation of the work you are doing to remove the misconceptions that people have about Indians and Hinduism. I just pray that you will be able to open up the minds of people who have pre-judged the people of India in a very negative way. I am a professor in a medical school in SE ASIA where I have taught more than 12,000 medical students of various religious denominations who were mostly seekers of knowledge and with very secular dispositions. I want the world to be united for the sake of humanity.
    I see that you are showing the way and thank you so much for it.

  58. Thank you

  59. Dear Karolina first of all I want to raise objection before saluting u that many of my friends are referring to u as an outsider. This is against the very essence of our culture .our religious values teaches us of Vasudev Kutumvkam which means the world is a family. I know about it but never thought of doing initiatives like this. You are just the human being of Vedic Era. But please don’t call urselff an outsider. I would also not like to be called outsider in Poland. After all u know about Vedic Culture. Words like outsiders and countries don’t suit. The almighty said in GEETA that there is one truth but there are innumerable ways to achieve it and thus all paths lead to me. So many religions in today’s world are just ways of achieving that truth .The world is only politically divided .Geographically and spiritually we are one. Owing to ur dedication towards truth I would pray to Lord for u have the best life as possible and then free u from the cycles of Birth and death and achieve Salvation. But once again please kindly don’t refer u as an outsider.

  60. Dear Karolina,

    Its good to see a young person from the west trying to explain the truth about vedic philosophy to
    the World. As you are trying to explain that vedic philosophy (commonly referred to as Hinduism
    or Sanathan Dharma) is universal as well as international. Its man’s true history when the World was
    united as a single nation (and so there was no nationalism, racial or colour barriers. Hence the
    concepts such as “you and yours” and “me and mine” were obsolete).

    However when a new era starts (last one finished with the Marabharata around 5000 years ago,
    which was a united World’s civil war) the connection with Vedic philosophy gets disconnected
    and people in general become ignorant of this fact.

    Therefore the main point of vedic (means complete and perfect knowledge) philosophy is
    that all core knowledge is in the Vedas. Whether its science (maths, physics, medicine etc), economics
    arts, law, philosophy etc is fully explained. For instance scientific knowledge in the Vedas is much
    much more advanced than modern science and so the modern world of science is just re-inventing the
    wheel. Many famous scientists/philosophers (such as Nikolia Tesla, Robert Oppenheimer, Carl
    Sagan, Albert Einstein, Neils Bohr, Erin Schrodinger, Arthur Schopenhauer, Henry Thoreau,
    Ralph Waldo, Max Muller etc ) have acknowledged this. So the World should just embrace this
    knowledge and move onwards.

    As you mentioned that most nations in the World are obsessed with putting their name and patent
    on inventions and claiming it as their own. Which just creates a false sense of pride and arrogance
    (vedic term Ahamkar) and which leads to more nationalism. One of the key point of Vedic philosophy
    is that we are not this body or this mind and that we are a spirit soul, which is part and parcel of God
    and is thus eternal. Hence we are all connected to each other as a family including all other living
    beings like animals and beings from other planets)

    Using simple logic if one cuts off one’s hands or legs or any other part of the body, they are not any
    of those parts because a person without any hands for example is still there. Further when say a person
    has a serious road accident which has damaged his brain, that person is still there but has lost a lot
    of his mental capacity. Similarly the bodily concept extends to nationalism, race, colour, “your people”,
    “my people” etc are all false concepts and will not help a person in their spiritual path and salvation.

    Kind regards and God bless.

    Sanjay Prasad

  61. Thank you Madame for ultimately making me understand whom I am. I hope the charm

  62. Dinesh Kumar Prajapati(DK)

    you know what.. you just nailed it. i thank you for this initiative. you are really doing a good job. All the best for your future and keep it up…
    and i loved it…
    thanks once again….

  63. Jitendra Govind Joshi

    Hi Karolina,

    As I understand it, the word “Dharma” means INTRINSIC-PROPERTIES.
    Dharma has nothing to do with good qualities or bad qualities.
    e.g., An Elephant is heavy — Here being “heavy” is INTRINSIC-PROPERTY or DHARMA of elephant.

    Step-2: With the day to day chores and work and external influences, there is a very small very imperceptible change
    in individual’s DHARMA. These influences you can actively imbibe or they are passively all time acting on you.
    The actively pursued or passively ever exerted INFLUENCES are called “SANSKARA” s in Sanskrit.

    Step-3: Changes in “DHARMA” though very tiny, but also accumulative and relatively sticky is “KRANTI”.
    This ” KRANTI” may be beneficial or malefic depending on what Sanskaras caused it.
    “KRANTI” in Sanskrit means “TRANSIT” in literal sense but “EVOLUTION” in current subject.
    e.g. A grazing animal like zebra stretched his neck when grass became scarce to reach distant branches of taller and taller shrubs (Sanskaras)
    to Evolved to a Giraffe. Utility of long neck made Giraffe survive in hostile desert. Thus this is BENEFIC-EVOLUTION.
    This beneficial evolution is called UT-KRANTI (Literally Up-Evolution or Up-Transit)

    Step-4: Oh but the sages asked themselves this question: Dharma is changeable no matter at what speed. And presents itself as INTRINSIC-PROPERTIES.
    Then is there a property or properties that do not see any change in themselves no matter what deliberate or natural non-deliberate sanskaras/influences
    Are subjected on the subject (living being or even non living being) ??
    They through deep meditation found one such property which has NEVER-CHANGED over millions of years of our evolution.
    This is unchanged property irrespective of all the influences that we have faced not only in this life but all the influences, trials and tribulations through out
    Our evolution.

    Step-5: This NEVER-CHANGING-INTRINSIC-PROPERTY or NEVER-CHANGING-“DHARMA” of all the beings that is by definition untouched by and unaccecible to
    external influences/Sanskaras is called “SANATANA” literally “WAS-EVER IS-EVER WILL-BE-EVER”.
    Thus ” SANATANA-DHARMA” is “That never-changing / never-changed original-intrinsic-property of all (living or non-living) beings”

    That is it.

    This property has a reserved syllable in Hinduism (which is not the part of regular character set in Sanskrit grammar)
    This can also be called symbol instead of syllable.
    In English it can not be translated but currently known to west in the form of “AUM”
    In Vedas Sages and Yogis have repeatedly referred to this “AUM” as “PRANAVA”

    Both AUM and PRANAVA are common names of Hindu boys.

    Karolina, when ever you come across a child or a boy or a man named “AUM” or “PRANAVA”, remember the meaning g of it immediately.

    Just meditating on the meaning g of this “AUM” or “PRANAVA” will lead anybody to SANATANA never changing g original seed of universe.

    If I have done any error in describing this subject unknowingly, I request THE-EXISTANCE to forgive me.

    AUM shanti shanti shanti.

    Thanks and best regards,

    Jitendra Govind Joshi
    Resident of Mumbai-Pune-Bangalore

  64. Dear Karolina,

    It fills my heart with sincere gratitude for you to have channelled your efforts into uncovering the truth for all of us. I am so proud and happy to see your work in today’s times. It gives me a lot of hope that we will be able to create a better future one where humans live with peace, harmony, and joy! I sincerely appreciate your efforts!
    Love and Light to you and your husband. May your work reach to every single person on this planet!

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